FAQ/Walkthrough by dragonmsster765

Version: 0.26 | Updated: 04/22/09 | Printable Version

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness

By: Dragonmsster765 (or Connor)

E-mail: bobgen@ptd.net

For:The Nintendo DS (obviously)

Table of Contents:

1.00..... Introduction
1.01..... Version History
1.02..... Game Controls
1.03..... Walkthrough
1.0301.... Chapter 1 A Storm at Sea
1.0302.... Chapter 2 The New Guild Recruits
1.0303.... Chapter 3 The Scream
1.0304.... Chapter 4 The Gatekeepers
1.0305.... Chapter 5 The First Official Exploration
1.0306.... Chapter 6 Team Skull
1.0307.... Chapter 7 The Guild's Big Exploration
1.0308.... Chapter 8 Groudon's Heart
1.0309.... Chapter 9 The Mystery of Fogbound Lake

1.00 Introduction------------------------------------------------------------
Hi! Welcome to my first walkthrough! I recently got an account here and 
my first FAQ has begun! Please excuse any goofs I might make and any 
criticism will be helpful.I have loved Pokemon for a long time and this was
a great game. I hope this helps (cause I couldn't find one that did)!

1.01 Version History

Version:0.25 I just started as of 4-15-09. This could take awhile.

Version:0.26 I edited my guide and submitted a minor update.

1.02 Game Controls-----------------------------------------------------------
In the town:
the arrow buttons.......... move
A button................... talk to pokemon
B button................... nothing (unless you are in a menu)
B + arrow.................. run
R button................... talk with partner
X button................... open main menu
Y button................... sort items in item menu
Select button.............. sort items in item menu
Start button............... see info on items

In dungeons:
arrow buttons.............. move

1.03 Walkthrough-------------------------------------------------------------
Finally! I bet you didn't read any of the stuff above did you? Don't feel bad
cause I don't either. The adventure begins!
     1.0301 Chapter 1 A Strom at Sea-----------------------------------------
You see some text which seems to imply you falling off a boat and you see a
stormy sea. I won't go into too much. You wake up on a beach as a pokemon and
you are soon greeted by your partner (after a cut scene). ((P.S. I won't 
tell you any secrets. All in good time.)) Zubat and Koffing steal your 
partner's personal treasure and head into a cave. Say 'yes'. Now for the 
first mystery dungeon. (I kept my partner's pokemon name and my name is 
Connor (in game))

          Beach Cave:
Only four floors and the game guides you through most of it. Attack with A
and use special moves i.e. Tackle by hitting X click moves and pick a move.
And, yes, enemies pop up out of nowhere. Try to find a Sleep Seed in there.
Also, try to level up at least once. At Beach Cave Pit you will find Zubat
and Koffing. Guess what! You get to fight them! Yaaaayyy!! 

Boss Battle: Koffing and Zubat

Throw the Sleep Seed at one of them and take out the other. Hopefully, by the
time you take out one, the other will wake up. But either way, they're too
easy. You get the treasure back and they run in terror Muhahahaha *cough*
*gasp* *weeze*. Sorry, my evil laugh needs work. You'll see more of those
two later. 

          Back outside
Your partner talks about his Relic Fragment and tells how he wants to join
an exploration team and solve the mystery. Soon, choose 'Form a team'. You 
and your partner will strike a pose that you will see quite a few times. 
Next, you might want to save. 
     1.0302 Chapter 2 The New Guild Recruits---------------------------------
You and your partner are in front of Wigglytuff's guild and whoever
identifies pokemon doesn't recognize your footprint. (FYI, he's under you)
You go in anyway and are greeted by Chatot who will be a thorn in your side.
If you think Chatot is weird, wait until you see Wigglytuff! Anyway, think of
a good name for your team (mine was Emerald). I think the default name 
Pokepals is really bad. The questions you ask will be answered by the end of 
the game. And now, you can save. 

   Next Morning:
Loudred will practically make you deaf and you climb out of bed to get to the 
announcements. Wigglytuff walks out to address the apprentices when you find 
him asleep. You then start the Morning Cheers. This is the only time you will
get to hear all of them. No matter where you go, once you take one step, 
Chatot yells at you for wandering. He then gives you a job. The job requires 
you to retrieve a Spoink's pearl. Here we go! Next dungeon!
          Drenched Bluff:
It has seven floors and there are mostly water pokemon. Again, the game
guides you through some tips and controls. The seventh floor is actually
a fountain. This dungeon isn't very difficult so don't be too worried. Yet.

