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               Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Version 2:
                 Explorersof time and darkness
                  Created by:Roosevelt Truong

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1 Opening 
2 Chapter One: A Storm at Sea 
3 Chapter Two:The Guild's New Exploration Team 
4 Chapter Three: "The Scream" 
5 Chapter Four: The Gatekeepers 
6 Chapter Five 
7 Chapter Six 
8 Chapter Seven 
9 Chapter Eight 
10 Chapter Nine 
11 Chapter Ten 
12 Chapter Eleven 
13 Chapter Twelve 
14 Chapter Thirteen 
15 Chapter Fourteen 
16 Chapter Fifteen 
17 Chapter Sixteen 
18 Chapter Seventeen 
19 Chapter Eighteen:Lapras 
20 Chapter Nineteen 
21 Chapter Final 
22 Chapter Beyond the story
 Chapter One: A Storm at Sea
You will wake up on a beach, and the Pokémon you chose as your partner
 (for shortening purposes, this guide will call your partner "Pikachu")
 will come up and ask your name. Type in the name you want. 
Then a Koffing and Zubat will bump into Pikachu and steal his rock.
 Pikachu will ask for your help in getting it back.

Chapter 1 - A Storm at Sea 
Difficulty: 1 
Boss: Koffing, Zubat 
Keep traversing through the dungeon, beating up the monsters, however,
 don't try to pick up the items, since you have no Toolbox yet.
After four floors, you will meet the Bosses.

HP: 30 
Type: Poison 
HP: 30 
Type: Poison, Flying 
Hold B and press A to get them to come to you; go after them,
 and they'll get a free hit on you. Start pounding into the Zubat 
first will your attacking move (Which should do about 10 damage a shot)
. Then go after Koffing. Eventually, they'll lose.

They'll give Pikachu's rock back, and Pikachu will ask you if you 
want to make an Exploration team. Since you have no choice anyway,
 just say yes.
 Chapter Two:The Guild's New Exploration Team
Pikachu will show you the guild, and now, since he has a team member 
(You), he can join the guild. They'll let the two of you in. You'll
 start talking to Wigglytuff, the guild leader. You'll get the toolbox,
 and choose a name for your team (Note that after you choose your 
name, when Chapter 3 starts, you can change your team name.) Then 
after awhile Chatot will lead you to the B2 Floor of the guild, and
 you'll receive a mission. You'll be led to there.

Drenched Bluff 
Difficulty: 2 
Boss: None 
Floors: 6 
Now would be the time to stock up on items, since now you have a 
Toolbox. The enemies are not too hard, even for Fire types. Just keep
 going, you should be fine. Also remember to defeat all the enemies 
for extra EXP, since the next dungeon can be brutal otherwise.

Once you get to Floor 6, you will find Spoink's Pearl, the item you
 were looking for. When you get back to the guild, Spoink will reward
 you with 2000 Poke, but apparently, the guild only allows you to 
keep 10% of it, meaning you only keep 200 of it. Oh, well, you still
 have 200 Poke! Be sure to store it with Duskull in Chapter 3!
 Chapter Three: "The Scream"
In this chapter you finally get to see the town, called Treasure Town.
 The Duskull runs the bank, the Kecleons run the shops, Electivire
 runs the Link Shop, Marowak runs the Training Grounds, Chansey runs
 the Egg Shop, and Xatu runs the Treasure Chest Opening Shop. Take 
that note and go too the Kecleon Shop. You don't actually have to buy
 anything, just talk to the Kecleon, and leave. Then an Azurill and 
Marill will come and buy some stuff. Go right to the other end of town
 and a Drowzee will talk to the two you met a second ago. After they
 all leave, you'll have a flash-forward (Like a flashback, except
 forward in time) hearing the word "Help!". Then you'll have another 
one, with the Drowzee being mean to Azurill, and then you have to go 
talk to either Bidoof, and you'll be able to go to Mt. Bristle!

Mt. Bristle 
Difficulty: 5 
Boss: Drowzee 
Floors: 9+ Summit 
Here the enemies get somewhat challenging, the Machops aren't the 
biggest threat, although they do pack a punch, but if you trained in 
the last dungeon, you should be fine. Also, you may pick up quite a 
ton of EXP here, especially from the Nidorinos (Which are the hardest).

Anyway, just keep traversing the depths of this dungeon, and eventually
 you'll reach the top.

HP: 100 
Type: Psychic 
The main thing about this fight is to either stock up on your defense 
and offense, or if your a Fire type i.e. Cyndaquil just keep using 
Smokescreen to put him in Whiffer status (This always helps on all of
the bosses, keep that in mind) and attack him with your strongest 
attacks. After awhile he'll be finished.

