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Asked: 6 years ago

Riolu and Lucario?

Is Riolu or Lucario in this game,if true,where do you find them?

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From: Videospieler 6 years ago

Now that I've had a chance to look at my player's guide I can answer where Riolu and Lucario appear.

Riolu appears at Crystal Cave, on B4F - B8F.
Lucario appears at Lost Wilderness, on B11F - B17F; Lucario may not always be one of the 14 pokemon randomly selected to appear on those floors. Lucario also appears at Zero Isle South on B86F - B90F; but can not be recruited in this dungeon.

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Not normally. They're exclusive to Explorers of Time, but you can unlock them for Explorers of Darkness via Wonder Mail.

As for where they appear, if you've unlocked them, I don't remember. I'd have to look at the player's guide I have at home.

Once I get home, I'll look in the player's guide I have and post in which dungeon(s) they appear in and on what floor(s).

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