          The Guild
After you get the pearl, you warp back to the guild and Spoink thanks and
rewards you. He gives you a Protein, Calcium, Iron, and a whopping 2000 P!
But, Chatot takes some and leaves you only 10% of the original reward. Stinks
doesn't it? Next, Chimecho calls everyone to dinner. Notice the Apple on 
Wigglytuff's head and the three empty plates. They will come into play later.
Now, its bedtime.
     1.0303 Chapter 3 The Scream---------------------------------------------
Loudred wakes you up the normal way and you should save. Chatot does the same
thing as ysterday and you are taken to the outlaw notice board. Chatot calls
for Bidoof to show you around the guild and the town. Duskull Bank is
obviously a bank. You know what a bank is, right? The Electivire Link Shop
allows you to remember old moves and link moves together. That means that
when you use one linked move, you use the other move right after. It's pretty
useful in boss battles. The Kecleon Maket is where you can buy and sell stuff
like apples, gummies, seeds, and other stuff. Kangaskhan Storage is where you
store extra items. But it does have limited space. There are more places but
we'll get to them later. You need to go to the Market. You'll see a
cut scene of Marill and Azurill buying an apple for their sick mother.
Since there are two Kecleons and writing the color plus the pokemon is too
long, I'll abbreviate to GK for the left one and PK for the right one. GK
gives them an extra apple so they rush back to give it back. Azurill drops
one and you pick it up. You give it back to Azurill, but when you do, the
game makes the picture fade in and out. You say you are dizzy and a strange
flash appears. You hear a scream, but no one else does. You'll find out more
later. When you go back to the guild, you see Marill and Azurill talking
to Drowzee. He says he found their lost item. He then bumps into you and you
have the same felling as before. Only this time, you see what happens.
Drowzee is trying to get Azurill to do something! But they just left! You
tell your partner but he shrugs it off. You then go to the Outlaw Board.
Dugtrio flips the board and updates it. You won't see this again. In the 
upper left corner is Drowzee!! You both rush out and see Marill. He explains
what happened and you rush to Mt. Bristle. Next Dungeon!

          Mt. Bristle:
This is a pretty hard dungeon compared to the others. Some pokemon, when
defeated, will drop a box. You can't open them yet. Another new thing is a 
monster house. That happens when you walk into a room and a bunch of pokemon
fall from the ceiling. There is almost no hope if you walk in. Sorry. I
seriouly recommend you level up a whole lot. At the peak, you have to fight
Drowzee. I hope you have some blast seeds! If you are lower than level eight, 
hope and pray you don't faint.I forgot to mention there are 9 floors. You see 
Drowzee try to get Azurill into a small opening and you rush in to stop him. 
Short cut scene and Drowzee notices your partner is shaking. Time to battle! 

Boss Battle: Drowzee

Use the Blast Seeds with extreme prejudice. Drowzee is immune to sleep so
give up on sleep seeds. The Stun Seed will work. Until you hit him. He can
put you or your partner to sleep with Hypnosis so watch out for that. This 
battle is slightly difficult if you aren't higher than level eight. Soon,
you'll beat him and you take Azurill home. Magnezone arrests Drowzee and 
you go home too.

          The Guild:
You get the 3000 P reward for Drowzee, but again you only get 10%. What a 
ripoff. You eat dinner and go to bed. Your partner then talks about time 
gears. They are very important to the story so pay attention. In the middle
of your partner's speech, you see a pokemon running to a time gear. He then
steals it and time stops in that forest. For those who don't know, the 
pokemon is a Grovyle. He will also be important.

   Next Morning
Loudred wakes you up again and you should save. Chatot tells you to do some
jobs or capture outlaws. Unfortunately, the jobs vary from game to game. So
it would be next to impossible to help you with that. That being said, it is
a good idea to take multiple jobs in the same dungeon. Then, you could 
advance to higher ranks quicker. I would recommend you start with level E
jobs. They are the easiest and generally take place in Beach Cave. Do your
best!! One more thing: keep an eye out for jobs with reviver seeds. 
Reviver seeds bring you back if you faint. I seriously recommend you keep
some on hand. The game could bring you somewhere where you faint every time.
They are 800 P at the Market but you may find them in dungeons or from jobs.