Drowzee will be carried off by the Magnet Police, and Azurill will be
 Chapter Four: The Gatekeepers
At the beginning of this chapter, Diglett and Loudred will call you
 over to take over sentry duty. Basically, in this mini game, you 
see a footprint of a Pokémon, and you get the choice of four Pokémon
 to choose from. If you choose right, you get points. The faster you
 can identify the footprint, the more points you get. The more points
 you get, the better your prize will be.

After that, just keep doing optional missions until Chapter Five:
 The First Official Exploration!
 Chapter Five
This chapter is the one where you can recruit other Pokémon. Instead 
of Friend Areas, in this game you just have to talk to Chimecho and 
take them out yourself. However, first you have to actually recruit
 a Pokémon. Go to a dungeon and keep beating up Pokémon until one 
joins you. Machops in Mt. Spike are perfect examples. Also, you can 
go to Chansey later and get an egg (Although that's way later, plus
 the Pokémon you get will suck by then). Anyway, Machops would be 
recommendable. Just like the last Chapter, just do missions to end it.
 Chapter Six
Now a new dungeon is available, Waterfall Cave. There is no boss, 
though. If you have a Fire Type, be careful in here, as there's a ton
 of Water Types in here.

Waterfall Cave 
Difficulty: 3 
Boss: None 
Floors: 9 
This dungeon is definitely a break from that last one. Just be a
 little careful if you're a Fire Type, especially on the floors with
 Whiscash and Barboach.

After that, you'll come to a dead end. You and your partner will 
examine the room, and you'll have another mind flash, this time 
involving Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff hits the crystal in the room, and a
 flood comes and washes it away. Then your partner will do the same
 thing. You'll be washed away, and into... the Hotsprings? Whatever,
 mission accomplished!
 Chapter Seven
Remember the Zubat and Koffing from earlier? Well, now they've joined
 the Guild, this time with a Skuntank. Just do a few optional missions,
 and you'll gain access to Apple woods!

Apple woods 
Difficulty: 3 (unless you're a Fire-type, in which case it's a .5) 
Boss: None 
Floors: 12 + Interior 
This dungeon isn't too hard, either. If you had a problem Type-wise 
with the last dungeon, this should be a piece of cake. Just keep going,
 and you should reach the end in no time!

You'll get the item that was requested, an Apple, but Team  Skull
 (Koffing's team) will come, and Skuntank will blast you with gas,
 incapacitating you, and take the item and claim the credit.

Now you can't eat tonight, but Sunflora and his buddies snuck you
 some food, so now with that done, it's time for Chapter Eight!
 Chapter Eight
Now the Guild has to go on a high-rank mission through many dungeons.
 This will not, however, give you any points. You'll have to start at
 Craggy coast, but it would help you if you packed first.

Now that you are ready, it's time for action!

Craggy Coast
Difficulty: 4 
Boss: None 
Floors: 9 
Notes: Bidoof joins up with you; have choice of going through the 
Small Path on your first visit. Here are the statistics of that
Small Path 
Difficulty: 3 
Boss: None 
Floors: 5 
Walkthrough for Craggy coast: Just keep going. If you had a 
problem with Waterfall Cave, though, you should have taken the Small
 Path first to train. Also, keep Bidoof alive; this is basically an
 escort mission. Take shots for him, just do whatever it take to keep
 him alive. This will also always go for temporary partners later in 
the game.

Walkthrough for Small Path: This is basically your training ground 
for this dungeon. Just keep going until you feel you are ready.

Now you have to enter Mt. Horn.

Mt. Horn 
Difficulty: 4 
Boss: None 
Floors: 14 
Notes: Bidoof joins up with you. 
There is also a dungeon like Small Path, Rock Path.

Rock Path 
Difficulty: 3 
Boss: None 
Floors: 5 
Walkthrough for Mt. Horn: This dungeon is basically catnip for Fire
 and Water Types. There are so many Grass and Rock Type Pokémon in
here, so if you want to, build up your EXP in here, but only if you're
 one of those two types, otherwise don't. Just get through.

Walkthrough for Rock Path: Must it be said? This is also a training
 ground-type dungeon, so make use of it.
 Chapter Nine
This Chapter is only exploring two dungeons, and meeting two 
Legendary Pokémon. Also, Bidoof dispatches from the group, so you 
don't have to baby him anymore. Before entering the next dungeon,
 though, Pikachu will notice a shiny red gem on the ground. It's got
 to be worth a lot of money. Now you'll head into Foggy Forest!

