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                -- G Y A K U T E N  S A I B A N  3 --
           _                  _                  _      _   _   
      _ __| |_  ___  ___ _ _ (_)_ __ __ __ ___ _(_)__ _| |_| |_ 
     | '_ \ ' \/ _ \/ -_) ' \| \ \ / \ V  V / '_| / _` | ' \  _|
     | .__/_||_\___/\___|_||_|_/_\_\  \_/\_/|_| |_\__, |_||_\__|
     |_|                                          |___/         

            -- T R I A L S  &  T R I B U L A T I O N S --

   Gyakuten Saiban 3/ Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (DS)
                       FAQ/ WALKTHROUGH v. 1.05
                             By: neeker


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1. Contact Information
2. Introduction
3. Characters

4. Episode 1: Turnabout Memories                            [ PW3401 ]

   - Background                                             [ PW3402 ]

   - Part 1-1: Trial                                        [ PW3403 ]
     Phoenix: The Victim and I                              [ PW3404 ]
     Phoenix: What really Happened                          [ PW3405 ]
     Phoenix: When I pushed the Victim                      [ PW3406 ]

   - Part 1-2: Trial                                        [ PW3407 ]
     Dahlia: What I witnessed                               [ PW3408 ]
     Dahlia: What I witnessed, Part 2                       [ PW3409 ]
     Dahlia: How I met my Feenie                            [ PW3410 ]
     Dahlia: The Poisoning                                  [ PW3411 ]

5. Episode 2: The Stolen Turnabout                          [ PW3501 ]

   - Background                                             [ PW3502 ]

   - Part 1: Investigation                                  [ PW3503 ]
     Luke Atmey's Psyche-Lock: DeMasque's M.O.              [ PW3504 ]

   - Part 2: Trial                                          [ PW3505 ]
     Gumshoe: Mask*DeMasque's Crimes                        [ PW3506 ]
     Atmey: What I witnessed                                [ PW3507 ]
     Atmey: Fight with the Thief                            [ PW3508 ]
     Ron: Mask*DeMasque's Identity                          [ PW3509 ]

   - Part 3: Investigation                                  [ PW3510 ]
     Larry Butz's Psyche-Lock: The night of the Crime       [ PW3511 ]
     Adrian Andrews's Psyche-Lock: Sacred Urn               [ PW3512 ]

   - Part 4-1: Trial                                        [ PW3513 ]
     Ron: My visit to KB Security                           [ PW3514 ]
     Ron: At the CEO's Office                               [ PW3515 ]

   - Part 4-2: Trial                                        [ PW3516 ]
     Atmey: The Alibi                                       [ PW3517 ]
     Atmey: The Sacred Urn Heist                            [ PW3518 ]
     Atmey: Motive for Murder                               [ PW3519 ]
     Atmey: The Last Testimony                              [ PW3520 ]

6. Episode 3: Recipe for Turnabout                          [ PW3601 ]

   - Background                                             [ PW3602 ]

   - Part 1: Investigation                                  [ PW3603 ]
     Old Man's Psyche-Lock: Tres Bien Regular               [ PW3604 ]
     Jean Armstrong's Psyche-Lock: Maggey's Motive          [ PW3605 ]

   - Part 2: Trial                                          [ PW3606 ]
     Gumshoe: The Incident                                  [ PW3607 ]
     Gumshoe: The Investigation                             [ PW3608 ]
     Victor: What I witnessed                               [ PW3609 ]
     Victor: About the victim                               [ PW3610 ]
     Victor: Left hand or right hand                        [ PW3611 ]
     Victor: The Final Showdown                             [ PW3612 ]

   - Part 3: Investigation                                  [ PW3613 ]
     Dick Gumshoe's Psyche-Lock: The Radio                  [ Pw3614 ]
     Lisa Basil's Psyche-Lock: Glen's Troubles              [ Pw3615 ]
     Viola Cadaverini's Psyche-Lock: The Head Bandage       [ Pw3616 ]

   - Part 4-1: Trial                                        [ PW3617 ]
     Armstrong: At Tres Bien                                [ PW3618 ]
     Armstrong: The Mirror                                  [ PW3619 ]
     Armstrong: In the Restaurant                           [ PW3620 ]
     Armstrong: The Confession                              [ PW3621 ]

   - Part 4-2: Trial                                        [ PW3622 ]
     Tigre: The Tiger's Alibi                               [ PW3623 ]
     Tigre: The Victim, Glen Elg                            [ PW3624 ]
     Tigre: At Tres Bien                                    [ PW3625 ]
     Tigre: Ties to the Victim                              [ PW3626 ]

7. Episode 4: Turnabout Beginnings                          [ PW3701 ]

   - Background                                             [ PW3702 ]

   - Part 1-1: Trial                                        [ PW3703 ]
     Gumshoe: Summary of the Incident                       [ PW3704 ]
     Gumshoe: Events on Dusky Bridge                        [ PW3705 ]
     Melissa: The Witness's Photograph                      [ PW3706 ]
     Melissa: Running from the Crime                        [ PW3707 ]

   - Part 1-2: Trial                                        [ PW3708 ]
     Melissa: Melissa Foster's History                      [ PW3709 ]
     Dahlia: Five Years Ago                                 [ PW3710 ]
     Fawles: Who Terry Fawles saw                           [ PW3711 ]

8. Episode 5: BRIDGE TO THE TURNABOUT                       [ PW3801 ]

   - Background                                             [ PW3802 ]

   - Part 1-1: Investigation                                [ PW3803 ]

   - Part 1-2: Investigation                                [ PW3804 ]
     Iris's Psyche-Lock: Frightened?                        [ PW3805 ]
     Larry Butz's Psyche-Lock: The night of the crime       [ PW3806 ]

   - Part 2-1: Trial                                        [ PW3807 ]
     Bikini: The Night of the Murder                        [ PW3808 ]
     Bikini: After my Bath                                  [ PW3809 ]
     Bikini: Further Details                                [ PW3810 ]
     Bikini: Location of the Weapon                         [ PW3811 ]

   - Part 2-2: Trial                                        [ PW3812 ]
     Larry: What I saw                                      [ PW3813 ]
     Larry: What I saw, Part 2                              [ PW3814 ]
     Larry: The Missing 15 Minutes                          [ PW3815 ]
     Larry: Proof that Iris flew!                           [ PW3816 ]

   - Part 3-1: Investigation                                [ PW3817 ]
     Bikini's Psyche-Lock: Elise Deauxnim                   [ PW3818 ]

   - Part 3-2: Investigation                                [ PW3819 ]
     Iris's Psyche-Lock: The Night of the Crime             [ PW3820 ]
     Pearl Fey's Psyche-Lock: The Night of the Crime        [ PW3821 ]

   - Part 4-1: Trial                                        [ PW3822 ]
     Iris: The Real Murderer                                [ PW3823 ]
     Iris: The Battle                                       [ PW3824 ]
     Iris: Sister Iris's Cover-Up                           [ PW3825 ]
     Iris: Moving the Body                                  [ PW3826 ]

   - Part 4-2: Trial                                        [ PW3827 ]
     Dahlia: The Plan                                       [ PW3828 ]

   - Part 4-3: Trial                                        [ PW3829 ]
     Maya: At the Inner Temple                              [ PW3830 ]
     Maya: The Killer                                       [ PW3831 ]
     Maya: After the Incident                               [ PW3832 ]
     Maya: The time of the Murder                           [ PW3833 ]

9. Conclusion

Appendix 1: Version history
Appendix 2: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix 3: Credits 


Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
username "neeker". Feedback for this document can be directed to 
lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other 
works here:



Hi, I'm back again with my third FAQ/ Walkthrough for the Gyakuten 
Saiban series. My previous works for the previous games in the series 
have won me consecutive awards, so I feel compelled to "complete the 

Gyakuten Saiban 3 (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations) 
is the final instalment of a series of courtroom drama featuring 
Phoenix Wright as the key character. I'd strongly suggest you play the 
previous games to get a hang of how things will proceed. Logic doesn't 
necessarily make any sense in the game, so you should throw that out 
of the window. Nevertheless, it's still a compelling game that I'd 
rate as the best adventure game series I've ever played.

Meanwhile, since the gameplay here is similar to its previous two 
instalments, I'll not repeat the "controls" and "getting started" info 
that I included in my previous walkthroughs. Feel free to artifically 
inflate their hits if you really need to find out how to play the 
game. I'll still include a "characters" section to describe some of 
the regular casts though. 

Also, when reading my previous two guides, I find them to be a little 
long-winded at times. So, I'll try to be less descriptive this time 
round, without sacrificing on pinpointing the solutions to you in an 
organized manner.

Last but not least, I must say that the music in this game is so much 
better than the previous game. I love it.


These are the key personnel who appear in this game. Some are familiar 
faces, some are not. One of them even has relations to an old nemesis. 
You've been warned.

Phoenix is the hero of this game (and the previous ones). The once 
rookie defense attorney has risen from the ashes to become one of the 
best in the business. During the events in the final case of the last 
game, he has also learnt the true virtues of being a lawyer. Good 
stuff, this guy.

Edgeworth is Phoenix's childhood friend... and arch-rival. Traumatised 
by a childhood incident, Edgeworth betrayed his dream of becoming a 
defense attorney, and became a prosecutor instead. He's known to be 
willing to "do everything just to get a guilty sentence for the 
defendant". Ever since his self-imposed exile, he has returned a 
stronger person. Tends to help Phoenix in court nowadays, even though 
they may be on opposing sides. In this game, you even get to play as 
him - all fanboys (and girls) rejoice.

Mia was Phoenix's mentor, and a real looker too. Unfortunately, 
she was brutally murdered in the first game. Her strong spiritual 
strengths, however, tend to manifest through her sister, Maya, and 
at times, her cousin, Pearl. Her "presence" has helped turn the tide 
for Phoenix on many occasions. In this game, you'll actually get to 
play as her.

Forever Phoenix's sidekick, a cosplayer's wet dream. Maya's is Mia's 
younger sister, and her training as a spiritual medium seems to be 
bearing much fruits as time passes. Has a habit of getting herself 
involved in murder cases as well, especially as the accused.

The Fey family has a knack of producing mediums, and Pearl is one of 
its "products". Pearl is Maya's cousin, and with her strengths in the 
mystical, she will eventually grant Phoenix the power to peep into the 
dark secrets of the various witnesses. In a case of power struggle to 
dispose Maya as the official heir of the Fey family, Pearl's mother, 
Morgan, was arrested for her hand in a brutal murder. 

No one knows his name, but this funny old man continues to rule the 
courts with an alarming degree of clueless-ness - the usually 
righteous Judge is sometimes swayed by pretty female witnesses and 
nasty prosecutors. His favorite past time is pounding his gravel.

Detective Gumshoe is a long-serving police officer who, despite his 
lack of detective skills, makes up with diligence and loyalty. He 
has proven to be a valuable ally to Phoenix in the past. He has an 
unexplainable fondness of Edgeworth though.

Popularly known as the "Rookie Crusher", Payne returns to the universe 
to take on Mia in this game. The case also details the origins of how 
he lost his hair.

Grossberg is Mia's mentor. He's a vastly experienced defense attorney.

Dahlia was Phoenix's girlfriend from five years ago. She's also one 
of the most cunning criminals you'll ever faced in the series. In 
fact, she's quite possibly the female version of the devil. 

Another of Phoenix's childhood friends. Larry is a rather shady figure 
who happens to have the hots for all beautiful women. There's a saying 
among his circle of friends that if something smells, it must be the 
Butz. Yeah, that's Larry for you.

Godot is a new enemy in court... or is he? The prosecutor who wears 
a visor certainly has a mysterious background. He's also hopelessly 
addicted to coffee. I recommend Nescafe.

Franziska is a talented prosecutor, who handles cases from the tender 
age of 13. She's not exactly a fan of Phoenix, since he destroyed her 
father's career by solving a 15-year-old murder that he committed in 
the first game. Despite her obvious talents, she has found it hard to 
get the better of Phoenix. 


4. EPISODE 1: TURNABOUT MEMORIES                            [ PW3401 ]

BACKGROUND                                                  [ PW3402 ]
This is a case from five years ago. You'll get to control Mia Fey, the 
rookie attorney here. Watch the intro as two men were arguing about a 
girl. Soon, one is found dead. It's only logical that this other dude 
is rounded up as a suspect... and he's none other than a very young 
Phoenix Wright.

And so begins your adventure.

PART 1-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW3403 ]
Date: 4/11
Time: 9:40am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Click through the conversations with Marvin Grossberg to find out more 
about the background of the case, as well as your previous outing in 
court. You've lost the last one, but you're determined to win this 
time round. During this initial discussion, you'll also come face-to-
face with Phoenix. Ok, not exactly face-to-face, since he's wearing a 
mask, apparently nursing a bout of flu. Amidst his vehement coughing, 
you'll find out that the victim is Doug Swallow, who's a fourth-year
student at Ivy University.

At this point in time, you may want to check out the court record for 
more information about the case. Pay particular attention to Doug's 
Autopsy Report, which says:

Date and time of death: 4/9, 3pm
Cause of death: Fatal electric shock

Also take note of this person called Dahlia Hawthorne in the profiles. 
She's Phoenix's girlfriend, but she has been dating the victim up 
until eight months ago.

Date: 4/11
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

Go through the conversations with the good old judge, until prosecutor 
Winston Payne (pre-balding version) is introduced. Payne will provide 
a short summary of the events, followed by a crime scene photo. This 
shows Doug lying face down with a broken umbrella next to him. Payne 
further adds that the body was discovered by some students in the 
university shortly after the murder. Phoenix was also seen trying to 
run away from the scene.

