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Does this item exsist?

Is there an item that can raise the PP of a move?

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FatRatKnight answered:

There is an Item FAQ by pmdmaster for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. As Darkness is practically the same as Time, I don't think any items that don't exist in the game's code itself in Time would suddenly appear here.

There's no PP Up item. I searched the FAQ quite carefully, and see no mention of such an item. And knowing the FAQ writer, something as obvious as a PP Up would not have been missed if it exists.

List of drinks found in said Item FAQ:
- Calcium _ _ _ Boosts Special Attack by 3.
- Gabite Scale_ Heals all status problems.
- Ginseng _ _ _ Boosts power of set move of leader by 1, rarely 3.
- Iron_ _ _ _ _ _ Boosts Defense by 3.
- Max Elixir_ _ _ Recovers all PP.
- Protein_ _ _ _ Boosts Attack by 3.
- Nectar _ _ _ _ Raises IQ, twice as much as a favorite gummi
- Zinc _ _ _ _ _ Boosts Special Attack by 3.

Ctrl+F "PP". Results:
- Max Elixir
- Shocker Cape (Pichu) _ +2 max PP
- Thundershard (Pichu) _ Sometimes use no PP
- Moon Scarf (Clefairy)_ _ +2 max PP
- Lucky Scarf (Chansey)_ Sometimes restore PP when hit
- Current Ring (Elekid) _ +2 max PP
- Coal Ring (Magby)_ _ _ +2 max PP
- Lucky Broach (Togetic)_ Sometimes use no PP
- Water Float (Azurill)_ _ _ +2 max PP
- Chrono Veil (Celebi) _ _ Restore 1 PP to all moves when using stairs
- Pulse Bow (Plusle)_ _ _ Sometimes restore PP when hit
- Spark Tie (Minun)_ _ _ _ Sometimes restore PP when hit
- Energy Scarf (Shinx) _ _ +2 max PP

I skipped over some items that raise PP usage of enemies, or appearances of PP as a part of Wonder Mail codes in the FAQ. Again, I don't think the FAQ writer, after getting every other item in there, would miss an item like PP Up.
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sonicrider555 answered:

Yes pp up dont know how to get it though
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redgarydos answered:

PP up is VERY hard to get, extremely rare. I have only gotten it twice and I have completed the game, gotten platinum rank and am on level 74. Keep looking though!
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DSTwins1000 answered:

It is SUPER RARE! I've completed the game, found zero, zilch, nothing, nota, 0! and I'm level 78-80. And yes there is such thing. My friend found one.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

Yes, actually, there is. I actually seen four! I have been playing a long time, though. Master Rank, all Lv. 100 party, and all 990 IQ point party, as well as all legendaries and completed story.
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FatRatKnight answered:

There is no PP Up item. There have been a look into the game data itself. It's not there. There are Pokemon-exclusive items that raises max PP just by having one in your bag, but only for the particular Pokemon, and certainly not permanent should you lose the item.

The only other effect that raises maximum PP at all is an IQ Skill. Multitalent raises the max PP of all moves known by the Pokemon by 5, each. Only certain Pokemon can ever learn this, and it's only learned when those Pokemon reach 3.5 stars IQ.

If you're just asking for items that restores PP, they would be Max Elixirs, Reviver Seeds (as part of the reviving), and certain, rare Pokemon-exclusive items.
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dragoonking12 answered:

I was told that you can find them sometimes on the zero isles.
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ChaosZan68 answered:

There is a PP Up item... are you insane? I got two of them.. and I'm not using them unless I need to XD
There is PP Up.. What did you do to your PP Ups? Threw them or used them? If I recall it right.. you got them in the story quests(FOR EXAMPLE when you rescued azurill)
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BerryBob answered:

My Empoleon got a IQ skill that increases the max PP. It is called Multitalent. It's not a item, but it can help if you want more PP.

Also, there is a item called Max Elixir. It recovers your PP to your maximum valule. For example, Empoleon used Hydro Cannon 11 times and he can't use it anymore because Hydro Cannon's PP is zero. So, if you use Max Elixirs, his PP will be 11 again, so he can use Hydro Cannon 11 more times.

"Recover PP" is different than "Raise PP":
-"Recover PP": You are saying that you used all PP and you need to increase PP to use the moves again.
-"Raise PP": You are saying that you need to increase the max PP, so you can use more PP without using Max Elixirs.

Be careful next time.
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