Foggy Forest 
Difficulty: 4 
Boss: None 
Floors: 11 
Notes: Can explore Forest Path on first visit. 
You better train a bit before going to the next dungeon. Just keep 
traversing the dungeon, which isn't too hard. It's too easy, actually.
 Eventually, you'll hit the end.

Pikachu will find a big statue in the ground ahead of you. You'll 
examine it, and Pikachu will tell you it's a Groudon, the legendary 
Pokémon of the land. You'll remember the shiny red gem you found 
earlier, and you and Pikachu will put the gem in a hollow in the 
statue. That's a lot of money down the drain. Oh, well, it will open 
up a new dungeon for you to explore! Who needs money when you have a
 new dungeon to explore anyway!

Staem Cave 
Difficulty: 5 
Boss: Uxie (Hologram Groudon on first visit) 
Floors: 8+ 7+ Interior 
Notes: Fight Hologram Groudon on first visit; Uxie appears as a boss 
after the credits. 
This dungeon is pretty challenging, considering there's really no 
theme to this dungeon species-wise, it's almost like random. Just 
keep going through, using the save point midway, and eventually you'll
 reach a Groudon.

Hologram Groudon 
HP: 400+ 
Average Damage: 10+ 
This boss fight can get pretty intense, so you have 4 options:

Lower it's Attack 
Increase your Defense 
Send it into Whiffer status with Smokescreen 
Paralyze it with Thunder Wave or Static ability 
After you chose your course of action, utilize it. Sometimes, it 
tends to try to attack and jump away, so attack it with Geo Pebbles 
or something when it does that. Also, try to use Water or Grass attacks
 on it. After a few dozen hits, it will go down.

The Groudon will disappear, and you'll enter a cave with Uxie
 inside. Don't worry, you don't have to battle it. Yet. It will tell
 you about the Time Gears and a bandit called Grovyle, and basically
 he's trying to use the Time Gears for a special mission he has so 
far succeeded in, and you have to stop him. After more talking, you'll
 go back to Treasure Town, and begin Chapter Ten!
 Chapter Ten
In this chapter you have to help Marill and Azurill retrieve a jewel 
that they lost. First you have to talk to them near the Kecleon Shop,
 then you can enter the next dungeon, the Amp plains!

Amp plains 
Difficulty: 7.5 
Boss: Luxray + 8 Luxio 
Floors: 10 + 8 + Summit 
Enigma Legendary Pokémon: Zapdos 
The boss of this dungeon is the reason why it gets a 7.5 difficulty.
 If it were just a Luxray, then it would get a 5 difficulty. Anyway, 
on Floors 4-10 there are Shinx', and just a little tip: Get One. They
 evolve into the 86th strongest Pokémon, Luxray, at Lv. 30. They 
evolve into Luxio first, at Lv. 15, which if you get one, it will be 
above Lv. 15, anyway. Plus they level up fast, too. After you get 
one, then continue along with the dungeon. Use the save point in the 
middle, since you are going to need it. Then after 8 more floors,
 it's boss time.

HP: 300+ 
Average Damage: 20+ 
Luxio (8) 
HP: 70+ 
Average Damage: 10+ 
These bosses are pretty intense, considering there’s a ton of them.
 Get used to this, though; you’re going to see a lot of these. First, 
find one that you can hit with a Long Range attack, and utilize it to 
get in a little extra damage. The good thing about these bosses is
 that they don't have any attacks that can cut corners, so due to the
 rock that's in front of you, Luxray really can't hit you. Now, start
 attacking Luxray, and don't focus on too much else besides saving 
Pikachu if its health runs low. When you took out the Luxray, then
 focus on taking out the Luxios. Be careful of when they use Charge, 
though, since that means they're about to really lay down the hurt,
 so heal yourself to around 100+ HP if that happens. Eventually,
 they'll fall.

Luxray will try to get back up and finish you off, but a mysterious 
Dusknoir will take it out before it can. You'll thank the Dusknoir, 
get the jewel, and leave (with the Dusknoir). And so begins Chapter
 Chapter Eleven
In this chapter, you have to protect one of Time Gears, protected
 by Mesprit. After a little bit of optional missions, you'll gain 
access to the next dungeon, Northern Desert!

Northern Desert 
Difficulty: 6 
Boss: None 
Floors: 15 
Notes: Have option to access Quicksand Cave after completion of 
Not a real challenging dungeon, it's a bit of a break from Electric 
Plateau. Just keep traversing, being fully aware that there is no 
save point in the middle this time. This dungeon has a ton of Grass
 and Ground Types, so if you're a Fire or Water Type, use this to 
gain some experience. After a ways, you'll hit Quicksand Cave.

