Question from vertti143

What happens after manaphy mission?

When something happens and what do I have to do? BORED!!!!!!!!


Articuno609 answered:

First you have to do a lot of missions then you will find azurill in a nightmare so you go to Mt.travail find drowzee you will enter the nightmare then at the end cressalia will appear and try to get rid of you (oh and before all this you have two dreams of cresslia) you will get ot of the nightmare then i think go to sleep then in the middle of the night palkia will try to destroy you and take you to the spacial rift then after beating him cresslia will come up and try to destroy us then the real cresslia will come and destroy darkrai's illiusion of cresslia then after a lot of talking darkrai will disappear he will tell you to go to the dark crater (the dark crater is very hard)after that you will be in a trap a lot of super strong pokemon and darkrai will try to destroy you and if just one of you lose you have to start all over again till you beat him then he will try to go into the future like dusknoir did then all of a sudden palkia comes and as soon as darkrai goes into the portal palkia destroys it and darkrai loses his memorie like you main caracter did and then the whole story will be over but you will find secret missions to find the seven tresures in the giant volcano heatran will be guarding one of the seven tresures and girantina in the world abyss will be guarding one too and mew will be too in the mystery jungle and lugia in the bottomless sea and articuno on Mt.Avalanche and rayquaza on the sky stairway i dont know what pokemon lives in the shimmer desert.

P.S.mew and rayquaza will ask to join you the first time you battle them everyone else you have to go again.
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Megido_Fire answered:

You figure out who the real bad guy is. Dungeons open, you enter a VERY realistic nightmare, you are told to commit suicide in an E-rated game, you fight like 8 bosses at once with a mandatory escort level helper, and you can evolve. Bla.
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