Crime Photo 1 acquired.

Continue with the discussions, and the gentlemenly Payne will ask you 
to explain the cause of death. Well, if you've read the autopsy report 
earlier, this should be no problem. 

Select "Electrocution" to proceed.

Payne continues with the motive of the crime. Apparently, there was 
some bad blood between Doug and Phoenix. He'll soon ask you to explain 
the source of this bad blood to the court.

Present Dahlia's profile to continue. 

Carry on with the conversations here until Payne summons Phoenix to 
the stands.

PHOENIX'S TESTIMONY: THE VICTIM AND I                       [ PW3404 ]
Phoenix's testimony are as follow. Take note of the numbers beside 
each sentence. I'll refer to these numbers to explain the solutions 
during the cross-examination parts of the game.

1:   "Um, I... I admit I was there..."

2:   "But I'm not a killer! All I did was find his body!"

3:   "I hardly knew the guy to begin with..."

4:   "I never even talked to that stuck-up British wannabe!"

There's an obvious lie in Phoenix's testimony, and I hope you noticed 
it. At 3, press and Phoenix will tell you what he does know about 
the victim. At 4, press further - if he doesn't know Doug that well, 
he wouldn't have know that he's a "British wannabe".

The judge will now request Phoenix to add the following to his 

5:   "He was always walking around with a huge Union Jack on the back 
      of his shirt."

If you don't present anything here, Grossberg will ask whether you 
need further help. Select "I'll handle this on my own" to proceed.

Now, return to 5, and present Crime Photo 1. On the photo, there was 
nothing on the back of Doug's shirt. Shocked, Phoenix immediately 
explains that Doug was wearing a leather jacket, and the Union Jack 
logo is actually on the back of his t-shirt instead. 

Well, if he did accidentally come across the body, he wouldn't have 
gone as far as noticing what Doug was wearing under the jacket, would 

As the court goes into its usual commotion, Payne continues his attack 
by bringing your attention to the medicine that Phoenix has been 
taking for his cold - an over-the-counter brand called "Coldkiller X".
Apparently, Phoenix is a big fan of the brand. 

When asked about the location of the medicine, Phoenix replies that he 
has lost it somewhere. Now, guess what was found at the crime scene? 
Payne reveals another photo, one which shows Doug holding a bottle of 
"Coldkiller X" with his left hand. Not surprisingly, this bottle of 
anti-histamine has Phoenix's fingerprints all over it.

Take note of the watch that Doug was wearing as well, as both Crime 
Photo 2 and "Coldkiller X" are acquired.

Payne further explains that Doug's watch ceased to function when a 
large wave of electricity passed through it. He'll then ask Phoenix 
for an explanation to this occurence. Ignore Grossberg's buttocks and 
quickly proceed to the next testimony.

1:   "The truth is... I went because he called me."

2:   "He was in the Pharmacology Dept., so we agreed to meet at 2:45 
      behind that building."

3:   "We talked for a bit, and then at around 3:00, we split up."

4:   "Then later when I went back, I found him lying there."

5:   "I'd been taking Coldkiller X for the last 2 or 3 days..."

6:   "But I lost my bottle of it around lunchtime on the day of the 

At 2, press and ask whether it was Doug who proposed the meeting time. 
The answer was positive. The judge will then ask about Doug's role in 
the pharmacology (damn, this word is hard to spell) department. It 
seems that he was studying how to produce and improve pharmaceuticals, 
and was in possession of strange machines that run on high-voltage 

Soon, you'll a chance to press further. Select "about Pharmacology 
Dept." to proceed.

This reveals that to run those higher than standard voltage for the 
machines, high-voltage cables are planted all above and around the 
building, supported by electrical poles. 

Next, press at 6. Phoenix replies that he had lunch with Dahlia. The 
contents of the lunch aren't exactly important, so you can ignore them. 
The judge will soon intervene though. He doesn't believe in Phoenix, 
and you'll only have one chance to get away from this. 

Select "Establish murder method" to proceed.

Now, present Crime Photo 1, which captures the murder method rather 
clearly. Notice the severed electric cable that has a spark that's 
just slightly above the body? Point to it, and present it to the court. 
I don't think this requires any explanation...

... until Payne suggests that the only person with the opportunity to 
use the severed cable for murder would be Phoenix. 


Payne then presents his next evidence - Phoenix's fingerprints were 
found not only on the bottle of "Coldkiller X", but on Doug's leather 
jacket. In fact, his entire palm print was found on the jacket! What 
the hell!

Everything looks doom and gloom now. In fact, the judge is ready to 
pronounce the verdict right away. After some dramatic conversations, 
Phoenix finally agrees to tell the truth. 

Flashback to the intro, plus an additional scene of Phoenix pushing 
Doug. Phoenix then pleads for another chance to testify.

1:   "That guy... He was talking bad about Dollie..."

2:   "I lost my temper and gave him a shove!"

3:   "At that moment, I heard some kind of loud noise..."

4:   "A little while after I left, I started to get worried."

5:   "So I went back. But he-he was just just lying there, d-dead!"

This is your final chance. At 3, press to find out more about the 
loud noise. Phoenix isn't quite sure about what it was, so choose to 
"Ask for more details" to proceed. 

Phoenix then remembers then Doug dropped his umbrella when he was 
pushed. He fell on top of the umbrella, and it broke. This explains 
the presence of the loud noise. You'll now need to establish the 
relevance of this information. 

Choose "Of course it's important!" to proceed.

This will slot the following statement into Phoenix's testimony, between 
3 and 4. To make things easy, I'll just label it as 6:

6:   "After I shoved him, he... He fell down on top of his cheap 

At this point, you should present Crime Photo 1 again -  the body was 
nowhere near the umbrella. In fact, it was closer to a electrical pole 
than the umbrella. What does this imply? Well, could it be that, after 
Phoenix has left the scene, someone moved Doug from where he originally 
fell? If that was the case, Doug must still have been alive after he 
was pushed.

Meanwhile, Umbrella acquired.

Go through the next conversations now until Phoenix's Testimony is 
acquired as well.

Payne then unleashes his next weapon - a witness none other than  
Phoenix's girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne. Apparently, Dahlia was at the 
crime scene when the murder took place. With this, I can safely 
pronounce her the murderer... but you still have to prove it, yes?

The judge calls for a recess now, so you can finally take a break.

Date: 4/11
Time: 11:52am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Phoenix appears relaxed. Continue talking to him about Dahlia, and 
he'll tell you that he met her in this courthouse some eight months 
ago. He'll eventually show you a heart-shaped pendant with a bottle in 
the middle. He explains that this was a present from Dahlia.

Dahlia's Present added to Court Record.

As you go through the next conversations, Phoenix reveals something 
odd about Dahlia. After giving the pendant to him, she has, on a few 
occasions, asked that he returns it. Continue talking, and you'll 
present a newspaper clipping from 8/28 that details a murder in this 
very courthouse. The murder was comitted on 8/27, which, incidentally, 
was when Phoenix met Dahlia for the first time.

The reason as to why you decided to take on this case is now clear - 
you believe that there's some relationship between the courthouse 
murder and the case. Newspaper Clipping now added to the records.

I'd suggest you check out this clip now to find out more about the 
courthouse murder. It appears that a lawyer was murdered in the 
cafeteria, and a 19-year-old female college student was hauled up for 

Grossberg fears that the evidences that you've now are insufficient. 
He excuses himself to the reading room downstairs for more clues. This 
is when court resumes.

PART 1-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW3407 ]
Date: 4/11
Time: 12:13pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 2

If you've watched the Japanese TV drama "Fugoh Keiji" (Millionaire 
Detective, loosely translated), you may find Dahlia's taling style a 
little similar to Kyoko Fukada's character in the show. She seems 
intend to help her little "Feenie" (aargh!) though, so go through the 
initial conversations until she gives her first testimony. 

DAHLIA'S TESTIMONY: WHAT I WITNESSED                        [ PW3408 ]
1:   "I had been planning to go back to Feenie's place after class was 

2:   "Feenie and Dougie... They were talking behind the building."

3:   "Then suddenly... Dougie got all wobbly and just collapsed."

4:   "That's when Feenie noticed that I was there."

5:   "I went to go and find some other students and they called the 

As you prepare for the cross-examination, Dahlia comments that you 
haven't changed a bit. Looks like you're already met her before... 
perhaps during the courthouse murder case?

Anyway, let's proceed. At 3, press to get a confirmation on whether 
Doug simply collapse on his own. Dahlia insists that that's true. 
You should now select "Show contradiction" to counter her claims - 
Phoenix's palm print was found on Doug's jacket, which is proof that 
Phoenix did indeed push Doug during their conversation.

This will lead to a revision to Dahlia's testimony:

6:   "Um, actually, I didn't see the moment he pushed Dougie."

7:   "It didn't look like they were fighting, and I didn't hear any 
      noise either."

Well, at 7, present Phoenix's Testimony - it has been established that 
when he pushed Doug, he heard a loud noise. If Dahlia was really that 
close to the two of them, she'd have heard that noise as well.

Dahlia explains that she didn't hear anything as she was listening to 
music with her headphones at the time. You'll soon remember something 
in Dahlia's testimony that could change the course of this whole case. 

Select "There was lightning" to proceed - could it be that Doug 
actually died from behing hit by lightning? Meaning, could his death 
been entirely accidental?

Well, not exactly, according to Payne. He has done some research 
earlier, and it showed that there wasn't any lightning at the crime 
scene at the time of the event. The Crime Photo 1 also shows that an 
electrical cable is strongly linked to the case. In fact, he then 
presents an affidavit from the pharmacology students who were doing 
experiments in their labs that day.

The affidavit says that all equipment in the labs lost power all of a 
sudden at around 2:55pm that day. The blackout was obviously due to 
the electrical cable being severed. According to the students, the 
cables was already very old, and even a small bump would've caused them 
to break. As a result, it highly possible that Doug died as a result of 
contact with the severed cable. 

Students' Testimony acquired.

Continue on, and the judge will ask for your opinion about the cause
of the severed cable. Present Phoenix's profile now. If you look back 
at his testimony, he mentioned that he heard a loud noise after he 
pushed Doug. In other words, it's highly likely that the push was the 
main cause of the power outage.

You continue after Payne tries to interrupt. Showing Crime Photo 1, you 
explain that the broken umbrella was found by the electrical pole that's 
further away from the hanging cable. This proves that Doug actually 
bumped into that pole after being pushed, since he did land on the 
umbrella then. This impact caused the cable to break.

Question is, how did his body end up at the near pole? The conclusion 
is that someone other than Phoenix must have moved the body, and 
electrocuted Doug.

This eventually leads to Dahlia's next testimony.

1:   "The truth is... Feenie pushed him twice."

2:   "The first time was into the electrical pole. That's when the 
      cable broke."

3:   "Then Dougie tried his best to run away from him..."

4:   "But Feenie caught up and crashed into him from behind."

5:   "The cable snapping, and Dougie being electrocuted - it all 
      occured in less than a minute."

This should be easy... if you've been checking your evidences. At 5, 
present Crime Photo 2 - remember the watch that stopped at the time 
when Doug was electrocuted? Well, it shows 3:05pm. The students' 
testimony, however, stated that the power outage occured at around 
2:55pm. A 10-minute interval between the onset of the blackout and 
the time of electrocution? You suggest that someone must have arrived 
at the crime scene, and killed Doug during this interval.

You'll soon have to point the identity of this real murderer. Present 
Dahlia's profile when given the chance - it could only have been her, 
especially when she has so aptly claimed that she was at the scene.

Continue with the conversations until Grossberg returns from his 
sleuthing. He brings an important Police Report, which is quickly 
added to your Court Record.

Read the report to find out more about the courthouse murder. The 
victim of the case was Diego Armando, who happened to be your boy-
friend! The murder happened at 4:00pm on 8/27, in the courthouse 
cafeteria. While interviewing the suspect, Dahlia Hawthorne, Diego 
ingested poison. Traces of said poision were found on his coffee cup. 
However, no poison was found near or on the suspect. It's unclear how 
the poison entered Diego's cup.

Back to the present day, Dahlia denies your allegations. After some 
thoughts, you request for further testimony from her.

DAHLIA'S TESTIMONY: HOW I MET MY FEENIE                     [ PW3410 ]
1:   "I first met my darling Feenie eight months ago."

2:   "It's like we were destined to meet in this very courthouse's 
      basement reading room."

3:   "The moment our eyes met, my heart skipped a beat!"

4:   "We've been going out ever since that fateful day."

5:   "We're so lovey-wuvey we literally make people sick! It's just 
      jealousy, I think..."

Without further ado, press at 2 to find out why a literature student 
like Dahlia was doing in a courthouse reading room. Keep pressing when 
given the prompt. This will lead to a revised testimony:

6:   "I had come to this courthouse to do some research for a paper I 
      was writing."

Woohoo! Time to present the police report - Dahlia wasn't there to 
research, she was there to meet up with Diego. In other words, Dahlia 
was the prime suspect in a criminal case just eight months ago.

You've successfully tied both crimes together. Expect more lies from 
Dahlia now as she testifies about the courthouse murder case.

DAHLIA'S TESTIMONY: THE POISONING                           [ PW3411 ]
1:   "I met the lawyer who was poisoned to discuss something in the 
      cafeteria that day."

2:   "I left my seat for just a moment, and that's when it happened!"

3:   "From what I heard, it was a liquid poison that is lethal at just
      2 teaspoons."

4:   "Not only that, I heard it was a very special kind of poison."

5:   "So you see, I'm innocent! I wouldn't even know where to get a 
      poison like that!"