Quicksand Cave 
Difficulty: 6.5 
Boss: Mesprit 
Floors: 10 + 10 + Underground Lake 
This dungeon isn't too hard, either, just use the save point in 
the middle in case you might lose to the boss. After an accumulated 
20 floors, you'll reach the boss.

HP: 300+ 
Average Damage: 20+ 
This boss is definitely a break from the last one. Just use your best
 attacks, being careful of its Confusion attack. After a few hits,
you'll bring it down.

That Grovyle you heard about in Chapter 9 has come to take the  
Time Gears , and you'll be unable to stop it. Thankfully, it still 
need stwo more. This marks the beginning of Chapter Twelve!
 Chapter Twelve
Now you have to try to stop Grovyle from taking the Time Gears from 
the Great Crystal Passage. You'll be able to head straight there, you
 don't have to talk to anybody, just go. But you have to pass through
 Crystal Cave first.

Crystal Cave 
Difficulty: 5.5 
Boss: None 
Floors: 11 
Notes: Can go to  Crystal Crossing afterwards. 
This isn't too hard a dungeon, the most challenging Pokémon here is
 Golem, which isn't too hard himself. Just get through the 11 floors,
 and you'll hit the intersection.

After a scene and a mind-flash, you'll gain control. You have to
 change the color of each crystal to Blue, and then the next dungeon
will open, the  Crystal Crossing!

Crystal Crossing 
Difficulty: 7 
Boss: Grovyle (Azelf after Credits) 
Floors: 13 + Crystal Lake 
This dungeon isn't way hard either, the most you'll have trouble with
 is the boss, which in and of himself isn't too hard. Just get through
 the 13 floors, being careful of the Ice Types, and you'll hit the 
Crystal Lake.

After a bit of dialogue, you'll fight the boss, Grovyle.

HP: 500+ 
Average Damage: 20+ 
This boss is a bit hard, but if you know what to do, you'll have no 
problem. Just attack him like you would a normal boss, and if you're a
 Fire Type, use Smokescreen and then attack with Ember and stuff.

Grovyle will try to take you out, but Dusknoir, again, will 
intervene, and take Grovyle out. This marks the beginning of Chapter
 Chapter Thirteen
After doing some optional missions, head to town.

When you go to town, the citizens will gather around a portal that
 Dusknoir had opened. Then you'll notice Grovyle tied up next to it.
 Dusknoir will say a few words, then throw Grovyle in the portal. 
Then after a little praise given by everybody, Dusknoir will turn on
 you, grab you and Pikachu, and head into the portal.

After you come to, you'll notice that you and Pikachu are tied to
 poles. Then another light will shine to the left of the screen, and 
you'll notice Grovyle is tied up, too. You'll find out from him that
 he was really on your side (Technically), and you messed up his 
plans to save the world. You'll notice that nothing around you is 
either in color or moving, and Grovyle will tell you that this is 
the future, and if you don't do something, the world will be doomed 
to a timeless world. Dusknoir and his Sableye buddies will come into
 the room, and Dusknoir will give the Sableye the order to slash at
 you. After sharpening their claws, they'll do so. Unfortunately for
 them, they don't realize that they're dually cutting at the ropes,
 so Grovyle, Pikachu, and you will break free and run off.

After a bit of running, you'll get into the first of the dungeons
 that you can't return to, Chasm Cave.

Chasm Cave 
Difficulty: 5 
Boss: None 
Floors: 8 
Notes: Cannot recruit Pokémon; cannot return since located in future. 
This dungeon isn't too hard, the only possible threat can be either
 Onix or Skarmory. Just keep going until you get to the end. Should 
you fail, you can always use the Kangaskhan Statue outside to save or 
stock up. Just keep going and reach the end.

After that, you'll head into Grovyle again, you'll talk, and he'll 
head off in front of you. After walking a bit more, you'll head into 
the next dungeon, Darkness Hill.

Dark Hill 
Difficulty: 5.5 
Boss: None 
Floors: 15 
Notes: Cannot recruit Pokémon; cannot return since located in
This dungeon is filled with Ghost Types and Gliscors, but other 
than that there should be no problem. Just reach the end.

After that dungeon, you'll hit the next one, sealed ruins.
Sealed ruins
Difficulty: 7 
Boss: Spiritomb HP=500 
Floors: 8 + 6 + Interior 
This dungeon has a boss, but it shouldn't prove too much a problem. 
Just go through it, remembering to use the Save Point in the middle.