     1.0304 Chapter 4 The Gatekeepers----------------------------------------
Good morning! Loudred will wake you up like this every morning in the Guild.
Anyway, you probably expect Chatot to give you something to do. But instead,
Loudred calls you to be sentry for the day. It's pretty easy. You just have
to identify the footprint of six pokemon. You probably know what a bird's
foot looks like and bird pokemon's footprint look a lot like that. But anyway
just compare the footprint to regular animals. And the best part is that 
they give you a choice of four pokemon. Couldn't be easier. Could it? Your
partner also checks to make sure you're right. If you get a perfect score, 
Chatot congratulates you and confetti comes out of nowhere and someone claps.
I have no idea where all of this is coming from. Chatot rewards you 
generously with 500 P, a ginseng, a joy seed, and a life seed. After this, if
you get a perfect score, you get a reviver seed.
   Next Morning
Again, Chatot tells you to take jobs from the boards. I can't really help.
Good luck! Now that you have some freedom, you can go back to the bedrooms.
In each room in the hallway is a journal. One is written by Bidoof and the 
other is by Sunflora. The journals cover all of the events in the game. If 
you ever want to see what happened, look in the journals. Now, take jobs with
a D rank or higher. You need to level up because the game is going to get a 
whole lot harder

     1.035 Chapter 5 The First Official Exploration--------------------------
Time to wake up! Instead of the cheer Chatot tells everyone that time has 
stopped in Treeshroud Forest (remember Grovyle?). Anyway, it's back to work!
Or is it? Chatot instead instucts you to explore a waterfall. When you go up,
Chimecho tells you that you can recruit pokemon! That means that if you 
defeat a pokemon, there is a chance it will want to join! Having more than 2
pokemon can be great in monster houses. Also, a bell will appear near the 
exit to the dungeons. You can ring the bell to summon Chimecho and organize
your team.

          Secret Waterfall:
You and your partner arrive at the Waterfall, your partner tries walking in,
but fails, you then try it and fail as well. Next, you have another vision:
You see a figure run and jump through the deluge and appears in a cave. 
Unless you haven't paid attention to the game, you can tell it was Wigglytuff
who jumped in. You follow Wigglytuff's example and jump through. Next dungeon

          Waterfall cave:
This is a pretty difficult dungeon if you are a low level. Most of the 
pokemon are level 11 or lower. Also, some pokemon may ask to join your team!
But, anyway, the dungeon has 8 floors and mostly water pokemon and  a random 
tangela. At the very end, your partner sees a huge gem. Of course, he tries 
to pull it out. You then try and have another vision. You see Wigglytuff 
touch it and get sent away with a wave of water. Your partner tries pushing 
it the other way. The huge wave comes and washes you away. I don't understand
why you run in the direction of the wave instead of running back into the 
dungeon. In any case, you find yourself in the Hot Spring. You relax and 
report back to Chatot later. 

         The Guild:
Your partner is very happy that you made a discovery. But, you 
had to tell your partner and Chatot about Wigglytuff. Why did you have to 
spoil that happy moment? Why? Why? Why?! *sob* *sob* *ahem* sorry. Then, it's 
bedtime. Your partner reveals that you give him courage and strength to face
things he never thought possible. He also realizes the dizzy spells occur
when you touch something. Soon, Chatot summons you to the Wigglytuff's room.
Wigglytuff informs you that the guild will be going on an expedition to a far
off place. All you have to do is take jobs.

     1.0306 Chapter 6 Team Skull---------------------------------------------
          The Guild:
Time to wake up! Chatot officialy announces the expedition to everyone. Of 
course, everyone is excited about it. After everyone leaves, Chatot tells you
to take jobs and hunt outlaws. When you get up to the other floor, you notice
Koffing and Zubat at the job board! They remember stealing the relic fragment
and tell your partner that he's not cut out for the job. Next, Koffing says:
"I can smell him coming now!" If you can't think of any smelly pokemon, think
skunk. He wants you out of the way so he blasts you with a cloud of noxious
gas. Skuntank learns of the expedition and leaves. You'll be seeing a lot of
Team Skull pretty soon. But anyway, you need to take some jobs. I can't help
so good luck! Take level C jobs, if possible. You need to be at least level 
15 in a little. 

