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How do I beat Dialga?

How do I defeat Dialga, i always lose when i battle him or her, or it.

dragonhandII asked for clarification:

DIALGA IS NOT WEAK TO ICE!!! as you said, he's part steel, steel is resistant to ice which counters dragon weakness. dialga's weak to fire, ground, and FIGHTING.
what's your lvl, pokemon, and is it primal or regular?

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CmaBoy answered:

<i>Q. How do I defeat Dialga?
A. For starters, use a Vile Seed to drop his level way down. If you have it, the move Dig is extremely effective. Be sure to have plenty of Oran Berries and Reviver Seeds in case it decides to spam Roar of Time. Sleep Seeds are good for getting some uninterrupted hits in. If you find yourself underleveled, you will unfortunately have to go back to Treasure Town, train, and come back, which means going through the Hidden Land and Temporal Tower all over again. Sorry, but thems the breaks.</i>

-Quoted from Newbie FAQ at...
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Sinacle1 answered:

I had the same problem. I ended up just level grinding for awhile. It still didn't work and I wasn't getting enough good items to use.

I ended up going back to treasure town, buying some useful stuff and going to other dungeons to get useful items (reviver seeds!!!).

Then go back, use some sleep seeds (or any other status seeds) and attack like crazy. Linking your moves will help, too.
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6thFistHermit answered:

The easiest way I have found for beating bosses is to use status seeds, such as sleep seeds, totter seeds, X-Eye seeds...that strategy usually works. Also, have some reviver seeds and maybe oran berries.
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crazycolorz5 answered:

Status effects. I had a Cyndaquil and a Picachu. I would always try to keep him under BOTH Smokescreen and thunder wave, maybe you cauld use status effects?
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patroniale answered:

Give your pokemon reviver seeds you should at least be level 42.have about 5 reviver seeds with you.use long range attaks like flamethrower. have alot of oran berries.dialga is steel and dragon type use fire ground and ice type moves.
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Whirlwind90210 answered:

Try different stratagies, but dont use orbs there useless and keep leveling up
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spyros_fury answered:

primal dialga is a bit difficult, even for high level players, so my suggestion is to build your characters to about level 50 then go in with about 5 revive seeds, and the rest of your bag fill with oran berries, if you are going to restart the game, then save EVERY SINGLE REVIVAL SEED YOU GET until you get to the point when it introduces the hidden land, and stock all of them that you can in your bag, not only are you in for a hard end fight, the proceeding dungeons of the hidden land have some diffcult pokemon, such as dragonite.
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spyros_fury answered:

And one thing i forgot in my previous post... if you go in with very few revive seeds, build up in x-eye and blast seeds, as x-eye will cause him to stop attacking and blast will do a good bit extra damage. Kill him off, and enjoy the cutscenes!
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spyros_fury answered:

And do not move link! they only make it harder, as they quickly drop hunger, and are pretty much useless, especially for your partner pokemon. it isnt worth the money.
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verystrait42 answered:

X-eye seed him the violent seed your self, followed by a lot of digging.
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trev9000 answered:

If you can get a pokemon that learns or knows smokescreen it would be very effective to spam dialga with the move
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mapian101 answered:

Well a couple things 1reviverseeds 2violent seeds 3oran berrys revivseeds reviuve u oran berrys heal and violent seeds max out your acct nas specel acct
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Pokemonkicksass answered:

Well for starters, go back to treasure town and make sure to buy items like vile and doom seeds violent seeds will work for you too. Have a pokemon on your team the can use a paralyzing and/or sleeping move it will help a lot. A good thing is that his roar of time move after using causes him to freeze use it to your advantage. Finally In suggest that your team has it's lowest be around 35 if all fails level grind as long as you can take it. Hope this helps
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Gametraveler answered:

If you take nothing else from this, have some Reviver seeds with you! if you can, have your team around or over level 40 to make things easier, though I guess that it isn't necessary. His attacks consist of Metal Claw, Ancientpower, Dragon Claw, and Roar of Time. The only one I had to worry about was Roar of Time, as this one will hit both members of your team wherever they are in the room, and can easily kill them if they're weakened. If you have X-eye seeds, DON'T HOLD BACK, THEY ARE SO FREAKIN' USEFUL! other than that, I guess your strategy depends on how Dialga attacks you and what your duo's moves are, pray that you can have some powerful fighting or ground type moves, it can really shorten the fight
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LegendaryBacon answered:

I beat Primal Dialga at level 36, so it isn't THAT hard. All you need are tons of Reviver Seeds, Violent Seeds, and X-Eye Seeds. First gollop a Violent Seed and hope he doesn't OHKO you, the X-Eye seed him so that he can't attack you. Then proceed with your attacks. If you have Brick Break on you, or Mud Slap if you're a Mudkip, USE IT. I took Dialga down with twelve Brick Breaks, and six Reviver Seeds used.
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Frutz_Warriors answered:

well, i'd say the hard part is to reach dialga itself

I finished the old blue mystery dungeon at lv 27 (is that low? rayquaza was down with that)

when i tried this lv at the hidden land, my pikachu got pwned by GARCHOMPS

oh crap i hate ground types

for dialga itself... i dunno, I used my torchic as a wall with about 10 reviver seeds in the bag and I spam some shockwaves, and when shockwave's out of PP, i went right up under dialga's nose (it has a nose?!) and brickbreak'd it to death
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gamesmaster1990 answered:

eat a violent seed and learn a VERY strong move, throw an x eye (NOT sleep, he wakes up very easy) seed at him, get him confused and just keep on attacking him.
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gamesmaster1990 answered:

I beated him at lv 36 1 reviver seed for partner, use violent seeds when battling hard opponents such as darkrai and you'll be fine. depends on your stsarter, what is it?
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pokefreak1995 answered:

I used a lv 42 pikachu and a lv41 piplup without anything to thrash dialga. At first i got pwned then i went again and pwned it with my pikachus discharge
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