DAHLIA'S TESTIMONY: THE POISONING                           [ PW3411 ]
At 5, present Doug's profile - remember Dahlia was seeing Doug then? 
She could've easily gain access to poison from his lab to kill Diego. 
Now, for her to carry as much as 2 teaspoons of the poison, she'd need 
some sort of container. However, no container was found on her that 
day. You insist that she must have disposed the container, somehow.

The judge will now ask you for some evidence to show that Dahlia has 
indeed disposed the container. This should be easy. Simply present her 
present (heh) - there's a bottle in the middle of the pendant. This 
should be the "container" used for carrying the poison. It was the 
reason why she handed it over to Phoenix, while disguising it as a 
"symbol of love".

I'll leave it to you to read the following chunks of text, which 
explain Dahlia's evil plans. It's very much predictable, and shouldn't 
come as a surprise if you've been paying attention to the details of 
the case so far. You'll soon need to convince Phoenix that Dahlia 
wasn't in love with him at all. Select "because of that necklace" to 

The truth hurts, and Phoenix ends up running out of the courtroom 
while knocking you down in the process. As the bailiff goes after him, 
you find that the necklace has gone missing. It seems that Phoenix has 
stolen it from you as he slammed into you earlier.

The bailiff soon reinstalls Phoenix back to the defendant's seat. When 
asked about the necklace, he amazingly replies that he has eaten it by 
crunching the pendant into pieces with his teeth, duh!

You now demand the trial to be discontinued, out of concern for him. 
If he did eat the pendant as he so claimed, he could've been poisoned 
by any remaining traces of the poison housed earlier in the bottle. 
This is when Payne argues that since Phoenix looks ok, there must be 
no poison in the bottle.

It looks like your case will be thrown out for a lack of evidence, 
again. Phoenix then unveils another revelation - on that day that he 
met Doug, the latter revealed that someone has stolen a poison sample 
from his lab. Furthermore, a drug sample was also stolen about eight 
months ago. A certain "she" was at the lab on both occasions, so Doug 
could only suspect that she was the culprit of both thefts.

What follows from Phoenix is of extreme importance. After he pushed 
Doug, he got worried and returned to the scene. It was then that she 
found Dahlia crouching next to his body. She has specifically told him 
not to tell anyone about this though.

Continue with the conversations, and you'll raise a doubt about Doug's 
allegations. If Dahlia had stolen poison the day before Doug's death, 
who was she planning to kill? The judge then asks for the identity of 
her intended victim.

Present Phoenix's profile to proceed - she was planning to kill our 
beloved hero so as to retrieve the necklace!

More predictable explanations, so just read through them as Dahlia's 
evil nature continues to be revealed. Eventually, you'll be asked to 
provide a decisive evidence to convict Dahlia. Now, you only get one 
chance to get this right, or it's game over. It's time to present the 
killer evidence...

... "Coldkiller X"!

The bottle of medicine was lost when Phoenix was lunching with Dahlia. 
If she was planning to murder him, which better place to hide the 
poison than his medicine bottle?

You further explain that after pushing Doug, Phoenix left the scene. 
Dahlia, who was nearby, appeared with the bottle of poisoned medicine. 
Her plan was to kill Phoenix, but upon hearing Doug's accusation of 
her, she decided to silent the latter instead. She was faced with an 
immediate problem though. Phoenix returned to the scene soon, and some 
students began to show up due to the blackout. Dahlia was obviously 
concerned, since she was still holding the bottle of poison. So, in 
her haste, she planted it into Doug's hand.

This is more or less the end of Dahlia. Continue on, as you witness 
Dahlia turning into the Dark Phoenix. She finally admits defeat, but 
warns that she'll meet you again. This is the seed for another case in 
this game, but we'll come to that later. 

During the aftermath of Dahlia's conviction, Payne loses his beloved 
hair. Ah, that explains. :)

Date: 4/11
Time: 3:16pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3

Simply click through the conversations here. There're some references 
to a friend that Phoenix wanted to help, whom I think refers to 
Miles Edgeworth. There's also some discussions about what a lawyer 
really is, which is a tie-in to the theme of final case of Gyakuten 
Saiban 2. If you haven't play the earlier games, go play them to find 
out more about the above.

Eventually, you'll find that it was actually Phoenix who's recounting 
the story of how Mia saved him five years ago. Take note when he says 
that some forgotten memories are surfacing again - a picture of Dahlia 
accompanies this sentence.

Looks like you've not seen the last of her yet, no.

                                               TURNABOUT MEMORIES: END


5. EPISODE 2: THE STOLEN TURNABOUT                          [ PW3501 ]

BACKGROUND                                                  [ PW3502 ]
This case is based on a popular Japanese detective story phenomenon, 
that of a clever and cocky thief who continuously outwits those who're 
after him. Kaitou Kido from Detective Conan (ie. Case Closed) is one 
such example. It's no surprise, therefore, to find our good friend 
Detective Dick Gumshoe falling prey to the mysterious "Mask*DeMasque".
Damn, even the thief flying off into the night with the moon as a 
background looks suspiciously familiar. 

PART 1: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW3503 ]
Date: 10/11
Time: 3:24pm
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Back to the present day, you're lazing around (ok, cleaning the toilet) 
in your office as usual, while Maya tries to get your attention. Pearl 
makes an appearance as well, so that makes two spirit mediums in your 
office right now. 

Pearl shows you a poster. It seems like Kurain Village is having some 
sort of treasure exhibition. Remember the sacred urn from the previous 
game? Well, it's staring right at you now in the poster, what with the 
hastily glued back pieces showing no signs of falling apart.

Kurain Village is, of course, the hometown of the Feys. Pearl explains 
that the exhibition doesn't start until next week, but they managed to 
get some VIP passes to the preview show. Tonight.

Looks like you're going with them, yes? Go through the conversations 
as you painstakingly explain the origins of these two ladies... for 
the benefit of the newbies, and then add the Treasure Exhibit Poster 
to the Court Record.

You may also notice that the magatama is back in your inventory. Aargh, 
this means that the "Psyche-Lock" returns.

Date: 10/11
Time: 7:18pm
Location: Lordly Tailor, Main Exhibit Hall

Quite a view here, but nothing much to do at the moment. You can 
examine the area if you want for some nostalgia. The folding screen 
right in front may be familiar to you. You know, that was the one at 
the crime scene when Maya was accused of killing Dr. Turner Grey in 
the previous game.

You should go to the basement warehouse next.

Date: 10/11
Location: Lordly Tailor, Basement Warehouse

A familiar face greets you here, the very sexy Adrian Andrews! She 
was involved in the Nickel Samurai case from the previous game, and it 
seems that she has found a new job since. She's now in-charge of the 
promotion, planning and security for this treasure exhibit.

You can talk to her about "Adrian Andrews" and "Lordly Tailor". 
There's nothing really important here. If you want, you can also show
her the exhibit poster to Andrews for more conversation.

You should now examine this area. Of special note is the computer in 
the middle of the left side of the area. It looks like it's hooked up 
to the security camera above. This is to ensure that a photo is taken 
whenever someone goes in and out of the storeroom. Examine the camera 
as well, and Andrews confirms the photo-taking process.

On the right side, there's a golden statue in the middle. That's a 
statue of Ami Fey, the founder of the Kurain Channeling Technique. The 
statue is holding the Kurain Shichishito, a ceremonial sword that 
looks really creepy. 

Ami Fey's Golden Statue added to records.

Time for dinner.

Date: 10/12
Time: 10:09am
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Maya and Pearl turn on the TV, and a treasure heist is being reported. 
It appears that the renowned phantom thief, "Mask*DeMasque", has 
stolen the sacred urn! Talk to her about "Sacred Urn" to find out more 
about this piece of gem. If you're wondering why the word "AMI" has 
became " I AM" on the urn, however, look no further than the second 
case of the previous game.

Sacred Urn added to the Court Record.

Talk to Maya about "What to do" now, and you'll be tasked to find the 
guy who stole the urn. 

You can also talk about "Last year's incident" as well if you need the 
background to the Turner Grey murder from last year.

Time for some sleuthing at Lordly Tailor.

Date: 10/12
Location: Lordly Tailor, Main Exhibit Hall

The place looks similar to what it was yesterday, but when you try to 
proceed, another familiar figure greets you. Yes, as you may have 
expected, it's the rather clueless Detective Gumshoe again. 

Talk to him about "What happened", and he'll eventually tell you that 
the crime occured at around 1:30am this morning. An emergency phone 
call from a guard at the crime scene confirms the timing. The crime 
scene, however, isn't at this hall, but the basement warehouse. He 
also briefly mentions about the guard, who thinks that he's an 
"ace detective".

Ask about this "Ace Detective" then. Gumshoe replies that the thief 
"Mask*DeMasque" has already struck five times, but on his fourth 
heist, the said detective managed to recover the stolen treasure. The 
ace detective is now in the basement as well, so you should go there 
to meet up with his.

Before you go, however, talk to Gumshoe about "Mask*DeMasque". Seems 
like this dude is some kind of a master of diguise. He always sends a 
calling card before he steals something. 

This opens up a conversation about "Calling card", so ask about it as 
well. Gumshoe shows you the card, which bears Mask*DeMasque's signature 
emblem. It's the only way the police could tell whether the card is 

DeMasque's Calling Card acquired.

Examine this card now to see the message written by the thief to the 
security at Lordly Tailor.

Time to head down to the basement.

Date: 10/12
Location: Lordly Tailor, Basement Warehouse

Ace Detective Luke Atmey greets you at the basement. He seems to be 
able to tell your professions by simply looking at you (ha ha). Listen 
to his bunch of nonsense, until you can finally talk to him. Ask about 
"Ace Detective", and he'll explain that he's the arch-enemy of the 
notorious Mask*DeMasque. He also mentioned something about a "Portrait 
of Mejeena", which he recovered from the phantom thief. 

By the way, take note of the red jewel on his finger. This was the 
reward he received after he recovered the portrait.

Talk to him about "Mask*DeMasque" now. This will eventually open up 
a topic on "The night of the crime". Atmey explains the request for 
his services precedes the Mask's calling card. It appears that Andrews 
was just being cautious. Take note when Atmey says that he only 
operates alone - he was waiting for Mask*DeMasque alone last night as 

Atmey further explains that he hid in the warehouse and waited for the 
thief to arrive. However, no one came through the entrance. Amazingly, 
however, the sacred urn still disappeared. Something is not very right 

You should now examine the scene. However, you can't exactly do so now 
because Atmey refuses to grant you access. Present the calling card to 
him then - this should convince him of your ability, and so he leaves 
the scene. Thank God.

Check out the computer, and you'll find that the security camera only 
went off once last night, at about 1:00am. This Camera Data will be 
added to your Court Record.

Examine the Shichishito on the ground next. Pearl finds something 
strange about this, since this sword was originally placed in the hand 
of the golden statue last night. You also notice that the sword is now 
slightly bent. 

Shichishito acquired as evidence.

Now, search the wooden box to the left of the sword. Maya reveals that 
this was the box that used to house the sacred urn. Notice the pink 
spots of paint on the box.

Head towards the right side of this area, and check out the golden 
statue. Pearl notices that the statue has been moved to the right from 
where it originally was. This new information will be appended in the 
court record.

Check out the pink splash of paint now. The paint has dried up, and it 
seems that it has been a few days since it was spilt. You also notice 
that there's some kind of shape left in the bottom left side of the 

It's time to return to the exhibit hall.

Date: 10/12
Location: Lordly Tailor, Main Exhibit Hall

It's nice to see that you haven't forgo the Steel Samurai ringtone on 
your cell. Pick up the call, and an exuberant Gumshoe greets you at 
the other end. He brings you the news that the notorious Mask*DeMasque 
has been arrested. To be precise, the thief has surrendered himself!

When asked about the sacred urn, Gumshoe appears a little evasive. He 
then tells you that Mask*DeMasque has requested to meet you. So, what 
are you waiting for? You'll need to first return to your office before 
you can hit the detention center though.

Date: 10/12
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Go through the conversations with Gumshoe. He's still rather evasive 
about the urn, so ignore him for now. Continue clicking through Maya's 
nonsense until you come face-to-face with a guy in a weird costume. He 
claims that he's Mask*DeMasque, and his real name is Ron DeLite. He 
seems a little to meek to be the notorious thief, but still, you've to 
do your job.

Ask Ron about "Mask*DeMasque", and he'll give you a complicated answer 
that's so complicated that I've no idea what he's talking about. Soon, 
he requests that you talk to someone called "Dessie". 

Before you ask about Dessie, fulfil Maya's desire to reclaim the 
"Sacred Urn". You know, I'm sick and tired of talking to this guy 
already. Oh yes, the urn. He lost it. 

"Lost it?" Yes, looks like so, and he has no idea whatsoever as to 
where he lost it. 

Now, ask about "Dessie". So, Dessie is his wife. Ron reveals that it 
was Dessie who requested your presence here. Once again, he asks 
that you visit her in his hideout. Looks like you've no other choice 
but to do so.

Date: 10/12
Location: Mask*DeMasque's Hideout

Desiree DeLite greets you here. Wow, what a looker. 

You may want to examine this place before you talk to her. You'll 
find the Mask*DeMasque costume, as well as other stuff that suggest 
that Ron is indeed the phantom thief. Also, the alien helmet at the 
top left corner of the room looks vaguely familiar...

... but the only important thing here at the moment is an envelope 
at the bottom left corner of the screen. You won't be able to read 
the contents of the letter yet though, but keep this in mind.