A scene will occur involving Grovyle. Grovyle will be looking around 
an empty room, and somebody will start talking to him. Next thing he 

knows, he is captured by an unknown force.
There is a wide assortment of Pokémon here, but it shouldn't be a
 problem. After an accumulated 14 floors, you'll hit the boss.

You'll see Grovyle on the floor, being held down by energy waves,
 and then you'll find that a Spiritomb is the one to blame.

HP: 400+ 
Dark/ Ghost 
Average Damage: 20+ 
This boss has no weaknesses due to its two types, but it also is 
immune to three types: Normal, Fighting, and Psychic. Also, it has 
Pressure, meaning for every PP you would have wasted on a move, it'll 
waste two PP when used on it, even if it misses. But putting that
 aside, this boss is a piece of cake. Just keep attacking it with 
your best attacks.

Spiritomb will go away, and Grovyle will be freed. After you leave,
 Grovyle will seemed to have learned its lesson and now wants to 
travel with your team. Unlike Bidoof, Grovyle will actually prove
 useful (It's Lv. 46 and has Leaf Blade), so if you want to, use him 
for protection. Onward to Chapter 14!
 Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14 Now all you have to do is get through this next dungeon. 
But before you are able to enter it, a Shiny Celebi appears in front 
of you and tells you of a way back to your own time. Get ready for
 the final dungeon of the future, Forest High Platform!

Dusk Forest
Difficulty: 6 
Floors: 12 
Boss: None 
Notes: Team up with Grovyle and Shiny Celebi; cannot be revisited 
since located in future; Pokémon cannot be recruited 
Not at all a problem. The biggest threats are Steelix and Aggron, but 
they don't prove much of a problem. Since Shiny Celebi is Lv.45, and 
Grovyle is Lv.46, you can easily use them to take everything for you. 
Plus, use this time sparingly, as this is the ONLY time in Pokémon 
Mystery Dungeon history where you could use a Shiny Pokémon. You can't
 ever use Shiny Celebi after this dungeon. Anyway, after 12 floors,
 you'll hit the end.

As you are about to leave, Dusknoir and the Sableye attempt to stop 
you, but Celebi opens up a portal in time to try to escape, but as 
you are doing so, Dark Dialga makes his appearance to use Roar of 
Time to try to sop you from leaving. He succeeds, but Celebi tries 
again and succeeds in escaping. This now marks the beginning of the 
next chapter!
 Chapter Fifteen
After going through the time portal you will arrive back to the past.
 You cant go back to the guil so you will go to Sharpedo Bluff and 
rest there and also find out more about your role in the story. 
Morning will come and you will head off to Treeshroud Forest. Grovyle
 will continue to be your partner (He is at Lv. 46)

=21 Floors =No Boss at the end =Can not recruit any Pokémon

Pokémon in this Dungeon: Cherrim, Ralts, Hondoom, Alakazam,
 Vespiqueen, Ninetails, Vulpix
 Chapter Sixteen

This time you go back to the Wigglytuff Guild! First you go to the
 post then Diglett does his stuff. Then you will have a short scene.
 It is recommended that you first do the mission for reviver seeds 
and then do your regular mission. Your regular mission is that you 
have to go to Torkaol (if you remember; in the hot springs in Waterfall
 Chapter Seventeen
Brine cave 
diffaculty 5 
boss almastar(2) and kabootops 
you'll have to travel with chatot hes lv34 this dugeon is easy with 
lv34 and 35 Pokémon at the end of dungeon kabotops and oamastar atack
 and chatot sheld you battel them and you are done with the dungeon 
and meet lapras. can not recrout any poken tell after cradits
 Chapter Eighteen:Lapras
In this chapter, you have to find your way to Mirage Field. 
Wigglytuff already knows how, so you have to venture with Chatot to
 Brine Cave!

Brine Cave 
Difficulty: 7 
Boss: Kabutops + 2 Omastar 
Notes: Chatot accompanies you 
 Chapter Nineteen
All you must do in this chapter is go through the dungeon you start 
out in, Hidden land. This Chapter is probably going to be a major
 downer, though. Just keep going and find out.

Hidden land 
Difficulty: 9 
Boss: Dusknoir + 6 Sableye 
Floors: 15F + Interior 8F + Final 
Notes: Grovyle accompanies you. 
This dungeon may aggravate you. Travele the floors, letting Grovyle 
take care of what he can. After 15 floors, you'll see a save point

This is the aggravating part. Just hope you get lucky as you go
 around, and if you have Smokescreen, use it. After 8 floors, you'll
 meet at a final confrontation with Dusknoir.

