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How(if you can) can you recruit Darkrai to your team?

I've only beaten darkrai once,(but i know with dialga/palkia you have to beat them twice for them to join your team)and i was wondering if its possible to get darkrai to your team. if you know how to, please explain where to go, and tactics to defeat him. Thanks!


wayawsome168 answered:

You can get Darkrai by having a Secret Slab or a Mystery Part in your bag. If you don't put either one in, then darkrai wont show up. You can find Darkrai in 5 different locations! I don't know which dungeon or floor he's in but I just found out in a FAQ here. if you get him, he'll start out as lv50. I equiped an item that boosts the chances of recruiting pokemon.
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gamesmaster1990 answered:

The easiest location is miracle sea 3F. for the rest of the locations go to the FAQs. his recruitment rate is -22% so bring a golden mask or an ember tear.Darkrai starts at about Lv 52 when you recruit him (in the 50's anyway) just watch out for his nightmare attack. he can also walk in walls so be prepared. Have secret slab or mystery part in your bag but don't expect to recruit it on your first try. and have an escape orb too. it personally didn't take me very long to get him because it was so easy to get to that location.
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KatyMSM answered:

Darkrai can be found in many locations, but the easiest is Miracle Sea 3F. You will need a golden mask, friend bow or anything else that boosts your recruitment rate.You will also probably want to be Lv.100, because his recruitment rate is low. Bring an escape orb, and a reviver seed. The reviver seed is for placing it in front of Darkrai. and he will get it. This makes you get two shots of recruiting him. Good Luck!

*You must have a Mystery Part or Secret Slab in your bag.*
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SupahGamer answered:

You actually can recruit Darkrai. If you have a Secret Slab or Mystery Part in your bag, you can find Darkrai in the following places:
Lower Crevice Cave 2F
Miracle Sea 3F
Mt. Travail 17F
Spacial Rift 14F
Mystifying Forest 13F
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SpiritGaming answered:

You can recruit Darkrai if u have Secret Slab, Mystery Part, Amber Tear or Golden Mask.

Here are the dungeons:
Lower Crevice Cave B2F
Miracle Sea 3F
Mt. Travail 17F
Spacial Rift 14F
Mystifying Forest 13F
Warning: You can only recruit him if you defeated him in Deep Dark Crater.
He is extremely tough!
If I were u stack up on items and head for Miracle Sea 3F, quick access.
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