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Will this game out in english version?

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No one knows

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You don't waiting for english version, 'cause Nexon declare they never make it in english.
but I hope someone launch patch in english version.

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There is a some group start to making english patch

Put on google this to see progress link maplestory-ds-english-translation-project

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It is now a possibility due to the large fan base in north america. they will probably in 6-12 months

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there is no english version. some ppl may be making a patch, and the newest ones ive seen patch for only stuff like "The game has been saved" and some NPC names.
there will probably never be an official english version, and a full patch will take years to complete

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It will not come out in English, but if you have an R4 you can download a clean Korean rom, and patch it with an English Translation. At the moment, there is one which has translated some quite important things, but hasn't quite finished the story yet.

It has a lot of details on the upcoming translation patch.

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