As your team examines the ruins, Dusknoir will attempt to drag you 
into a Dimensional Portal, but he'll have to take you out, first.

HP: 500+ 
Average Damage: 20+ 
HP: 190 
Dark/ Ghost 
Average Damage: 15+ 
Long Range attacks like Flamethrower will work wonders in this 
battle. Because of their types, Sableye have no weakness so just use
 anything but Normal, Fighting, and Psychic moves. If you have a 
Character Range attack like Lava Plume or thunderbolt, use that when 
they close in. Just keep attacking them all and they'll be finished.

The Sableyes will go into the Dimensional Portal, and leave Dusknoir
 behind. As Pikachu continues examining the ruins, you will start 
talking with Grovyle. But as you're doing that, Dusknoir gets back up 
and tries to attack you, but Grovyle takes it for you. Then Grovyle
 will get up and try pushing Dusknoir into the Dimensional Portal 
with himself. He'll give a last goodbye, and he'll hurl himself in 
with Dusknoir. After a little more, the Final Chapter will begin.
 Chapter Final
This Chapter is just like before; all you have to do is beat the 
dungeon. The temporal Tower is in front of you, so you better be

Temporal Tower 
Difficulty: 8 
Boss: Dark Dialga 
Floors: 13 + 10 + Summit 
This dungeon is not as hard as the last dungeon, but still should be
 treated the same. Just keep going, and just look for the stairs and 
nothing else.

After an accumulated 23 floors, it's time for the final showdown.
 The Pokémon that has caused your team so much pain to save it. 

Dark Dialga 
HP: 700+ 
Steel/ Dragon 
Average Damage: 20+ 


Ending,Dark Dialga is hardly near threatening, but its Roar of Time
 can really deal on the hurt, doing 80+ damage apiece, though after 
it does it, it is stunned for a few turns, so use that time to deal
 some good damage. If anybody has Dig, use that. It can deal 100+ 
damage to Dark Dialga. Just keep going, and you won the main quest!
 Post StoryLine

You'll have to talk to Ursaring in Treasure Town, and you'll gain
 access to Mystic Forest!

Mystic Forest 
Difficulty: 10 
Boss: The Guild (That's a lot) 
Floors: 13+Interior 
Notes: Pokémon are randomly placed on the floors 
This dungeon can be a pain. You just have to be lucky and get a right
 list of Pokémon in this dungeon. After 13 Floors, you'll meet the

HP: 400+ 
Average Damage: 20+ 
HP: 300+ 
Normal/ Flying 
Average Damage: 20+ 
HP: 100+ apiece 
Average Damage: 10+ 
This fight can be intense, especially due to the fact that you can 
only bring you and Pikachu. First, look downward and unleash a Long
 Range attack, if you don't have one of those use a throwing item,
 to land a little damage. Then if you have a Character Range attack 
like Lava Plume, start punishing them with that. Eventually, they'll 

The Guild will run off, leaving you to continue your business. You'll
 follow Teddiursa and Ursaring to a spring. It'll start to light up 
in the middle, and Teddiursa will step in, and evolve into an Ursaring.
 Then Pikachu will go in, and it'll say that it can't. Oh well, just 
come back later, since now, the Guild has something waiting for you!

When you get back to the Guild, they'll surround you and cheer for 
you. You have become an advanced Exploration team, and it's time you 
moved out. But, they'll give you a few items, an extra space in your
 toolbox, and 10,000 Poke as a going away gift!

You'll find residence in Grovyle's old hideout, and that'll be your 
new team base! However, you can still go into the Guild to pick up
 missions and stuff!

You now have access to more dungeons, including the really long Zero
 Island series of dungeons!

Next thing you have to do is talk to a Mr. Mime outside of the Kecleon 
Shops about a missing Scizor, and you'll gain access to Blizzard 
Island! However, if you want to, you can recruit some Legendary 
Pokémon! See Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers
 of Darkness/Legendary Pokémon|Legendary Pokémon for more info.

Blizzard Island 
Difficulty: 9 
Boss: None 
Floors: 20 
Notes: Pokémon are randomly placed on the floors. 
This dungeon is a real pain, even if you're a Fire-Type. If you have 
Dialga on your team, use it has the Leader. If you don't have Dialga,
 refer to the Legendary Pokémon guide up above. After 20 floors,
 you'll hit the bottom of the dungeon.

You'll now have a straight shot at the next dungeon now, Crevice Cave.
 But you can go back to town first, if you want to.

Crevice Cave 
Difficulty: 8.5 
Boss: Froslass 
Floors: 10 + 14 + Bottom 
Enigma Legendary Pokémon: Darkrai 
This dungeon isn't as hard as the last one, but, as usual, should 
still be treated the same. Just keep going, and use the save point,
 if you have to.

