Question from gamewiz1412

How much HP does Palkia have, and What level is it?

I Just want to know.

PokemonRanger14 asked for clarification:

Are you asking this because you want to recruit him, or are you fighting him?

andibad asked for clarification:

Sorry i now remmember ! no lv 48 but lv 46/4x same lv dialga.

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creamofjustice answered:

lv 48 700 <Exactly calculated thanks to Mudkips endeavor>
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andibad answered:

Hmmm .... lv 48 (i not remmeber, lv4x . hp (boss) is 800 (i see some faq and site)/760 (is my calculate) /higher ( i don't know this information true?) . But it easy with you higher hp and lv.).

But palkia is very hard to defeat because palkia move can defeat you and you partner. Palkia is type dragon, i mean can easy defeat palkia with partner dragon,but no works.

Because now no playing this game and now playing game pokemon platinum, he he i first playing it.
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