   Next Morning
What happens the next day depends on how many jobs you take the first day.
Eventually, you get sentry duty. Loudred calls you over and Diglett says he 
has something important to do. Take my sentry duty today. Bye! Thanks for the
warning Diglett! But anyway, it's still easy. If you get a perfect score your 
prizes are: 300P, Defense Scarf, a Reviver Seed, and a Heal Seed.
   Next Morning 
Chatot tells everyone about your new allies! Say hello to Team...............
Skull! (Not them again!) Of course, everyone is offended by the stench. But
Chatot and Wigglytuff are unfazed (which means they don't smell a thing). 
There isn't much cheer in the Hooray today. Wigglytuff doesn't like it and
could very well destroy something. Everyone does a cheerful hooray and 
Wigglytuff calms down. What was that all about? Chatot tells you to take jobs
and chase outlaws. try to pick ones that take place in waterfall cave. You'll
be facing some really tough pokemon really soon. Take some jobs and try to
level up as much as possible. Remember back in Chapter 2 when I commented on
the empty plates? Well, Team Skull will fill those plates but only until the
expedition. Now, the Apple on Wigglytuff's head will come into play. You see 
Team Skull complaining how hungry they are. They decide to raid the pantry
and they must have emptied the whole thing.

   Next Morning
Usual cheer, but Chatot tells you to restock the pantry with perfect apples.
A Perfect Apple is the only thing Wigglytuff will eat. Chatot tries to say
what would happen if there were no perfect apples, but you will never know.
You ad your partner run off to Apple Woods while Team Skull listens in and
follows you.

          Apple Woods:
This dungeon has 12 floors, and 'Deep Apple Woods'. You will see grass 
pokemon and a few bug pokemon thrown in. Not good if you are a water pokemon.
You might see a Gloom who has an Acid attack which is bad if you are a grass
type. You can bring pokemon from the Assembly which can help. The pokemon 
are approximately level 11 so it's good for traing your pokemon. At the very
end you see a large tree. There are only 3 Perfect Apples and you try to get
only one. But Team Skull pops out from the tree. They say that they had a 
picnic of Perfect Apples. They most likely did eat some but thankfully, there
are still some left. Your partner suggests fighting them. Are you ready?!
Skuntank knocks down some Perfect Apples for you and says you could scoop 
some up and run back to the guild. Your partner doesn't trust them. Good
catch! They mutter something about a trap. Then Koffing and Skuntank give you
a dose of their noxious gas combo, which knocks you out. When you get up,
you notice the Apples are gone and Zubat was left behind. He runs off to 
catch up and you leave empty handed (or... whatever you call your feet).

          The Guild:
Chatot is (of course) not happy.  he doesn't even let you explain what 
happened. He tells you to not eat dinner as punishment. Notice that the ever
present Wigglytuff is not there. I still can't believe that Team Skull is 
eating! They feasted on Perfect Apples all day, plus, they ate more last 
night! Chatot tries to tell Wigglytuff that you didn't succeed but he says 
that everyone fails. "So, where are the other Perfect Apples?" 
Wow. What a dumb pokemon. When it finally gets to his brain, he starts to cry,
and the whole place starts to shake. Team Skull comes in and delivers one 
Perfect Apple. What suck-ups! You probably won't go on the expedition all 
because of Team Skull. You got to hate them by now. You see them plotting 
about the expedition and how Wigglytuff is a big baby (which seems true to 
me). You and your partner go to bed for the night feeling incredibly hungry.
   Next Morning
Chatot announces that members for the expedition will be chosen in a few 
days' time. You really have no hope of going. Chatot even says so (see 
why he's so annoying?!?!). He doesn't even know what Wigglytuff is thinking!
 Chimecho, Sunflora, and Bidoof lead you to your room and give each of you 
an Apple that they saved from dinner. They give you a pep talk about working 
hard. I'm...pretty...emotional.....so...Waaaaaaaahhhhh! *sob *sob*...Waaah!
*sob* *ahem* *sniffle* *sniffle* I'm so *sniff* sorry. I'll try to control 
myself next time. Well, it's back to work! Keep an eye out for Reviver Seeds.
 The expdedition is coming up and it's dungeon after dungeon ater dungeon. 
Reviver Seeds will be extremely important. Good luck on your missions! Try to
get to level 15 if possible.
   Next Morning
After a few missions, Chatot assigns you sentry duty. Easy enough. If you get
a perfect score your prizes will be: 400 P, a Pecha Scarf, a Reviver Seed, 
and a Max Elixir.