Anyway, talk to Desiree about "Ron DeLite". She reveals that Ron may 
be suffering from delusions, and she doesn't believe that he has 
stolen the urn at all. 

Now, talk about "Desiree DeLite". She says that she's someone who 
craves excitement. She also reveals that Ron is incredibly rich... for 
a security guard. 

The above opens the topic "The night of the crime". Desiree replies 
that while riding her motorcycle last night, she got pulled over for 
speeding. It was about 3:00am when she finally got home, and Ron was 
already fast asleep then. 

Show her Mask*DeMasque's profile now, and she'll tell you that Ron 
is merely a big fan of the phantom thief. And, since he tends to be 
delusional at times, he firmly believes that he's the thief instead. 

This opens up the topic "Delusions". Talk about them, and she'll 
eventually ask you to pass a letter to Ron. 

Desiree's Letter acquired. It apparently contains something important. 

Date: 10/12
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Back here, show Desiree's letter to Ron. Click through the proceedings, 
and you'll eventually be asked whether you want to defend Ron. What 
do you expect? Select "Take his case" to proceed, of course... to the 
dismay of Maya and Pearl. In fact, Pearl was so furious that she ran 

Return to your office.

Date: 10/12
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

You'll find Pearl back here, and she seems to be apologetic about her 
earlier outburst. Click through the conversations, and then talk to 
Maya about the following: "Pearl", "Maya", "Kurain Village Customs" 
and "Maya's Mother". These give you some back story to both Maya and 
Pearl, which you'd have already know if you've played the earlier 
games in the series. There's also a snippet about how Pearl's father 
left her family.

You should continue your investigation now at the exhibit hall.

Date: 10/12
Location: Lordly Tailor, Main Exhibit Hall

A new sprite for Adrian Andrews! I like! She's extremely apologetic 
about the loss of the sacred urn. Talk to her on "DeMasque's Calling 
Card", and she'll tell you that after she received the card, she 
intended to show it to the police. However, Atmey stopped her from 
doing so. She also confirms that she requested the security before the 
card was sent to her.

Talk about "The Security". She'll eventually reveal that the appraised 
value of the sacred urn is practically zero. Meaning, it isn't exactly 
a "treasure", per se. She also tells you that even though the guards 
involved in the security were handled by Atmey, many people went in 
and out of the warehouse from about five days ago, due to the arrival 
of many new exhibits. 

There's nothing else you can do here at the moment, so it's time to 
pay Atmey a visit at his agency.

Date: 10/12
Location: Atmey Detective Agency

As usual, you can examine the stuff here, but nothing really important 
for now. Talk to Atmey about "The night of the crime", and he'll tell 
about his feuds with DeMasque. He also tells you that the thief's first 
theft was the "Tear of Emanon", a blue jewel. Take note of this.

You can talk about the "Sacred Urn", but Atmey will end up talking 
nonsense again. More importantly, ask about "DeMasque's M.O." - that's 
operandi modus for you. Guess what now? A Psyche-Lock appears! Look 
at Atmey, he's hiding a secret!

LUKE ATMEY'S PSYCHE-LOCK: DEMASQUE'S M.O.                   [ PW3504 ]
Fortunately, you already have the evidence to crush this lock. Present 
the magatama to Atmey to initiate the process. You deduce that it's 
not possible for Atmey "not to see anyone passed through the door last 
night". When prompted, show him the camera data - the camera went off 
once at about 1:00am, meaning someone must have passed through the 
door. So, it Atmey really didn't see the thief, he must have been...

... choose "unconscious" to proceed.

Atmey's still pretty smug about your theory. He'll ask for one more 
evidence to prove it. Present the Shichishito - it was on the hand 
of the golden statue previously, but it's found on the ground, and 
bent. The logical deduction here would be that the thief used it to 
knock Atmey out, cold.


You can now ask about "DeMasque's M.O." again. Atmey finally admits 
that he's been KO-ed. The Shichishito will be updated with this new 
piece of information. This also means that Atmey never actually saw 
the thief. Meaning, the thief may not be DeMasque afterall.

Atmey then presents a photo to counter the above. This one shows a 
person in DeMasque's costume leaving the door. The timestamp on it 
says 00:58:43. Note that there's no date stamp on the photo.

Security Photo added to records.

This opens up a topic of "DeMasque's reason". Atmey will tell you that 
there's a green envelope in Ron's house, and he urges you to check it 

Head back to DeMasque's Hideout now.

Date: 10/12
Location: Mask*DeMasque's Hideout

Desiree is still here, but you can conveniently ignore her. Remember 
the envelope I told you about earlier, at the bottom left corner of 
the screen? Examine it, and you'll find the following contents:

"If you don't want your true identity revealed to the world, come to 
KB Security at 1:00am on October 12th and bring $50,000. If you don't, 
I'll take that red diamond you received the other day instead."

A blackmail letter? Yes, and it's added to the Court Record.

This is when the doorbell rings. Desiree opens the door for her guest, 
and he turns out to be none other than Larry Butz, your childhood 
friend cum first ever client! Go through the introduction about Larry, 
and then talk to him about "Larry Butz".

It seems that he has found a new job... as a security guard? He also 
tells you about his latest romantic relations with fine ladies such  
as "Bennifer" and "Katty Tom". Ha ha.

Ask "Why you came here?" next, and he'll tell you that he picked up a 
wallet while working last night. It was found at the part-time security 
job's building. The wallet turns out to be Ron's, and it'll be added 
to the Court Record as well.

Ask about the "wallet". Larry tells you that he found the wallet at 
the first floor of the company's building. It isn't a surprise though, 
since Ron works there too. So, Larry and Ron are colleagues. As you 
check the wallet, you'll find a key card. This will be added to the 

Show Larry the blackmail letter. The envelope shows the words "KB 
Security" on it, and Larry says that that's where he works. Talk about 
"KB Security" now, and he tells you that it takes about 30 minutes to 
reach there by car from here. Now, this means it'd take about an hour 
to go from here to KB and back. If Ron was indeed at KB when the 
robbery occured, he wouldn't have enough time to go to Lordly Tailor 
for the urn.

Present the key card to Larry now. He reveals that the serial number 
on the card is for the CEO's office. Everytime it's used, it leaves a 
record of who's entered the room, and when. This new information will 
be appended in the records.

Your phone rings now. It's Pearl, and she's at Atmey's. Seems that she 
got lost while trying to gather clues for you. Go there to meet her 

Date: 10/12
Location: Atmey Detective Agency

Atmey isn't here, but you notice something's changed since the last 
time you were here. A bag is staring at you on the desk in the middle 
of the room. Examine it, and you'll try to open it. This is when the 
Ace Detective reappears again. You did, however, manage to lay your 
hands on the contents though. It feels hard and smooth - decisive 
evidence here, by the way!

Talk to him about "Tomorrow's trial". As you may have expected by now, 
Atmey will take the stands tomorrow. However, he tells you that your 
enemy isn't him, but the legendary prosecutor Godot. 

Ask about "Godot", and Atmey will tell you that he's a prosecutor who 
has gotten the seal of approval by even your greatest friend/ rival, 
Miles Edgeworth. Somehow, I don't believe him.

You can also ask about "DeMasque's identity", but it doesn't add 
anything important to your investigation. The day ends now, as you 
prepare yourself for a tough battle in court tomorrow.

PART 2: TRIAL                                               [ PW3505 ]
Date: 10/13
Time: 9:36am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

Quickly talk to Maya to get DeMasque's publicity photo into the court 
record. You may want to check the photo now, and try to compare it to 
the security camera photo. Spot the difference?

Anyhow, go through the rest of the conversations with Ron and Desiree. 
Court begins soon after.

Date: 10/13
Time: 10:06am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 6

You get first impressions of Cyclops... I mean, Godot. Super cool 
soundtrack here as he talks. Enjoy it while you can. 

It turns out that this is the first time Godot is prosecuting. Huh? 
So what was Atmey harping about last night? Regardless, click through 
the initial chih-chat until you finally get to the first testimony. 
It's from Gumshoe.

1:   "Mask*DeMasque is a master thief that first started his crime 
      spree 6 months ago."

2:   "He's so confident that he sends his calling card before he even 
      commits the crime!"

3:   "This was his fifth heist, and as usual, he sent a card on to 
      Lordly Tailor."

4:   "His pattern is to always go after only the most precious art 

5:   "That's why we're sure it was Mask*DeMasque, sir. It fits his 
      M.O. to a T!"

At 4, present the sacred urn - your earlier discussion with Andrews 
has confirmed that the appraised value of the urn is practically zero. 
So, why would DeMasque, who goes after the most precious art pieces, 
steal it?

Go through the long discussions now, which basically hover around the 
topic of a fake DeMasque. The judge wants you to prove that the thief 
at Lordly Tailor was indeed a fake, so present the security camera 

There's something peculiar about this photo. When prompted, point to 
the chest area of the DeMasque in picture. If you did a comparison of 
the publicity photo earlier as I suggested, you'll find that the thief 
in the security photo is missing a broach near the chest area. The 
broach is some sort of a symbol for the thief, so if the person at 
Lordly Tailor wasn't wearing one, it's likely that he's a fake.

As Godot downs his nth cup of coffee, he shows the broach in question. 
Apparently, it was found behind the golden statue at the crime scene. 
He goes on to reveal that Ron's fingerprints are found on the broach. 
Hmm, things aren't looking good.

DeMasque's Broach now added to the records. It appears that it was 
torn off some clothing. Looks like there was some sort of a struggle 
at the crime scene that night.

Gumshoe's stint as a witness ends now, as Godot summons his major 
weapon. Look at him!

ATMEY'S TESTIMONY: WHAT I WITNESSED                         [ PW3507 ]
1:   "It was approximately 1 o'clock in the morning... just after the 
      date changed."

2:   "That's when my nemesis, the infamous Mask*DeMasque, dancingly 
      descended upon me!"

3:   "Just as I began to turn, the coward struck a fierce bloe upon 
      my noble head!"

4:   "Darkness swallowed me before I could land a single strike. When 
      I awoke, he was gone."

5:   "Thirty minutes later, I used an emergency phone to notify the 

Atmey's testimony is slightly tougher to crack. Still, at 4, present 
DeMasque's broach. The broach shows signs have being ripped off some 
clothing. Therefore, it's only logical to deduce that the thief 
struggled with someone that night. However, since Atmey was adamant 
that he was the only person at the warehouse then, the only who 
could've fought the thief must be Atmey.

This will lead to Atmey's next testimony.

ATMEY'S TESTIMONY: FIGHT WITH THE THIEF                     [ PW3508 ]
1:   "Indeed, it's true that I looked away from the door for a brief 

2:   "However... Luke Atmey cannot be so easily discombobulated!"

3:   "Unfortunately, the thief grabbed a weapon from the side and... 
      rendered me senseless."

4:   "A true gentlemen fights only with his own fists... But they 
      were not enough."

5:   "His first blow struck true! Bam!... And that's all she wrote."

Press at 5, and Atmey replies that he was blinded by a sudden flash 
of light when fighting DeMasque with his own fighting style. Press 
further by asking about "Atmey Fight Style?", and he'll reply that it 
involves fighting with his back to the wall, so that he won't be 
struck from behind.

The judge now asks your opinion about this testimony. Reply "It was 
very important". This will lead to a revision of Atmey's testimony.

6:   "I put my back to the wall to fight, but the thief's blow landed 
      upon my third eye."

Show him the Shichishito at this statement - Atmey was the one who 
told you that he was struck on the head from behind when you talked to 
him yesterday. This contradicts his current testimony. You also find 
it strange that Atmey has hidden the calling card from the police. It 
feels almost as if he was afraid that the police would help with the 

Godot throws his first objection at you - it kinda reminds me of 
Manfred von Karma's, by the way. Continue with the conversations, and 
you'll be asked to explain your point of argument. 

Tell the judge that "Mr. Atmey is Mask*DeMasque!"

You'll go on to explain the unnatural points of Atmey. Way to go, 

As Atmey is just about to admit that he's thief, Godot throws another 
objection, and a coffee cup at you. He wants you to show proof to 
substantiate your claims that Atmey is indeed the master thief. Sadly, 
you don't have it yet. Tell the judge that said proof "has yet to be 
found!" to proceed.

Just when all seems lost, Desiree halts the proceedings, and throws 
you a lifeline. She brings you the bag that you weren't able to check 
out at Atmey's place, and the contents inside - the Sacred Urn!

Sacred Urn updated in the records. It has pink splotches all over it, 
and it seems that it's back in one piece, with "AMI" instead of "I AM" 
on it...? Hmm.

Continue on with the trial as Godot doubts the credibility of Desiree, 
since she's, afterall, Ron's wife. When given the prompt, ask to "Show 
fingerprints on the urn". 

Atmey rebutes your idea though. You need to find another reason to 
test for fingerprints. When asked, present your own profile - you were 
trying to check the contents of that bag yesterday, and you were so 
close that you actually touched the urn. If the urn shows your prints, 
then it's proof that it's indeed found at Atmey's agency.

After you cross more swords with Godot, Atmey will finally admit that 
he's Mask*DeMasque. Watch the following scenes, and somehow, Ron still 
wants to be convicted. The strange proceedings that follow means that 
you'll eventually have to listen to Ron's testimony about why he's the 
real Mask*DeMasque, duh!

1:   "The truth is, I've been Mask*DeMasque all along!"

2:   "I mean, you can't prove that I'm not actually Mask*DeMasque, can 

3:   "I don't have an alibi for the night the urn was stolen, after 

4:   "I donned my costume that night and dancingly descended upon the 
      scene of the crime!"

5:   "Look! You can see right there in the photo! That's me!"