After a little more, you'll reach the boss.

HP: 400+ 
Ice/ Ghost 
Average Damage: 10+ 
This is by far one of the easiest bosses ever. Due to its type
 matchup, it has a ton of weaknesses. They are as follows:

So if you did take a Dialga, like you were told to, you shouldn't
 have a problem. Just keep pounding on her with Metal Claw, 
AncientPower, etc., until she finally faints. If you don't have
 Dialga, just pound it with attacks like Ember, Rock Throw, etc.

You'll notice that Scizor is trapped in a block of ice, you'll save 
it, and you did it!

Now that you did all of that, you can now enter Event Dungeons! Go 
to the event dungeons to learn more.

Do a few optional Missions, and then talk to Sunflora near
 Croagunk's store in the Wigglytuff Guild to get a mission to
 retrieve a Manaphy egg.

Enclosed Sea 
Difficulty: 7 
Boss: None 
Floors: 20 
Notes: Pokémon are randomly placed on floors 
Enigma Legendary Pokémon: Lugia 
This dungeon is a major break from the last. Just keep going, and
 you'll reach the end. If you listened to the tip about Shinx and got
 a Luxray out of it in Chapter 10, use it as leader. It'll take out 
anything in here, even if it's Lv.35. Eventually, you'll reach the

There will be 3 treasure chests, and you'll get to pick up all of 
them. Then if you go up a little bit, you'll see a weird Egg-looking
 thing. Pick it up, and leave the dungeon.

The next day you'll notice the egg hatching, and out will pop a
 Manaphy! It doesn't join your team yet, but you have a Manaphy! 
You'll take it to Sunflora in the Wigglytuff Guild, and it'll start 
crying. You'll have to get a Blue Gummi. You'll probably find them 
around Water-themed levels. If you forget what the word for Blue Gummi
 is, then talk to your partner with R and look at the Yellow 
highlighted part. Chatot gives you advice on where to find Blue 
Gummis, though, if you have trouble. They can usually be found
 around Shoreline Rockground, though this can take a while, you
 do want to get further in the story, right? So go!

Shoreline Rockground (Revisited) 
Difficulty: .005 
Boss: None 
Floors: 9 
This dungeon should be way easy now, just keep going. Look around 
everywhere, there's no telling where they'll be, though they can be 
spotted around B7F, though, if that makes the search easier for you,
 although that is an unconfirmed statistic, so just keep your eyes 
peeled. Cover every last room, but you don't have to use the hallways
 if you don't want to. Be sure to pack some Apples, because otherwise
 you'll faint for sure.

After you give Manaphy the Gummi, it'll move in with you (But still
 not on your team) and ask for another Blue Gummi, but since you know
 where to go, it shouldn't be a problem!

Shoreline Rockground (Revisited) 
Difficulty: .005 
Boss: None 
Floors: 9 
This dungeon should be way easy now, just keep going. Look around
 everywhere, there's no telling where they'll be, though they can be 
spotted around B7F, though, if that makes the search easier for you, 
although that is an unconfirmed statistic, so just keep your eyes
 peeled. Cover every last room, but you don't have to use the hallways
 if you don't want to. Be sure to pack some Apples, because otherwise 
you'll faint for sure.

After giving the Blue Gummi to the Manaphy, you'll go to bed.
 When you wake up, Manaphy will want to visit the beach south of
 town. Go there, and a scene will occur. You'll fall asleep, and when
 you wake up you'll notice Manaphy's not in bed. You'll head out to 
look for Manaphy when Chatot will catch up to you. He'll tell you
 Manaphy's gone to the beach again, so go there. There, you'll find 
Manaphy has fallen ill. After a bit, you'll gain access to Miracle 

Miracle Sea 
Difficulty: 8 
Boss: Gyarados 
Floors: 18 + 4 + Bottom 
Notes: Bring an Electric Type for the boss; will make things a lot
This dungeon can be a bit of a pain. The Sharpedos here will make
 getting through this dungeon really hard, even for Grass Types, so
 keep a lookout for those. There's a Save Point in the middle, so use
 that if you feel you should. After an accumulated 22 floors, you'll
 reach the boss.

HP: 500+ 
Average Damage: 20+ 
This boss is too easy, especially if you brought an Electric Type
 like Pikachu or Luxray, but if you didn't, you shouldn't have too
 much a problem anyway. Just keep pounding it with either Elecric or
 strong attacks, and you should bring it down.

The Phiones here will give you the water you were looking for, so
 with that in hand, you'll leave.