   Next Morning
More jobs! As I said earlier, try to get as many Reviver Seeds as possible. 
Good luck! Soon, Chatot will interrupt dinner and everyone is annoyed. Once 
Chatot says "The Guildmaster has made his final decisions on the expedition",
everyone gets very excited and forgets about dinner. After the brief 
announcement, Chatot say: "On your marks..." Everyone:"Let's eat!" Your 
partner is very excited but is still hopeful. Don't get your hopes up. You 
see Grovyle going after a second time gear! He says that he needs three more!
What could he be planning?

   Next Morning
Chatot is going to announce the members!!!! The first member: Loudred! 
Next:  Corphish! The next member: Bidoof! Next: Sunflora and Chimecho! 
Chatot says that those are all of the members... Too bad. You didn't make it.
Chatot notices some scribbles in the margins. The others are: Diglett, 
Dugtrio, and Groagunk. Along with you and your partner!!!! Wait a minute....
that's the whole guild! Wigglytuff says that it would be more fun with 
everyone. Ohhhhh Kaaay. Wigglytuff is so weird. But, anyway, get all of your 
Reviver Seeds out of storage, and try to buy any if possible. Chatot tells 
everyone that you will be exploring Fogbound Lake. You are going to cross 
four mystery dungeons to get there. Believe me, it might be a little 
difficult. You will be stuck with Bidoof for the trip. When Chatot says that 
he will be with Wigglytuff, he complains that "it's going to be so boring!"
He even calls Chatot a meanie. Go out to the market and buy supplies. If they
have any Vile Seeds or you have one in storage, get it! Don't use it in any
dungeons either! Trust me. It will be very useful at the next boss battle!

     1.0307 Chapter 7 The Guild's Big Exploration----------------------------

You decide on a sea route and Bidoof tells you about Kangaskhan Rocks. They 
are very useful and will appear very often after this. Although you are 
supposed to be able to stow or take items, generally, that isn't so. Your 
partner notices that there are two entrances. Pick the one named Craggy Coast
The other one just leads in a loop. It's probably good for training.
Side Path has 5 floors and Craggy Coast has 9. At the next spot, you rest.

   Next Morning
You actually are not woken up by Loudred! Of course, you have another choice.
Rock Path has 5 floors and goes in a loop. Mt. Horn has 14 floors. Do your 

    1.0308 Chapter 8 Groudon's Heart-----------------------------------------

You finally made it to camp! Chatot, of course, scolds you for being late. 
You have this weird feeling that you were here before. Weird huh? Well, 
Chatot briefs you about the area and asks you to try to lift the fog or find
Fogbound Lake. At the entrance, there are two dungeons: Foggy Forest, or 
Forest Path. As you start to walk in, your partner notices a strange rock. He
picks it up and then walks on. It's going to be very important later. Forest
Path has 5 floors and goes in a loop. Foggy Forest has 11 floors and will end
near a statue of Groudon. Your partner notices something inscribed on the 
side of the statue which turns out to be a puzzle. You touch the statue and
hear voices that say something about the drought stone (which is what your 
partner picked up). You place it in the statue and the fog disappears! You 
see a lake on top of a precarious plateau. As  you are about to go to 
Fogbound Lake, Team Skull walks in and is about to knock you unconscious. 
Then, you see an Apple roll in. Then, Wigglytuff runs in. He stops Team Skull
from knocking you out and sends you to explore. Team Skull is about to 
unleash the noxious gas combo when the next chapter starts!

     1.0309 Chapter 9 The Mystery of Fogbound Lake---------------------------

You find yourself in front of another cave. Of course, it's a mystery dungeon
called Steam Cave. Soon, the screen goes back to Wigglytuff. He thinks that
Skuntank is trying to make him laugh and makes weird faces back. WOW. Then,
he gets hit with the gas combo. But you don't get to see what happens. 
On to Steam Cave! It has 8 floors in the beginning and then, there is a break
that separates it from Upper Steam Cave. While there, you hear a faint roar.
It belongs to a very powerful pokemon that you must fight. On to the next
dungeon! It has 7 floors and pretty powerful pokemon. At the peak, you hear
another roar (the sound will be used a bunch more times). Then, you switch
back to the Groudon Statue. The rest of the guild hears a roar and dashes to
catch up to you. Diglett says he heard something but Dugtrio says it was
nothing. The camera pans across and you see Team Skull laying down, hurt.
This isn't the last of them... yet. Back at the peak, you see Groudon! He 
says that you are intruders and will not leave alive! Time to fight!!!

