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Whats after the Hyper Rank???

I'm dieing to know because you have to go through like 56,000 more points till i get to the next one so does anyone know whats the next rank?!?!?!?!

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Kadabra025 answered:

After Hyper Rank is Master Rank the highest of all Ranks. It lets you hold 1,000 items in storage.
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sw08 answered:

It's Master Rank.
Nothing special.
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andibad answered:

Master Rank . you can save item 1000 item in You store.
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EeveeSkitty answered:

Master rank. It is the ULTIMATE RANK OF AWESOMENESS : )

But you only get more storage space. But to me that's priceless, I HATE not storing practically everything I find in dungeons, I did it in PMD1, the only item I EVER took to dungeons are Tight Belt and things like keys if you need them.
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andibad answered:

Master rank. Can unlock some exclusive pokemon in dark or time version but not all yet. For mewtwo and celebi this pokemon original exclusive!. But you must get all legendaries pokemon.
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