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Action Replay help---items cheat?

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time, I found a cheat where you can get any item you want. I already have that, but once you start the game with the item selected to use, how do you actually use it in the game. You know, like pressing a certain button for the code to work???

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Although I'm 100% sure what it was called, the code itself was something like this:
121acca2 00000101
121acca6 00000XXX
121acca8 00000XXX

The XXX's are hex numbers and you fill them in with certain numbers and letters that will act as a certain item. When you activate the code you get the item in the game. I know for sure that that is what the code was and the XXX's are called hex numbers. The list of items to choose from was REALLY LONG. Hope that understands it a little better.

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I got it from
I'd paste the website on here but its too long to let me do it.

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I'm only going to add one more thing---weather for this question or just for anyone who wants these cheats, go to google and type in:
pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time cheats item hex
its the one at the top and in the link, its the 8th one down.

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That depends on what cheat you use.
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