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Open Questions

Plot Help status answers
What happens after manaphy mission? Open 2
What happens now? Open 3
Other Help status answers
Anyone still play this game, or no? Open 3
Are there still peeps who play this game? Open 2
can one of your starter pokemon be Riolu? Open 3
Can u get darkia to join u? Open 4
Can you please rescue me? Open 2
Can your 2 starter pokemon evolve? Open 6
Charmander? Open 2
Chikorita and Chimchar? Open 2
Do all recuits earned from Wonder Mail start at level one? Ie: Dragonite? Open 3
Eggs? Open 1
Get kidnappened by palika? Open 1
Help in Steam Cave? Open 1
Help meh please ? Open 1
Help? Open 3
Hey can one of you guys post a complete pokedex with all of the footprints of all of the pokemon? Open 1
How can I pass the Hidden Land? Open 3
How do I enter a code? Open 1
How do i get labyrinth cave ??? Open 4
How do I recruit legendary pokemon? Open 2
How do i recruit primal dialga? Open 2
How do I unlock the secret door? Open 2
How do you make an faq? Open 3
How high can your stats go? Open 3
How(if you can) can you recruit Darkrai to your team? Open 4
I need Rescued at Dark Crater about 3rd floor i think, please help? Open 2
If you enter a wonder mail code in a dungeon you haven't visited, can you still do the job? Open 5
Infernape Recruitment ? Open 1
Is this possible...? Open 3
Is this the same as explorers of time? Open 4
Lugia?! Open 2
Mystery Dungeon Newbie HELP? Open 3
Need sos mail help? Open 1
Now what?! Open 2
Orange gummies? Open 3
Please help me unlock something!?! Open 3
Rescue Chances - permanent or dungeon-only? Open 1
What 2 other starters are good for my team? PLZ HELP! Open 4
What do I do? Open 3
What is the different between time and darkness in pokemon mystery dungeon? Open 1
What is the place for the charmander mision? Open 2
Where are the lengendarys? Open 1
Where can you find Deoxys? Open 3
Where do you find Regirock, Regice, and all the other regis? Open 4
Which items do you receive at which rank? Open 3
Why can't I access the Hidden Land? Open 2
Why cant I do the misson for riolu? Open 4
Will they disappear? Open 1

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