Boss Battle: Groudon

Groudon is extremely tough, like you would expect him to be. He will use a 
move called Bulk Up that increases his strength, and defense. Another move,
Ancient Power, that does the same thing and damages you!! I hope you packed
lots of Reviver Seeds! If you don't already know, you cannot use any orbs in
boss battles. You seriously need lots of luck to beat him. Once you do, 
Groudon just, disappears! Another pokemon says that he was just an illusion.
Your partner says that you are just looking for information and the guardian
believes you. It appears and it is named Uxie. He leads you to the lake
and it is very beautiful! Unfortunately, Uxie does not recognize you. Oh well
Wigglytuff comes in and is as crazy as ever. The guild soon arrives, sees 
Groudon and acts like scared kittens. Wigglytuff promises not to tell 
anyone about Fogbound Lake and it's back to the guild!

     1.0310 Chapter 10 Dusknoir----------------------------------------------

          The Guild:
Yay! It's back to the usual routine! Soon, Diglett can't identify a footprint
who turns out to be Dusknoir! A world-famous explorer!! He says he will be
staying in Treasure Town for a while.  He leaves, and it's back to the boards
Good luck! At night, you see Team Skull is back! They start to plot how to
take revenge on you and your team.

   Next Morning
Chatot asks you to go to the market and see if they plan to stock Perfect
Apples. When you get to the market, you notice that Dusknoir is there! He is
just chatting with GK and no, they don't plan on stocking the Apples. Marill
and Azurill rush by saying that someone saw a Water Float on the beach. Zubat
and Koffing hear this and rush off to tell Skuntank. Well, it's time to take
a job! That night, before dinner, Chatot says that another Time Gear was 
stolen! Then, before you go to bed, the story takes you back to Fogbound Lake
where Uxie says the Time Gear was stolen!! He thinks you leaked the story.

   Next Morning
Loudred says that you have some visitors! They turn out to be Azurill and
Marill! They say that they found a note. Your partner reads it and it says
that the Water Float is in Amp Plains! Stock up on Reviver Seeds if possible,
and try to get non-water partners. You can take other pokemon from the
assembly if you want. Good luck!

          Amp Plains:
Obviously it has many electric pokemon. If you can, try to recruit some. But,
have an extra slot handy. They are around level 17 and you should be too. If
you recruit one pokemon, get rid of the other. By get rid of I mean send back
home. After 10 floors, you reach a save point. Then, on to Far Amp Plains!
Meanwhile, Dusknoir learns that you went to Amp Plains. He says that you are
in grave danger! You will see why in a few minutes. He rushes off to save 
you. What a noble pokemon! Anyway, Far Amp Plains has 9 floors. The pokemon
are slightly tougher but it shouldn't be a problem. I also wouldn't put it
past the game to put you in a monster house as your start point. After the 
9 floors, you come to Amp Clearing. You spot the Water Float and start to go
for it when a voice tells you to go away (no it's not Team Skull). It is 
actually, Luxray. He and the Luxio tribe think that you are trespassing.
There are 8 Luxio and 1 Luxray. Time to fight!!!!

Boss Battle: Luxray and the Luxio Tribe

This is a little tough if you are a water pokemon or if you are at a low 
level or if you don't have any other pokemon with you. Focus first on the 
Luxio and then deal with Luxray. You could put him to sleep or stun him. It 
doesn't matter what you do, just put him out temporarily. After you defeat
the tribe, Luxray prepares to attack with a huge bolt of electricity. 
Thankfully, Dusknoir stops it just in time. He explains that you are here to
retrieve an item and the Luxio tribe lets you get it. Once you get it, 
Dusknoir gets Team Skull to step out of the shadows. They flee in terror from
Dusknoir and go who knows where.

          Treasure Town:
You give back the Water Float and of course the brothers are very happy. Your
partner tells KG and KP how you saw Azurill being chased in a dream. Dusknoir
knows what you have and it's called The Dimensional Scream. Your partner
wants to ask Dusknoir about your past and you appear on the beach. You tell
Dusknoir that you were a human before. Soon, you tell him your name. Notice
the strange expression on his face. He says he will help you find out how you
became a pokemon. What a great pokemon!! If only everyone was like that. Soon
Bidoof comes running and tells you to go to the guild. What could be wrong?