You'll give Manaphy the water, it'll wake up all better, and 
everybody'll be happy. However, now a Walrein has come to take it 
back out to sea where it belongs. Everybody will cry, but not stop
 Manaphy from leaving. You're probably miffed that Manaphy didn't
 join your team, huh? It will, don't worry.

Also, if you want to, if you return to Miracle Sea you can recruit
 Phione automatically!

Now, just keep doing optional missions, and after about 2 go 
downstairs in the Wigglytuff Guild to the floor where your room used 
to be, and a scene will occur involving Medicham, Gardevoir, and 
Lopunny of Team Charms will want an escort to Watchman's Cave. Since
 nobody will do it(And since you're so special), you'll go with them.

Watchman's Cave 
Difficulty: 4 
Bosses: Regice in Regice's Chamber, Regirock in Regirock's Chamber, 
Registeel in Registeel's Chamber, and 4 Hitmonlee, 4 Bronzong and 
Regigigas in Regigigas' Chamber 
Floors: 3 + Regice's Chamber + 3 + Regirock's Chamber + 4 + Registeel's
 Chamber + 5 + Regigigas' Chamber (19 in total) 
Notes: Bring Fighting Type for all the bosses; Dialga would be good 
for Final Boss. 
Enigma Legendary Pokémon: Mewtwo 
This dungeon isn't hard as much as it is long. It might take you 30 
minutes to get through it! What you have to do is find the correct 
Unown Stones and put them on slates in Midpoint areas. However, you
start out in a Midpoint area, but you need the Unown Stones! If you 
read the Slate, you'll notice that it says ICE somewhere around the 
writing. Go find the Unowns that match that. This is the long part.
 You have to find Unowns I, C, and E, defeat them, hope they drop a 
bluish rock, and pick it up. In total, you'll need the following 

C: 2 
E: 3 
I: 1 
K: 1 
L: 1 
O: 1 
R: 1 
S: 1 
T: 1 
Knowing that, if you see any you think you don't need, think about 
it! You may need doubles, or even triples. Anyway, after collecting 
the three letters, return to the Slate Room and put them in. If you
 didn't collect them all, go back through. After you put the stones 
in, the Slate will glow, vibrate, etc., and then break. Under it was
 some stairs. Go under when you think you're ready, and fight the
 first boss, Regice.

HP: 600+ 
Average Damage: 10+ 
This isn't hard at all, just go back down a space to get with your 
team, and wait, and start pounding it with attacks. It really isn't 
that hard. If you brought the Fighting Type with you, use that. After
 you're done, the lead character will be endowed with Regice' power
 and break a wall. Now your team will go through.

Now you need to collect R, O, C, and K. Go through the 3-Floors Maze,
 and when you get those, use them on the Slate, and stairs will
appear. Go down and fight Regirock.

HP: 600+ 
Average Damage: 10+ 
This isn't hard either, especially with a Fighting Type. If you're 
starting to notice a trend here, you're not mistaken; all the bosses
 here are weak against Fighting. Just do what you did with Regice, 
and go through.

Now you need to find the letters S, T, two E's, and L in the maze.
 Once you get those, fight the next boss, Registeel.

HP: 600+ 
Average Damage: 10+ 
Same drill as the other two. Just back up and pound on him when he
 gets close. Eventually, he'll falter.

Now you'll enter a maze, but thankfully, you don't need to actually 
find anything. Just get through the 5 floors, and meet the boss.
 Thankfully, you fight them all with Team Charms.

HP: 1000+ 
Average Damage: 30+ 
Notes: Moves 1/2 speed for first few turns. 
Hitmonlee (4) 
HP: 100+ each 
Average Damage: 20+ 
Bronzong (4) 
HP: 100+ each 
Steel/ Psychic 
Average Damage: 20+ 
This fight is a little hard, but if you brought a Dialga, the problem 
will be gone. If you get Dialga to use Roar of Time on the first turn,
 then just about all of them will faint, leaving only Regigigas to try
 to beat you. Regigigas moves once for every 2 times you move for the 
first few turns because of it's Slow Start, so use that time to pack 
in some damage. If you brought the Fighting Type, get it to attack
 Regigigas. Eventually, it'll faint.

The team will cheer, until Regigigas gets back up and starts running 
after you. You all will run away, but as you do, you'll notice a new 
dungeon, Hidden Ruins. The only significance of the dungeon, though, is
 for hold items for the Regis.

My nintendo ds for showing me the information
Myparents for letting me use the computer
Extra help from my frind Navis
And TY god for giving me knowledge to make this guide