Original MusicTardo Bando
Original MusicKoji Kondo
Original MusicMasato Nakamura
Original MusicSoyo Oka
SupervisorShigeru Miyamoto
voice daisy:Deanna Musturd
voice for amy :Lisa Ortez
voice for cream:Rebbeca Hoing
voice for knuckles:Dan Green
voice for luigi:Charles Martinet
voice for mario:Charles Martinet
voice for peach:Jen Tayler
voice for shadow:Jason Griffith
voice for sonic:Jason Griffith
voice for waluigi:Charles Martinet
voice for wario:Charles Martinet
Voice of AmyLisa Ortiz
Voice of CreamRebbecca Honig
Voice of DaisyDeanna Mustard
Voice of Dr. EggmanMike Pollock
voice of eggmanMike Pollock
voice of espioDavid Willis
Voice of EspioDavid Willis
Voice of KnucklesDan Green
Voice of LuigiCharles Martinet
Voice of MarioCharles Martinet
Voice of PeachJen Taylor
Voice of ShadowJason Griffith
Voice of SonicJason Griffith
Voice of TailsAmy Palant
voice of tails:Amy Palant
voice of vectorDan Green
Voice of VectorDan Green
Voice of WaluigiCharles Martinet
Voice of WarioCharles Martinet
Voice of YoshiKazumi Tokaka


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