6:   "As for my broach, I snagged it on the door handle and it got 
      torn off, that's all!"

Stupid, stupid Ron. Anyway, press at 3. You'll need to find an alibi 
for Ron. Say "Yes, I have evidence" to proceed, and then present Ron's 
wallet - it was found at about 1:00am at the KB Security Building. 
Meaning, it's possible that Ron was actually at KB Security at the 
time of the crime. 

Ron suggests that someone could've planted his wallet there to make it 
look as if he wasn't at the crime scene. You reply that he probably 
dropped his wallet when he was trying to enter the CEO's office with 
the key card. Continue on, Godot will ask you for the reason why Ron 
had to go to KB Security in the wee hours of the morning.

Present the blackmail letter now - Ron must be meeting up with the 
blackmailer in the CEO's office at KB Security then.

Watch Godot drown his sorrows with coffee, and then go through the 
next scenes quickly. Coffee seems to have restore Godot's broken ego, 
as he throws in a relevant objection - did you actually check on the 
CEO of KB Security? 

This will lead to the judge asking for a witness to back up your claim 
that Ron was indeed at the security building. Present Larry's profile 
then - he was the one who told you about the key card, and that it 
belongs to the CEO's office. He also mentioned about the card recording 
each movement in and out of the room, and the identity of the person 
who did so. 

Which means, you can simply analyze the key card's data to find out 
whether your claims are true! Bravo!

Some time passes as the key card is analyzed. Godot returns to inform 
that the CEO of KB Security is Kane Bullard. He was uncontactable, but 
at least Godot got the key card data. It shows that the key was used 
at 1:00am in the morning of the crime. 

This information will be appended in the records. 

This also means that Ron cannot be the man dressed in DeMasque's 
costume at the Lordly Tailor basement. Godot admits defeat, Ron is 
acquitted, and everything seems good.


Date: 10/13
Time: 2:24pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

Click through the scenes of celebrations. Do you feel weird? Is the 
case a little too short for your liking now? Well, just. you. wait.

Soon, Godot catches up with you, and he brings some bad news. Kane 
Bullard was found. Or rather, his body was. The estimated time of 
death was 1:00am on 10/12. Ring a bell? You've just proven in court 
today that Ron was at the CEO's office at KB Security at just about 
that time... 

... and that office has now become a murder scene!

Add the presence of the blackmail letter, and Ron's case doesn't look 
good at all. Indeed, he'll now be charged with murder. Thanks, Capcom, 
for providing such an awesome twist to the case. 

Take note, however, that Godot mentioned that Ron was once an employee 
of KB Security. This is important.

PART 3: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW3510 ]
Date: 10/13
Time: 3:02pm
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Go through the initial scenes, and Pearl will return to Kurain Village 
with the sacred urn. Talk to Maya on "What do do". She tells you that 
perhaps Desiree knows the location of KB Security. 

Ask about the "Sacred Urn", and she notices the same thing that I 
mentioned earlier. "I AM" has become "AMI" again. It's definitely 
worth a thought, or two.

You can also talk to Maya about "Kurain Village" if you want. Nothing 
important of note, really.

Go to the detention center now.

Date: 10/13
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

It appears that Ron is undergoing some serious grilling by the police. 
Come back later then.

Date: 10/13
Location: Mask*DeMasque's Hideout

Technically, this isn't DeMasque's hideout anymore. But, well. YOU 
NEVER KNOW, ok (hint). You'll find Desiree here, and she doesn't look 
happy. Talk to her about "Ron DeLite". This opens a topic of "Love at 
first sight?". Ask about this.

Desiree explains that Ron saved her life the first time they met. She 
was taken hostage by two robbers then, but Ron came to her rescue in 
his security guard uniform. 

Talk about "Detective Atmey" if you want. Nothing really important, 
but just to complete the conversations, you know.

Now, ask about "KB Security". She'll give you the directions to there. 
She doesn't seem to know that Ron is no longer working there. Anyway, 
head towards there now. You've a crime scene to investigate.

Date: 10/13
Location: KB Security, CEO's Office

As expected, Gumshoe is at the crime scene. Ask "What happened", and 
he replies that Kane's body was found at 9:00am this morning. The time 
of death was ascertained to be 1:00am on 10/12, and the cause of death 
is a blunt force trauma to the head. 

Kane's Autopsy Report acquired.

Gumshoe adds that Kane's body was stashed inside the large safe that 
you see in the office. This is probably why it took so long before it 
was discovered.

Talk to Gumshoe about "Detective Atmey". He'll tell you that there 
was actually a witness to DeMasque's first heist. Remember the "Tear 
of Emanon"? Gumshoe goes on to show your a newspaper clipping about 
that case. You should notice that the jewel that was stolen is BLUE in 
color. Something doesn't fit here, no?

Newspaper Clipping acquired.

In the newspaper clipping, you'll also find a photo of Atmey at work, 
with a security guard in the background. Show this clipping back to 
Gumshoe, and he'll confirm that the witness in question was the guard. 
In fact, the guard actually worked with Atmey to catch DeMasque then. 

Meanwhile, the lot of you find the guard vaguely familiar.

You may also want to present the blackmail letter to Gumshoe, which 
raises a valid question - why would Kane blackmail Ron?

Now, talk to Gumshoe about "Prosecutor Godot". He doesn't have much 
details about Godot, except that he has a mysterious background. 

You should now examine the scene. There are no fingerprints on the 
safe. More importantly, only a few people know how to open it. Among 
them, only one person has no alibi at the time of the crime. Not 
surprisingly, it was Ron, who was a former security chief here.

Examine the buzzer that's to the right of the painting named "The Best 
Sunrise of my Life". After some commotion, Gumshoe explains that this 
is the emergency button. It's connected to the basement guard room, 
and it's used to summon security up to this area. Strangely, it didn't 
go off during the time of the crime. There's also no fingerprints on 
the buzzer. Note that Kane wasn't wearing a glove when he died, by the 

Emergency Buzzer added to the records.

Now, check out the bookshelves at the right of the office. It's filled 
with bunches of file. This makes the single binder on the coffee table 
looks extremely suspicious. Examine it.

It turns out that this file contains plenty of information about 
DeMasque. On the last page, yo find a list of DeMasque's major heists. 
After Kane's List is added to the records, check it again, and take 
note of the following:

Tear of Emanon (Jewel) - $100,000
Crown of Bongora (Artifact) - $200,000
Left Hand of Hades (Sculpture) - $240,000
Portrait of Mejeena (Painting) - $800,000

There's nothing else here of interest. Perhaps you should pay the 
security room a visit next.

Date: 10/13
Location: KB Security, Security Guard Office

Larry works here, so it isn't a surprise to find him here. He tells 
you about some "Good info" as well. Apparently, Ron was fired by the 
company suddenly about a year ago. He must have done something bad to 
be treated this way, yes?

You can talk about "Security guard", but nothing much comes out of it. 
Instead, ask about "The night of the crime". Larry immediately shows 
two Psyche-Locks at you.

Thankfully, you already have the necessary items to break this lock. 
As usual, present the magatama to initiate the sequence. When asked to 
show proof that Larry wasn't in the guard room at the time of the 
crime, present Ron's wallet - he has told you earlier that he found 
the wallet at about 1:00am on the first floor of the building. One 
lock crushed.

Larry argues that even if he wasn't at his post, the killer could've 
enter the CEO's office before 10:00pm, which was when he began his 
shift. Prove him wrong by showing him the key card - it was used once, 
at 1:00am, the exact time of the crime.


You can now ask about "The night of the crime" again. Larry explains 
that he left his post because his girlfriend needed to talk to him. 
Show him the emergency buzzer now. This opens up a topic on "Emergency 
Buzzer". Talk to him about it.

The conversation will eventually lead to a shocking revelation. The 
buzzer, previously thought to have been untouched during the crime, 
actually went off at 1:02am that day! Stupid Larry!

Buzzer record acquired.

You can examine the room if you want. Nothing important of note here, 
even though you'll find out that Larry's boss is none other than Wendy 
Oldbag. Thank God she's on vacation now!

You're done with KB Security for now. Head to Lordly Tailor's basement 

Date: 10/13
Location: Lordly Tailor, Basement Warehouse

You find Andrews here. Talk to her about "DeMasque's Identity" and 
"The night of the crime". Nothing that you don't know about here. 
However, when you attempt to ask about "Sacred Urn", she presents two 

Unfortunately, you've nothing to unlock them yet. Go back to Gumshoe 
at the CEO's office.

Date: 10/13
Location: KB Security, CEO's Office

Present Kane's profile to the detective. This opens a topic on "The 
victim". Gumshoe replies that Kane has earned plenty of money by 
selling trade secrets between rival companies. He also reveals that KB 
Security used to head security operations against DeMasque. However, 
after screwing up a few times, the company's reputation suffered a 

It's time to head back to the detention center for Ron now.

Date: 10/13
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Ron is available now. After explaining the grave situation to him, 
you can start talking about "Mask*DeMasque". Ron insists that he's the 
real DeMasque. With today's earlier trial in mind, however, Ron admits 
that he wasn't the one who stole the sacred urn. So, the thief shown 
in the security camera photo must be Atmey, then?

No answer to that at the moment. Talk about "The night of the crime" 
now. Ron admits that he was indeed at KB Security because of the black-
mail letter. He knews where the CEO's office was, since he used to 
work there. As there was no answer at the door, he used the key card 
to unlock the door. That was probably when he dropped his wallet, by 
the way.

Someone was in the office... and it looks suspiciously like Atmey's 
shadow to me! Ron wasn't sure who it was though, and before he could 
react, he was knocked in the head. The blow rendered him unconscious, 
but when he woke up, he saw the dead body of Kane right in front of 

Ron decided to hide the body. Since he used to be in the security 
team, he knew how to open the safe as well. Once that was done, he 
carefully avoided the security cameras in the building (he was the one 
who set them up, anyway!) and escaped.

Next, ask "Why you were fired". This conversation should confirm that 
Ron is indeed the real DeMasque. He turned to a life of crime due to 
the high-spending lifestyle of Desiree. He didn't exactly tell you 
why he was fired, though.

Show him the newspaper clipping from Gumshoe. He confirms that that's 
an article on his debut heist. He explains that he managed to escape 
that day by dumping his costume in a nearby trash can, and changing 
into his own security guard's uniform. So, the guard in the background 
of the photo is none other than Ron.

Newspaper clipping updated with the above information.

Ron further adds that Atmey's managed to see through his trick after 
finding the DeMasque's costume in the bin. This was how Atmey got his 
hands on DeMasque's signature broach. Ron recieved the first of many 
blackmail letters thereafter.

Ask about "Blackmail letter" now. Ron explains that the letter you 
found at his place isn't the first, but it's the first that actually 
requested him to be at somewhere specific. 

After he received the first letter, he had no choice but to give up 
the Tear of Emanon, by putting it into a safe-deposit box that the 
letter specified. He also reveals that he received $10,000 after 
surrending the treasure.

Soon, Ron started getting heist plans in the mail. Talk about these 
"Heist plans" now. It appears that someone was behind all the other 
heists that Ron has committed. And, each time after stealing a 
treasure, he'd place them into the safe-deposit box for cash. He's 
unsure about the theft of the sacred urn though. 

Ron's testimony is now added to the Court Record.

Go through the next scenes as Ron talks about an important point. He 
explains his eagerness to be convicted of the theft at Lordly Tailor. 
If he was convicted of the theft, he'd have gotten an alibi for the 
murder of Kane. Remember this point, because I believe that the real 
killer has exactly the same idea as well.

Pearl returns next, and solves one mystery for you - the sacred urn 
is the real deal. However, the pink splotches on it were applied onto 
the urn only recently. 

Sacred Urn re-acquired.

Finding how these pink splotches got onto the urn is of utmost 
importance. So, return to where you first spotted them. That is, 
the basement of Lordly Tailor.

Date: 10/13
Location: Lordly Tailor, Basement Warehouse

Andrews is still here. Ignore her for the moment, but instead examine 
the pink splotches on the wall at the right area. Pearl comments that 
they're the same color as those on the urn. What could be the cause of 
that odd-shape deviation at the bottom left of the spots? 	

Return to the left area, and examine the wooden box again. That was 
the box where the urn was housed previously, and strangely, it's 
stained with pink splotches as well. 

Urn Box added to the records.

Examine the spots on the wall again. This time, you finally deduce 
that the odd-shape was created by the box. Damn, was it so difficult? 
You feel pretty confident now, as the Paint Marks are also added to 
the records.

It's time to tackle Andrews' Psyche-Locks as well. 

ADRIAN ANDREWS'S PSYCHE-LOCK: SACRED URN                    [ PW3512 ]
Initiate the process, and when Andrews claims that the sacred urn may 
be a fake, show her the urn itself - Pearl has confirmed that the urn 
is indeed genuine. 

You'll explain to Andrews that Pearl accidentally broke the urn one 
year ago, and it appears that it was broken again recently. When asked 
how do you know that it was broken recently, show her the treasure 
exhibit poster - when this photo was taken, the pot still showed the 
words "I AM". When it was retrieved, it shows the correct word "AMI".

One lock down. Andrews will now ask for proof that the urn was broken 
at Lordly Tailor. Present the paint marks - the pink paint on the urn 
coincides with those found on the walls/ floor of this basement.

Andrews argue that you can get pink paint anywhere, and there's no 
proof linking the paint on the urn to the paint marks. Show her the 
urn box to finally break down her resistance.


You can finally talk about the "Sacred Urn" now. Watch the scenes now 
as Andrews explains the incident leading to the destruction and re-
construction of the urn. It's rather comical, but I'll leave it to 
you to read through the huge chunk of text.

