Question from Super666spawn

How did recruit a pokemon??

I dont how 2 plaese help me??/


OgreGunner answered:

The game tells you how after like chapter 4 I think.
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gamesmaster1990 answered:

Defeat the pokemon and it MAY ask to join your team. easy as that.
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superslash911 answered:

Before you explore Waterfall Cave , Chimeco will give you this ability, you have a small chance depending on the circumstance.
For the circumstances read some FAQS
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Alt_091798 answered:

When Chimeco tells you that you have the power to recruit pokemon...well enter this wondermail code (@QYP SJ@- N-J% TH6= 4-SK 32CR) you should have no problrm recruiting (YAY!!!). Hope it helps :-)
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Tempe54 answered:

When Chimecho opens her assembly, you can then recruit Pokemon. They won't always join you, though. You defeat a Pokemon in a dungeon, and it might ask to join you. Also, sometimes, a new member of your team can be the reward of a mission. Hope this helps! :D
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Raggroll answered:

Chimecho tells you when, and if you know the code for the golden mask it makes it slightly easy to get pokemon.
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