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What is a wonder gummy?

I heard of it but never seen it.

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foxxieluv answered:

Yes Jim is right, but it increases the users IQ even more than a gummy of the same type as the user (ex: normal pokemon eats white gummy) It also has a chance a stat increase by three. Eating a gummy like in the example will have your IQ go up by 5. Eating a wonder gummy causes the IQ to go up by 15! The wonder gummy also fills your belly similar to that of a regular apple [50 points]. Wonder gummis do not have a apecific type and can be eaten my any and have the same effects on IQ and belly. Hope this helped!! :D--foxxieluv
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JimJam0797 answered:

The Wonder Gummi is the rarest and best of all the Gummis. It best boosts Every Single Typed Pokemon
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