More importantly, Andrews confirms that no one else has seen the urn 
after she kept it back into the box. All the above information about 
the urn will now be summarized and updated into your records.

There's still one more mystery though. Ask about "Ami Fey's statue". 
When you first arrived at the basement, there wasn't any paint marks. 
Andrews then explains that she made use of the golden statue to hide 
those marks. It's strange, however, that the statue was eventually 
moved. She obviously has no idea who moved it. 

The movement status of the golden statue will be updated in the court 

Somehow, it seems like the urn is connected to Kane's murder. Where 
will this lead you? The answer lies in court tomorrow.

PART 4-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW3513 ]
Date: 10/14
Time: 9:41am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

The trial of Atmey is just next door, and it's attracting a huge crowd. 
Click through the usual conversations until the trial starts.

Date: 10/14
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 6

As usual, go through the initial bunch of conversations as the judge 
summarizes the case. Soon, Ron will be ask to take the stands as the 
first witness today.

RON'S TESTIMONY: MY VISIT TO KB SECURITY                    [ PW3514 ]
1:   "That evening, around 1:00am, I went to see Mr. Bullard in his 
      office at KB Security."

2:   "The blackmail letter I got... It ordered me to go there."

3:   "I'd been working for KB Security until a year ago, so I knew 
      where his office was."

Press at 2. Ron shares more about the blackmail letter, or rather, 
letters that he has been receiving. You stopped him from talking too 
much though. When given the chance, however, choose "Press further" to 

Ron now talks about the contents of the latest letter, which demanded 
$50,000 from him. Godot believes it's a good enough motive for murder, 
but Ron replies that he never intended to pay the money anyway.

This leads to an addition to Ron's testimony.

4:   "The blackmail thread didn't scare me. It wasn't going to cause 
      me trouble or anything."

Now, press at 3. Godot takes the opportunity to imagine his own motive 
for the murder again, so choose "Why he (Ron) was fired" to continue. 
Ron explains that in order to fulfil the spending demands of Desiree, 
he has stolen some company data for cash. As a result, he was fired. 
However, the matter was kept under wraps, and it appeared to others 
that he had merely resigned.

This leads to another addition to Ron's testimony.

5:   "He fired me for selling company secrets... but Dessie doesn't 
      know about that."

Go back to 4 now, and press the statement. Ron believes that the 
blackmailer was referring to his identity as Mask*DeMasque. Godot 
objects this explanation though, since Kane had no proof that Ron was 
the thief. Click through the next scenes, until you begin to wonder if 
the truth about Ron's sacking would've become a problem to him. 

Select "Yes, he would" to proceed.

Godot will now ask you to provide evidence to prove your assertion. 
Present Desiree's profile - Ron is basically scared of letting his 
wife know about the secret. This, however, leads to Godot's latest 
fabrication of a murder motive - if Kane was to threaten to Ron with 
the revelation of the secret to Desiree, it'd make a very strong 
motive for Ron to kill.

Damn, you've fallen into Godot's trap again. Nevertheless, keep going 
until you hit the next testimony.

RON'S TESTIMONY: AT THE CEO'S OFFICE                        [ PW3515 ]
1:   "When I entered the office, there was a suspicious shadow there."

2:   "Suddenly, I was hit on the forehead. After that, I remember 
      being a bit dazed."

3:   "If I hadn't been wearing that, I would have been killed!"

4:   "When I came to... Mr. Bullard was lying there... dead!"

Press at 3. Ron explains that the "that" that he was wearing was the 
DeMasque costume. This leads to a revision to his testimony, again.

5:   "I'd have been killed if I hadn't been wearing my Mask*DeMasque 

Press at 5 now. Ron says that he's dressed as the DeMasque, because he 
thought that he was being blackmailed over the DeMasque issue. Thus, 
he felt that he should go as his alter ego, just to be safe. 

"Press harder" when given the chance. Ron explains that his cape got 
caught on the safe door when he was hiding Kane's body... oops. More 
additions to the testimony, then.

6:   "I panicked and hid the body in the safe. It took about 10 

Immediately present the buzzer record - the buzzer was pushed once at 
1:02am. If Ron was truly the killer, he'd have ran as soon as that 
buzzer sounded. Watch the next scenes as your engage in a series of 
objections. Your underlying point is that when the buzzer was sounded, 
Ron was unconscious. Meaning, there must be another person in the 
office at that time.

Godot is furious, and he now argues now the buzzer could've been 
pressed by Kane himself. Well, you know that's not true. When given 
the chance, choose "I can prove it alright", and then present the 
buzzer - it has no fingerprints on it!

More objections flying around. Just click through the arguments as 
usual. You're gaining the upper hand over Godot here, so enjoy the 
moment. And then, the judge asks a relevant question - if there was 
indeed another person in the room, and if that person had just killed 
Kane, why would he press the buzzer?

After taking some time to gather your thoughts, select "To call the 
security guard" to proceed - the killer must have the intention to 
alert the guards on purpose. If the killer was to escape immediately 
after pressing the buzzer, and if a guard was to arrive at the scene 
soon after, the only ones left in the room would be Kane's body and 
Ron. It's obvious that the killer wanted to put the blame on Ron.

More exchanges, and the judge will finally ask you to pinpoint the 
identity of the real murderer. This should be pretty obvious to you 
right now. Present Atmey's profile to proceed. Yeah, he's the one.

Now, Atmey is currently on trial next door, for the petty crime of 
theft. It was his plan all along to be charged with a lesser crime as 
compared to murder. A guilty verdict in the theft charge would've 
given Atmey the perfect alibi for the murder of Kane.

Click through the rest of the scenes, as you race against time to haul 
Atmey into this courtroom before the verdict at the next door. As you 
ponder over your options, Mia does one of her spooky encouragements 
again. If this is your first time playing this series, don't panic. The 
return of Mia in the form of a spirit is as common as Britney Spears 
doing a stupid thing in public. It happens in every game in the series, 
and I've been wondering when she'd "make an appearance" for some time 

Recess time. 

Date: 10/14
Time: 11:58am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 5

Nice to see Payne again. And a new judge as well. Anyway, you appear 
right on time as the judge was about to pass a verdict. You immediately 
file an accusation of murder for Atmey. 

So, it's do or die in the next round. See you soon.

PART 4-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW3516 ]
Date: 10/14
Time: 12:14pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

Click the jump and head towards the trial quickly. Take note of your 
main objectives in this trial: 1. to crush Atmey's alibi at Lordly 
Tailor; 2. to establish his motive for killing Kane.

Date: 10/14
Time: 12:21pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 6

Go through the usual initial conversations until Atmey gives his 

ATMEY'S TESTIMONY: THE ALIBI                                [ PW3517 ]
1:   "I was stealing the urn as Mask*DeMasque, just as I announced I 

2:   "I had more than enough time to prepare. It was a pathetically 
      easy job."

3:   "A photograph contains no words... But in this case, one turned 
      out to be my witness."

4:   "The time at which the camera captured Mask*DeMasque was the 
      same time as the murder!"

ATMEY'S CROSS-EXAMINATION: THE ALIBI                        [ PW3517 ]
There are two possibilites here. Either the DeMasque in the security 
camera photo is fake, or the photo itself is. To proceed, you'll have 
to press every statement. At 1, Atmey will challenge you to name his 
accomplice. Choose "Give it up", since you've no idea who it was, if 
there ever is one.

At 2, Maya finds it strange that Atmey is willing to sacrifice his 
reputation as an "Ace Detective" just to steal the urn. 

Ignore 3, and press at 4 now, Godot explains that it's not possible 
that the security camera photo is altered. 

Return to 3, and Atmey reconfirms that the security camera photo is 
the very thing the proves that he committed the theft. You begin to 
wonder if there's something "funny" about the photo. When prompted, 
select "You bet there is" to proceed. Something doesn't seem to 
match in the photo, and you'll have to point it out.

When given the chance, point at the area with the paint marks - there 
was something that was supposed to be here, but wasn't. Present the 
golden statue when when the judge asks when it was - if you remember 
the information that Andrews provided, she mentioned that the statue 
was moved into the basement during the day of the crime to hide the 
paint marks. You also confirm that when you first visited the basement, 
the statue was also just beside the door. As such, if the security 
photo was truly taken that night, the statue would've apear in it.

Godot objects, and says that when he visited the crime scene the day 
after the theft, the statue was sitting to the right of the paint 
marks. You reply that someone must have moved it. When asked to show 
who moved the statue, show Atmey's profile - he was the only person 
down at the basement that night.

Continue on, and the judge will ask for the reason for the movement of 
the statue. You explain that Atmey pretended to be DeMasque to create 
an alibi that he was at Lordly Tailor that night. You then tell him 
that the photo contains a fatal flaw. When asked to expose this flaw, 
point to the timestamp on the photo - Atmey has taken the photo days 
before Kane's murder so as to create an alibi for himself. However, 
the statue was only moved to the basement on the day of the theft 
itself. So, when Atmey saw the statue, he had no choice but to move it 
away to make the room match with the way it was shown in the photo.

Atmey then shows the camera data, and aruges that the camera went off 
once on the night of the theft. You object, however, and explains that 
even though the camera was set up by Lordly Tailor, the program used 
to manage the data was provided by Atmey himself. The data could've 
been easily tampered with.

Watch the scenes that follow. Soon, Godot will get Atmey to testify 

ATMEY'S TESTIMONY: THE SACRED URN HEIST                     [ PW3518 ]
1:   "I first received the request from Lordly Tailor about 20 days 
      days ago."

2:   "The urn was placed in a box, and Zvarri! It was then sent to the 

3:   "Hence, I was actually unable to see the urn for myself until the 
      day of the crime."

4:   "I knew it was an extremely valuable treasure, so I sent my card 
      10 days beforehand."

5:   "I then handled security by myself to ensure that my crime would 
      go on smoothly!"

6:   "At last, I held the urn in my hands for the first time at 1:00am 
      on October 12th."   

The solution to this one is rather tricky. Click through all the way 
to 6, and then show Atmey the Demasque's calling card - on the card, 
the term "speckled urn" was mentioned. The "speckled" here would refer 
to the pink splotches on the urn. However, these splotches wouldn't 
even be on the urn if Andrews hasn't tripped and fell over the paint 
can. She also confirmed earlier that the urn was kept out of sight 
since her little accident. This means that Atmey wouldn't have known 
about the "speckles" on the urn... unless he has seen the urn BEFORE 
sending the calling card.

Now, when would that be? Perhaps... when he was taking the fake 
security photo?

Well done, Phoenix! It isn't time for celebrations yet though. Watch 
the next scenes as Godot demands to know the motive for Atmey's 
decision to murder Kane. This will eventually lead to Atmey's next 

ATMEY'S TESTIMONY: MOTIVE FOR MURDER                        [ PW3519 ]
1:   "I, Luke Atmey, had no points of contact with the victim 

2:   "Kane Bullard decided to investigate Mask*DeMasque and simply 
      mistook who he was!"

3:   "It was Mr. Bullard who wrote the blackmail letter and sent it to 
      Ron DeLite."

4:   "And it was again Mr. Bullard who harbored a grudge against Mr. 
      DeLite for his betrayal!"

5:   "Mr. Bullard's mistake is quite excusable. The defendant truly 
      believes he is Mask*DeMasque!"

6:   "That is why Mr. DeLite saw it fit to kill Kane Bullard. Truly a 

Before you begin, Godot adds that after a handwriting analysis, it's 
confirmed that it was indeed Kane who wrote the blackmail letter found 
at Ron's hideout. This new information will be updated in the records.

Anyway, this one is rather easy. At 3, present the blackmail letter - 
there's one major contradiction in the letter. When asked to point out 
this contradiction, show them the newspaper clipping - as I mentioned 
earlier, the Tear of Emanon is BLUE in color. However, the blackmail 
letter clearly talks about a RED jewel. Surely, the "red diamoned" in 
the blackmail letter couldn't be the Tear of Emanon. Therefore, the 
blackmail letter could be intended for someone else.

Godot objects again. This time, he challenges you to identify the 
true receipient of the letter. Show them Atmey's profile again - he 
managed to "recover" the stolen treasure from DeMasque's fourth heist, 
and received a jewel as reward. The red diamond ring on his finger, 
right now!

Oh yeah! Watch the next scenes. Godot objects and questions about the 
next mystery on the blackmail letter. What could be Atmey's "identity" 
be that it's worth blackmailing for? Think, Phoenix, think! Ron has 
been receiving blackmail letters from an unknown source. Who could 
this blackmailer be? 

Select "a blackmailer" to proceed - clearly, Atmey has been black-
mailing Ron since his first heist. 

Atmey still doesn't give up. Instead, he challenges you to show proof 
that Atmey knew about Ron's identity since the first heist. Present 
the newspaper clipping - you'll now recount Ron's testimony about how 
Atmey found out his secret identity by finding his costume from the 
trash can. 

Atmey goes crazy from here.

You must've thought that you've finally beaten this case, but no! 
Godot now wants you to prove that Atmey was actually at KB Security 
that night - even if he wasn't at Lordly Tailor, there was no proof 
that he was at the crime scene.

When asked to show proof, choose "can't prove it" to proceed. It's 
unfortunate that you've no proof at the moment to nail Atmey. Worst 
still, you won't be given another chance to cross-examine Atmey as 

Watch the next scenes as Godot explains the "double jeopardy" rule - 
should a defendant be tried and found innocent in court, he cannot be 
tried again for the same crime. Time is running out for you. Continue 
through the conversation until help finally arrives in the form of 
Mia, woohoo!

