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All All Questions for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat Darkrai and his team? 6
How do I beat Darkria? 6
How do I beat dialga with treecko and meowth? 4
How do I beat Dusknoir and his team? 2
How do I beat Groudon with totodile and torchic? 1
How do I beat Groudon? 1
How do I beat luxio tribe ? 3
How do I beat Primal Dialga? 2
How do I beat Primal Dialga? 3
How do I beat Primal Dialga? 2
How do I beat the Luxio Tribe? 2
How do I beat wigglytuff? 2
How do I defeat Dusknoir and his Sableye pals? 1
How do I obtain a Mewtwo? 1
i cant beat Dialga with can i beat Dialga? 7
What's the best way to defeat Wigglytuff's Guild with my team? 1
When do i fight grovle? 2
Where do i recruit Lapras? 1
Help me beat Dialga!!!!!!!! i got trouble on it!!!!! ah!?! 10
How do I beat (Darkrai)? 5
How do I beat (dusknorin and the saybleye)? 3
How do I beat and recruit legends? 5
How do I beat boss primal dialga? 8
How do I beat Darkrai? 1
How do I beat dialga with a meowth and squirtle !!!!???? 3
How do I beat Dialga? 19
How do I beat drowzee? 3
How do I beat Dusknoir? 3
How do I beat dusknor? 1
How do I beat groudon? 11
How do I beat grounden with a totoadile and charmander? 11
How do I beat Palkia? 1
How do I beat Primal Dialga? 7
How do I beat the grand master of all things bad? 1
How do I beat the luxray tribe? 6
How do I clear zero isle ? 1
How do I get mewtwo? 2
How do I recruit Darkrai easily? 5
How do you beat Groudon? (with Turtwig and Piplup) 1
How to defeat the Luxio Tribe? 1
How/ if u can get dusknoir? 2
I cannot beat Dialga. Heellpp? 1
i cant beat Dialga with can i beat Dialga with Treecko? 9
I need help to beat the grand master of all things bad? 2
Is it possible to recruit giratina? 4
What type is the grand master of all things bad? 1
Where can i find entei? 1
Will I beat Team skull? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Where can I find an Xray specs? 0
How can I get 3 star swap items from Croagunk's Swap Shop? 1
How do I beat dialga ? 4
I want a Bellosom, but where can I find a Sun stone? 1
Iv lose my golden mask anyway to get it back? 3
What are the english names for these items...? 1
What item that increase exp gain? 1
Where can I find Decoy Orbs? 1
Where can I find Ginseng? 3
Where is the secret slab? 4
Wondermail for Blue Shellos? 1
Any specific way to use gummies? 1
Are bonus items stackable? 5
Does this item exsist? 9
Got any passwords? 1
how do I feed my belly? 2
How does Ginseng effect work? 5
I got the 7 treasures (firey drum, ice flute, ect.) ...NOW WHAT?! 1
I have a wonder egg but wat is it ? 2
I have this key ... (what can i do?) 4
I lost all of my items??!! 4
Is there another item for these three? 5
Is there any easy way at getting White Gummis? 1
Is there any specific dungeon with a lot of Reviver Seeds? 10
Should I sell my gold ribbon? 2
The Friend Ribbon Wounder Mail Code(?) 3
What do I have to do for this search mission? 3
What is the item that lets you walk into walls? 1
What is the secret slab? 1
What items can make my Max HP go up? 2
What should i use? 1
Whats the name of the electric move? 2
Whats the secret rank? 1
Where (if there is) an ultimate treasure in this game? 1
Where can I find (dratini or bagon)? 1
Where can I find (golden seed)? 3
Where can I find a thunderstone? 4
Where can I find Blue gummies? 7
Where can I find the secret slab? 4
Where can I find The starters? 7
Where can I find Vacuum Cut? 8
Where can the I find amber tear? 2
Where is the best place to farm joy seeds? 1
Which one is better?? 4

Other Help Answers
How to evolve elctabuzz! Arghhhhhhh? 0
Anyone still play this game, or no? 4
Are there still peeps who play this game? 2
Can u get darkia to join u? 4
Can you please rescue me? 2
Can your 2 starter pokemon evolve? 8
Charmander? 2
Chikorita and Chimchar? 2
Do all recuits earned from Wonder Mail start at level one? Ie: Dragonite? 3
Do you get Spinda's juice shop in Darkness? 1
Eggs? 1
Evolve? 1
Get kidnappened by palika? 1
Help in Steam Cave? 1
Help meh please ? 1
Help? 3
Hey can one of you guys post a complete pokedex with all of the footprints of all of the pokemon? 1
How can I pass the Hidden Land? 3
How do I enter a code? 1
How do i get labyrinth cave ??? 4
How do I recruit legendary pokemon? 2
How do I unlock the secret door? 2
How do you make an faq? 3
How high can your stats go? 3