Mia brings to the judge attention about a bunch of remarks from Atmey 
after the cross-examination. You'll need to prove the importance of 
these remarks. Which means, yeah, you've gotten your chance to cross-
examine Atmey one more time.

Meanwhile, watch Godot's reaction after he saw Mia.

ATMEY'S TESTIMONY: THE LAST TESTIMONY                       [ PW3520 ]
1:   "Indeed, it is true that I was not at Lordly Tailor."

2:   "I had to leave to see about another vitally important request."

3:   "I had known about the date beforehard, so I had this photograph 

4:   "My brilliant deduction was what informed me that the true 
      culprit was Ron DeLite."

5:   "And thanks to the key card and wallter, it was abundantly clear 
      that he was there."

6:   "I was also able to make a deduction from the buzzer, which 
      only sounded once."

7:   "The button did not have any fingerprints on it... Why?"

8:   "The victim would have left prints if he sounded it. Which means 
      the killer sounded it."

9:   "Mr. DeLite was wearing his Mask*DeMasque outfit, which is why he 
      left no prints."

10:   "And, the blackmail letter? The victim likely just mistook the 
       color of the jewel."

11:   "Zvarri! Therefore, all the evidence points to the poor boy!"

Longest. Testimony. Ever.

You get only one chance to get this right. Press at a wrong statement, 
and it's gameover. As Godot downs his 17th cup of coffee, press at 9 - 
how did Atmey know that Ron went to the CEO's office in the DeMasque 
costume? This was only revealed during the cross-examination of Ron 
earlier, and Atmey certainly wouldn't have know it... unless he saw 
Ron in the costume at the crime scene that night!

Click through the scenes that follow as you explain the events on that 
fateful night. 

There's still a twist at the end. If Atmey isn't DeMasque, then Ron 
must be. So, he should be arrested for theft right? Well, you've 
already proven in court yesterday that he isn't the phantom thief. 
Remember "double jeopardy"? Yeah, Ron cannot be charged with the same 
offence twice, so he gets scot-free!

Date: 10/14
Time: 3:35pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

Watch the scenes that follow. There will come a point where you've to 
encourage Ron. Show him the sacred urn to proceed. You can get this 
wrong and still win the case though.

That's a happy ending for the DeLite couple. So, all is good. 

                                             THE STOLEN TURNABOUT: END


6. EPISODE 3: RECIPE FOR TURNABOUT                          [ PW3601 ]

BACKGROUND                                                  [ PW3602 ]
A weird intro, this one. The judge passes a guilty verdict for a case 
that involved a cup of poisoned coffee. The defendant claims that he 
saw someone else did it. Prosecutor Payne is a happy man, and Phoenix 
Wright... loses a case?

What in the world is happening?

PART 1: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW3603 ]
Date: 1/6
Time: 10:03am
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

It's the new year, but before you could really enjoy the joy of a new 
beginning, Gumshoe makes his way into the office. He brings you a 
magazine article that shows the following headline:

"Deadly Poisoning Brings Guilty Verdict. Defense Attorney Phoenix 
Wright trounced."

This is from last month's issue of the magazine, but you've absolutely 
no recollection of getting involved in a poisoning case, let alone 
being "trounced" in one. 

Regardless, the magazine clipping will go into the Court Record.

It appears that someone out there is impersonating you, albeit rather 
poorly. Gumshoe asks for your help to help the guilty client with a 
retrial. With this, you got your first case of the new year.

Talk to Maya on the customary "What to do" and "Any ideas". Maya 
comments that Gumshoe seems rather concerned about the defendant. 
Maybe it's someone he knows?

Time to head to the detention center.

Date: 1/6
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Your client is none other Maggey Byrde. You know, the defendant from 
"The Lost Turnabout' from Game 2? Now you know why Gumshoe is agitated. 
He has a crush on her, remember? Anyway, Maggey used to be a police 
officer, but now she's in some sort of a waitress costume. Talk about 
"Maggey Byrde". She tells you that she was fired after the incident 
from last year, and she's now working as a waitress in a French 

Ask "What happened" now. Maggey tells you that the murder occured on 
12/3 at the restaurant Tres Bien. She saw two men at a table, both 
drinking coffee. Note the spiky hair guy in the scene, who slipped 
poison into the other's cup. As the victim grasped for air, Maggey 

Maggey has never seen the victim before, so she should've no motive 
for murder. However, the testimonies and evidence were all against her. 
Firstly, no one else saw the killer. That is, all the other people in 
the restaurant at that time testified that there the victim was alone 
the whole time. Secondly, they found a bottle of poison in her apron - 
the killer must've slipped it inside when after she fainted.

You can now ask about "The other guy". She says that she served coffee 
to both men, who looked like they were from the music industry. She 
also mentions something about a earpiece, and a sample CD on the table 
that has a band name that starts with the word "MC". Unfortnately, she 
has no recollection of the killer's look.

Show her the magazine clipping now. She tells you that "Phoniex Wright" 
came to her the day after she was arrested, and offered to defend her. 
When asked why she couldn't tell that he was a fake, Maggey replies 
that even though the guy was taller, looked a bit shady, has a weird 
voice and a funny accent, she believed he was you because he has spiky 
hair and was wearing a blue suit. Duh!

She also tells you that when in court, everyone was puzzled at this 
"Phoenix Wright", but no one said anything. The hell?

You get Tres Bien's location after talking to her. 

Date: 1/6
Location: Tres Bien

The restaurant is empty at the moment, so take the opportunity to 
search the place. At the left area, search the table on the right to 
confirm that it's the table where the murder occured. It's quite 
obvious since there's police tape around it. Note also that there's a 
coffee stain on the table.

Check the partition in between the tables to find that the restaurant 
has partitions set up to separate the dining tables. When seated, you 
can only see the tables to your left or right. 

At the right area, examine the magazine rack. Something's stuffed in 
behind the rack. It's a sports newspaper that has some scribbles on 
it. It has the number 100,000, but it's crossed out. An arrow is 
pointing at this number, and it leads to the words "MC Bomber". There's 
also a bomb drawing to the right, and the words "Ahahaha!" below.

Incidentally, the paper was from 12/3, the day of the murder. Sports 
paper added to your records. 

Go back to the detention center now.

Date: 1/6
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Show Maggey the sports paper, and she'll tell you that Tres Bien 
doesn't order newspaper. She also remembers that "MC Bomber" is the 
name of the band on the sample CD she saw. Could 100,000 be the down-
payment for a record deal? Perhaps, this paper belonged to the victim?

You'll have to return to Tres Bien for more investigation.

Date: 1/6
Location: Tres Bien

An ugly MF (don't ask me what this means) greets you. He's quite 
possibly the ugliest witness in the entire series. His name is Jean 
Armstrong, and he seems to know who you're. Apparently, you've 
"flirted" with him in court. Aargh, damn imposter!

Talk to him about "Tres Bien". He tells you that the name of the 
restaurant means "very good". He also explains that since the arrest 
of Maggey, he has been running the place on his own. According to 
him, he's the chef, manager and aromatherapist of the place.

Ask "What happened". He tells you that Maggey served coffee to the 
victim. He was in the kitchen when he heard the sound of someone 
collapsing. When he came out, the victim was already dead. Maggey has 
fainted as well.

Armstrong also says that the victim was all alone. He then tells you 
about an old man.

Ask about this "Old man". An old man, who was here at that time, said 
the same thing. This old man is a regular customer at the restaurant.

Now, show Maggey's profile to Armstrong. He tells you that it's not 
surprising that Maggey is a suspect, not after "something" took place 
right in front of his eyes. He's hinting that Maggey could've a motive 

So, ask about "Maggey's motive". This time, he throws THREE Psyche-
Locks at you. It's also at this time that you realise that your 
magatama has gone missing! The fact that you can still see the locks, 
however, mean that it must be somewhere near you now.

Anyway, our friend will tell you the location of the old man. He's at 
Vitamin Square, a park just behind Tres Bien. GO there then.

Date: 1/6
Location: Vitamin Square

You find the old man here. Try talking to him, but he seems rather 
evasive. Go through all the conversations, and you'll get nothing much 
out of him. The only point of interest here is that he seems to hate 
Tres Bien very much, but according to Armstrong, he's a regular at the 
place. Strange?

If you notice, Vitamin Square is full of fruits-based equipment. Look 
to the right of the old man to find a half-sliced orange seat. Examine 
it to find some sort of a magazine. Turns out it's actually a job 
listing brochure. 

When you add the job listings into your records, the old man tells you 
that it belongs to him. Ignore him and return to Tres Bien.

Date: 1/6
Location: Tres Bien

Time to get rid of Maya (heh). Show Armstrong the job listings, and 
he'll take Maya under his apprenticeship. 

Go back to the detention centre.

Date: 1/6
Location: Detention Centre, Visitor's Room

Maggey is no longer here. Maybe you should come back later. Go look 
for Gumshoe at the Criminal Affairs Department then.

Date: 1/6
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

Gumshoe tells you that the retrial has been scheduled for 10:00am 
tomorrow. You'll have to take on Godot again though. Talk to the 
detective about "Maggey Byrde" and watch the hilarious scenes that 
follow. Now, ask about "The victim", and you'll finally get his name.

His name is Glen Elg, and he was a computer programmer. Armstrong 
commented that it was the first time he saw Glen at the restaurant. 
However, despite Maggey having seemingly nothing to do with Glen, a 
motive was somehow established.

Ask about "The investigation" next. This opens up a topic of 
"Contradictions" - it's the number of people at the table that cannot 
be proven. Maggey insists that there was another guy at the table, 
but no one else saw him. Also, with regards to the sample CD, the 
police searched the place and simply couldn't find it as well.

Maggey did mention about a earpiece earlier. Gumshoe tells you that 
Glen was actually listening to a portable radio in the front of his 
hoodie. Which means, there wasn't any CD player on the table too. 

Show Armstrong's profile to Gumshoe. He replies that there's something 
about the guy. This opens up a topic of "The charming chef". This time 
round, the detective seems rather evasive. He talks about "gossipy 
stuff", but refuses to divuldge any more information. Instead, he asks 
YOU to go find out what they are. Hey, I thought you want to help 
Maggey, right?

Before you head back to Tres Bien, present the sports paper to Gumshoe.
He takes it away from you for a handwriting analysis. 

Sports paper given to Gumshoe.

You can also show the magazine clipping to Gumshoe. He comments that 
your performance in court sucked so much it seemed like you were 
deliberately getting a guilty verdict for Maggey.

Time to return to Tres Bien.

Date: 1/6
Location: Tres Bien

A girl with in emo fashon greets you here. Note that she has a bandage 
on her head. She disappears almost immediately though. Maya greets you 
soon in a waitress uniform (nice). Talk to her about "Waitress", but 
the important topic here should be "Lunch special". 

She brings in the Twin-T set, which costs $20. The food sucks, which 
is why it must go into your Court Record. 

The lousy food opens up a topic on "The kitchen". Talk about it, and 
soon, Maya will invite you into the place.

Date: 1/6
Location: Tres Bien, Kitchen

First things first. Check the table with the green object, and you'll 
recover your magatama. Stupid Armstrong must've stolen it.

Check the bottom left corner of the screen to find a box of small 
bottles. These are mostly those aromatherapy oils that Armstrong has 
been using. You'll soon find a bottle that's green color, and has no 
smell. It's covered with unidentified fingerprints.

Small bottle acquired.

Go back to Vitamin Sqaure now.

Date: 1/6
Location: Vitamin Square

The old man is nowhere in sight, but a pink scooter is sitting right 
in front of you. Examine it, and you'll notice that it's pretty much 
wrecked. soon a man with spiky hair will stop you. He's wearing a red 
shirt with a picture of a tiger biting a dragon. This is actually 
quite symbolic if you're playing the Japanese version of the game, 
since Phoenix's Japanese name is Ryuichi, and "Ryu" means "dragon".  
I'll introduce this dude later, but at the moment, he's giving you 
hell. He even claims that he's Phoenix Wright. 

I think you've found your imposter.

He soon rides off (the scooter belongs to him), but you'd have added 
the scooter into your records before he leaves.

This is when the old man reappears. If you've spoken to him on all 
options earlier, "What you saw", "Maggey Byrde" and "Tres Bien" would 
all be ticked off. Take note about his frequent mentions of the 
waitress. Try talking about "Tres Bien regular", however, and he'll 
show you three Psyche-Locks - you couldn't see them earlier because 
you didn't have the magatama then.

Perhaps you should go see Gumshoe now.

Date: 1/6
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

The handwriting analysis is completed, and the doodle on the sports 
paper is written by Glen. Gumshoe also tells you that the name "MC 
Bomber" is somewhat familiar, but he can't remember where he'd heard 

Sports paper refiled.

Show Gumshoe the small bottle, and he'll suggest to analyse its 
contents. Small bottle therefore given to Gumshoe for further testing.

The conversation shifts to Armstrong next. Gumshoe tells you that he 
has gotten hold of "Armstrong's secret". Talk about it, and he'll 
reveal that the restaurant manager/ chef/ aromatherapist is in debt. 
He shows you a loan contract from Tender Lender, for the amount of 
half a million! Wow, looks like our dear Armstrong is in the deep end 
of some brownish substance, man.

Jean's Loan Contract added to the records.

It's time to break the old man's Psyche-Locks. Go, go, go!

Date: 1/6
Location: Vitamin Square

OLD MAN'S PSYCHE-LOCK: TRES BIEN REGULAR                    [ PW3604 ]
As usual, show the magatama to initiate the process. When you've to 
prove that the old man isn't at the restaurant for the food, present 
the lunch special - the food is so unbelievably bad that it'd be 
unbelievable if anyone would go there for the food.