How(if you can) can you recruit Darkrai to your team? 5
I need Rescued at Dark Crater about 3rd floor i think, please help? 2
If you enter a wonder mail code in a dungeon you haven't visited, can you still do the job? 5
Infernape Recruitment ? 1
Is this possible...? 3
Is this the same as explorers of time? 4
Lugia?! 2
Mystery Dungeon Newbie HELP? 4
Need sos mail help? 1
Now what?! 2
Orange gummies? 3
Please help me unlock something!?! 3
Rescue Chances - permanent or dungeon-only? 1
What 2 other starters are good for my team? PLZ HELP! 4
What do I do? 3
What is the different between time and darkness in pokemon mystery dungeon? 2
What is the place for the charmander mision? 2
Where are the lengendarys? 1
Where can you find Deoxys? 3
Where do you find Regirock, Regice, and all the other regis? 4
Which items do you receive at which rank? 3
Why can't I access the Hidden Land? 2
Why cant I do the misson for riolu? 4
Will they disappear? 1
A strange breeze is blowing? 5
About that Hidden Land mission in the "Cheats" section...? 2
After graduation Chimaco tells you about the new stuff , when does Mr Mime show up to open Blizzard Island? 6
Any good place to lvl up? 5
Any more story? 3
Arceus, Shaymin and Celebi? 3
Can combee learn any moves? 1
can one of your starter pokemon be Riolu? 4
Can someone give an Entei? 1
Can u change ur leader and partner when you're in town? 2
Can you change the nickname of your character or your partner? 6
Can You Get a Rotom Egg? 4
Can you recruit a legendary twice? 1
Can You See the Credits again after you beat the game? 2
Cross Version Rescues? 1
Do I ever get to evolve? 3
Does A Sudowoodo Evolve If So When??? 3
Does anyone know what's going on? 5
Final Rank? 3
Good...please? 1
Help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 2
How and when do my starter pokemon evolve? 16
How do i get darkrai? 1
How do i recruit primal dialga? 2
How do I recruit Squirtle? 4
How do i use 3
How do u evolve evee into umbreon? 4
How do u evolve ur other 2 team pokemon? 3
How does this game differ from red/blue rescue team? 3
How many day antil manaphy's back? 3
How many floors r in the dungeon after ageis cave?? 2
How many pokemon are on this game? 3
How many ranks are on this game? 1
How to evolve Riolu? 5
I dont understand......? 3
I need help with getting manaphy's med.!! help?? 1
I want to recruit darkrai? 1
IDK what to do? 1
If you lose in the earlier on dungeons? 1
Im stuck getting past deep dark crater can anyone help me? 1
Is muchlax a good starter? 1
Is there a Wonder Mail that can recruit a Combee? 1
Is there a wonder mail? 1
Is there any way you can skip dialog? 1
Is there monster houses? 7
Is they any website for its wondermail generator? 3
New eevee form? 11
Pachirisu? 1
Possible recruiting for legends? 1
Question about celebi??? 1
Recruiting question? 1
Riolu and Lucario? 2
Somthing really wierd? 1
SOS Help!!!!!!!? 2
Starter poke? 2
Stupid team skull!!? 1
Transfer Pokemon? 1
Wen do i beat the game? 1
What do I do after i rescue Scizor? 1
what do I do whenI get to the desspert part of crystalcave? 3
What do u get if u clear zero isle? 2
What do you do after manaphy tells you where the marine resort is? 2
What does a lunar ribbon, sun ribbon and a beauty scarf do? 2
What is the last picture at the bottom of the continue screen? 1
What Level does Gible evolve at? 1
What lvl is palkia when u recuircut him? 1
What to do? 1
What will happen? 1
What's "SOS E-mail"? 1
What's the strongest legend(lv. 100)? 2
Whats a wonder gummie?,and how do i get it 1
Whats the difference between this game, and the sky and time versions? 1
Whats the wondermail password for Labyrinth Cave? 1
Whats up with team raider? 3
Whats With Darkrai? 2
When do I start recruiting pokemon and how? 8
When does chimchair leran dig? 1
Where can I find sunflora to unlock sourrounded sea ? 4
Where can u find drawl orbs and vile seeds? 1
Where could i find breloom? 1
Where is Raikou? 1
Where's Diglett's Dad? 2
Why are many of the letters missing in my wondermail? 1
Why do you die after you spend a long time in a dungeon? 1
Why i can't evolve my pikachu? He is lv 64. I hav evolved my mudkip and he is lv 70. its drivin me insane 4
Why I cannot get rescued when doing mission? 1
Why is team Raider at the beach? 3
Wonder Chest? 1
Wonder Mail problems??? 2
Wonder mail? 1
Worth playing? 1
Zangoose? 1
Zzzzz Help.? 6

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