The tells you that he's rich and has money to burn, so he doesn't 
mind spending money on the lousy food. You'll need to prove otherwise. 
Show him the job listings - if he's rich, he wouldn't be looking for a 
job. One lock crushed.

He then tells you that he goes to Tres Bien to read newspapers. To 
prove that he's lying, show the sports paper - this is the only news-
paper in the restaurant, and it was left behind by a customer (Glen).
Another lock crushed.

Eventually, you'll have to provide the real reason he's a regular at 
Tres Bien. If you've taken note of what he said earlier about the 
waitress, this should be pretty easy. Present Maggey's profile - the 
old man has a fetish for waitress uniforms! 

All locks crushed.


You can now talk about "Tres Bien regular". The old man introduces 
himself as Victor Kudo. However, he isn't in the mood to talk. Maybe 
you should go back to Tres Bien first.

Date: 1/6
Venue: Tres Bien

You can now present Kudo's profile to Maya - she's in a waitress 
uniform, you see... anyway, you'll automatically be transported to the 
park after that. 

Date: 1/6
Venue: Vitamin Square

Kudo doesn't exactly fancy Maya, even with the waitress uniform. As you
wonder what could make him crack, Mia takes over. Wow, Mia in waitress 
uniform! Thanks, Capcom, for making me... I mean, Victor happy.

Finally! You can get something out of him. You may want to talk about 
"What you saw" and "Tres Bien", but the important conversation here is 
"Tres Bien regular". This is where he tells you that Armstrong is an 
ex-convict. This opens up a topic on "Armstrong's record"

Talk about it, and Kudo reveals that Armstrong steals things from 
his customers. Hmm, that explains about the magatama incident. He then 
writes you a note that says:

"Convicted before, a wicken man or woman, repeat offendor -- Victor 

It's supposed to be a poem, but... oh well. Victor's note added to the 

Both Victor and Mia leave after this discussion. The time has come to 
tackle Armstrong's Psyche-Locks. Return to Tres Bien now.

Date: 1/6
Venue: Tres Bien

You meet Armstrong again. You know what to do.

Present the magatama. Armstrong was so frightened of the process that 
he immediately tells you that Glen actually had a lottery ticket for 
half a million dollars. However, after he was murdered, the ticket 
went missing. This was the motive that the prosecution presented for 
Maggey's trial. Basically, they're saying that she poisoned Glen so as 
to get the lottery ticket. 

You demand to know the reason why he hid this from you earlier. When 
prompted to point out the real thief for the lottery ticket, present 
Armstrong's profile. One lock crushed.

You'll now have to present evidence to support you claim. Show him 
Victor's note. He denies Victor's allegations though, and challenges 
you to show an incontestable proof that he has stolen from his 

Show him the magatama - you found it in his kitchen, so it's proof 
enough that he has stolen it from you earlier. Another lock goes bust.

Armstrong will now tell you that, yes, it's true that he has pilfered 
little things, but it's $500,000 you're talking about here. You'll 
need to prove that he's in need of a large sum of money.

Show him the loan contract to end the sequence - a $500,000 winning 
ticket is enough to wipe off his debt.


Talk about "Maggey's motive" now. Armstrong tells you that Glen was 
listening to the radio with his earpiece. He thinks that the winning 
numbers were announced on the news. Suddenly, Glen shouted "Yes! Half 
a million!" Glen has many tickets on the table. So, Armstrong 
conveniently helped himself to one of them as Glen laid dead, and 
Maggey stayed unconscious. 

Ask about the "Winning ticket" now. He now claims that he didn't take 
the ticket, but before he could elaborate further, Godot interrupts 
the proceedings. Godot explains that Armstrong stole the wrong 
ticket... which won him the paltry sum of $1. 

So, what happened to the winning ticket? Well, Godot isn't talking. 
He leaves soon after. 

Looks like the day has come to an end. You discard Victor's note, 
and prepare yourself for battle tomorrow.

PART 2: TRIAL                                               [ PW3606 ]
Date: 1/7
Time: 9:48am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Just get the trial started already, Gumshoe.

Date: 1/7
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 4

Gumshoe is the first witness today. He submits the autopsy report as 
evidence. Check the report to confirm that the victim died of poison-
ing, and the time of death was between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.

He also provides the floor plans of Tres Bien. A rough sketch of this 
is as follow. Sorry, it's not to scale.

            --------------     -------     --------------
            |         |   -----   |   -----   | ||---|  |
            | Kitchen |( )|   |( )|( )| X |(V)| ||      -
            |         -   -----   |   -----   | --      -
            |                                           |
            |         -                                -|
            |         |                                ||
            |         |   -----   |   -----   |        -|
            |         |( )|   |( )|( )|   |( )|         |
            |         |   -----   |   -----   |         |
            --------------     -------    ---------------

Basic facts of the case:
Glen was sitting at "V" when the incident took place. The poisoned 
coffee was brought over to him by Maggey from the kitchen, and placed 
on the table at "X". Glen died almost right after he took a sip of 
the coffee. At the time of the incident, there were two other people 
in the restaurant - Armstrong and Victor. 

Tres Bien floor plans acquired. 

GUMSHOE'S TESTIMONY: THE INCIDENT                           [ PW3607 ]
1:   "When the incident took place, the victim was alone at his table, 

2:   "We understand that the guy, Glen Elg, was listening to the radio 
      at the time."

3:   "Traces of poison were found in his coffee cup."

4:   "And what we found was potassium cyanide. That stuff really packs 
      a punch!"

5:   "And, um... it looks like Ms. Byrde might've had, well...some 
      kind of a motive."

Press at 1. While the situation doesn't look good, choose to "Press 
harder". You bring out the point that the victim's table could be 
obstructed in some way. This is when Godot shows you a photo that was 
taken from near the entrance of the kitchen. This is the scene as 
witnessed by Armstrong moments after the poisoning took place. It 
shows Glen collapsed on the table, while the chair opposite him was 
empty. However, only half (the right side) the chair was shown, as 
the other half was obstructed by the partition.

Crime photo added to the records.

Press at 3. Gumshoe tells you that the poison was a powdery substance. 
When prompted, choose to "Press harder" as well. You question whether 
Glen actually drank any of the coffee. Godot objects, and demands that 
Gumshoe submit the victim's coffee cup as evidence. Godot points your 
attention to the rim of the cup - it clearly shows a coffee stain on 
it, which is proof that Glen did drink from the cup. The only finger-
prints on the cup were Glen's and Maggey's. Damn, not looking good.

Coffee cup acquired.

At 5, press for the motive. You know this already, it's about the 
disappearing winning lottery ticket. Again, "Press harder" when you 
get the chance to. Now, Godot will show you the winning ticket in 
question. Well, you guess it. They found it on Maggey.

Victim's lottery ticket filed as evidence.

If you think things are getting bad, Godot will make them worse by 
presenting yet another incriminating evidence. This time, he shows 
you Maggey's apron. It shows some coffee and blood (?) stains. A 
bottle of Postassium cyanide was also found from the apron's pocket... 
and only Maggey's prints were on it. Aargh.

Note here that Godot doesn't seem to notice that there's "blood" on 
the apron. This is a decisive evidence for a future case in this game.

Apron and Potassium Cyanide added into the books.

It'll soon be revealed that the "bloodstain" on the apron is only 
ketchup, ha ha.

GUMSHOE'S TESTIMONY: THE INVESTIGATION                      [ PW3608 ]
1:   "The crime was reported at 2:25 PM by a kind of scary old man, 

2:   "Poor Maggey had passed out from the shock. It must've been real 
      tough for her."

3:   "The victim didn't have any identification on him."

4:   "But we figured out who he was pretty quick, and then the 
      investigation went smoothly."

5:   "When Maggey was searched, we found the lottery ticket and the 
      bottle of poison."

6:   "And that was it. There was nothing else missing from the crime 

You need to know how the police figured out Glen's identity, so press 
4. Gumshoe replies that there was a presciption bag on Glen's table. 
It seems that Glen went to the doctor before he went to Tres Bien. 
The police got his name from the medical records of the doctor who 
prescribed the medicine.

When given the chance, "Ask about the prescription bag". Gumshoe tells 
you that strangely, the bag was empty. 

Victim's prescription bag filed as evidence.

With this, you can finally point out a contradiction in Gumshoe's 
testimony. At 6, show him the prescription bag - Glen was given a 
prescription before going to Tres Bien, but where did the medicine go?
Glen was killed by poision, and his medicine mysteriously disappeared. 
The prescription could've been the poison itself!

Godot has a rebuttal for you though. The label on the prescription 
bag shows that the medicine was prescribed by a certain "New Ear 
Otolaryngological Clinic". For the un-initiated, "otolaryngological" 
basically means ear, nose and throat. Or simply, ENT. Godot explains 
that Glen got into a fight before the incident, and he took a blow to 
the side of his face. As a result, his eardrum is ruptured. The 
prescribed medicine, therefore, was merely a topical cream meant for 
his ear canal, and not an ingestible drug.

To add the icing on the cake, Godot also explains that in the very, 
very fine print of the autopsy report, it was mentioned that traces of 
the cream was found in Glen's left ears.

Things look really bad now. Choose to "Push the medication issue" - 
I mean, you can't just leave it, can you? 

You now ask Godot, if Glen did apply the cream, why wasn't the cream 
found at the crime scene? Watch the cool objection cross-swords as 
Godot's mask burns again. 

Regardless, the trial goes on. Gumshoe's tenure is over again though, 
and Victor is next in line. Before that, however, the judge orders a 

Date: 1/7
Time: 11:03am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

That was a close shave. Go through the conversations and then head 
back to court.

Date: 1/7
Time: 11:15am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 4

Just click through the usual intro quickly. You've a client to save.

VICTOR'S TESTIMONY: WHAT I WITNESSED                        [ PW3609 ]
1:   "The young man was reading the sports paper."

2:   "The serving girl brought him a javaccino... But she put something
      in it!"

3:   "The man took one sip of it, looked like he was in terrible pain, 
      and then collapsed."

4:   "That's the serving girl, right there in the defendant's chair. I 
      remember her well!"

Press at 4. It seems that Victor only remembered anything pertaining 
to the uniform. When prompted, "Press harder". This leads to an 
addition to the testimony.

5:   "There was a ribbon in her hair, and her apron's straps were 

Press this statement immediately. You need more information to back up 
your defense. When given the chance, "Ask about the waitress' back" - 
notice that the features that Victor mentioned were all related to 
things that he could see from the waitress' back. Did he actually see 
her face?

This leads to another addition to Victor's testimony.

6:   "There wasn't anything that caught my interest about her when I 
      saw her from the front."

Aha. Remember Maggey's apron? The one with the ketchup? Show it to 
Victor. Well, he tells you that he hasn't seen this before. Meaning? 
He couldn't have seen the waitress from the front!

Oh yeah, next!

VICTOR'S TESTIMONY: ABOUT THE VICTIM                        [ PW3610 ]
1:    "He was another of those pesky young types, wearing a broken 
       pair of spectacles."

2:    "He had a newspaper in his right hand, and the noisy brat kept 
       rustling its pages!"

3:    "The young man was listening to the wireless. I remember that 

4:    "Then the serving girl in question brought over the javaccino."

5:    "The little fidget picked up the cup with his free hand and took 
       a sip."

This is quite easy. Present the coffee cup at 5 - Victor said that 
Glen was holding the paper with his right hand, which means his "free 
hand" would be the left. However, if you check the coffee cup, you'd 
see the following:

                          |   **** <--------- Lips Stain 
                          |          |===
                          |          | ||  <- Cup Handle
                          |          |===
                          |          |

Now, the only possible way of leaving a stain at this angle is by 
holding the cup with the RIGHT hand. If Glen was using his left hand 
to hold the cup, he'd never be able to leave such a stain.

More testimony to follow.

1:   "The boy was wearing the earpiece on the same side as the green 
      lens of his specs."

2:   "He kept fiddling with it all the time."

3:   "He was fiddling with it just before he picked up the cup, too."

4:   "And then he used the same hand to pick up the cup. His left 

Watch the scenes first, as Godot explains the the "green lens" that 
Victor mentioned was actually a HMD (some sort of a computer monitor 
commonly used by programmers). 

Anyway, at 1, show Victor the prescription bag - Glen has a rupture on 
his left ear, so it's not possible that he'd wear the earpiece on that 

More cross-swords with Godot follow. Click through them until Victor 
gives his final testimony. Love that "infinite ammo code" comment from 
Phoenix. :)

VICTOR'S TESTIMONY: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN                      [ PW3612 ]
1:   "First of all, I want to stress that this might be nothing. I'm 
      not too sure of myself."

2:   "The young boy slumped over the table as soon as he took one sip 
      of his javaccino..."

3:   "Well, the clumsy idiot upset the vase! He knocked it right 

4:   "It broke, and the strip of cloth covering the table got 
      completely soaked."

5:   "Well?! How about that? Turned things upside-down, hmmm?"

Another easy one. Simply present the crime photo at 3 - it clearly 
shows that the vase was still intact after Glen collapsed. It turns 
out that the clumsy idiot that knocked over a vase was none other than 
Victor himself, at his own table.

Victor's testimony added to your records. It says:

"When the incident occured, I broke the vase at my seat. I'm sorry."


This completes the trial for today. 

PART 3: INVESTIGATION                                       [ PW3613 ]
Date: 1/7
Time: 12:52pm
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Talk to Maya on the usual. You'll get the usual hints on what to do 
next, etc. Also note your impression of your doppelganger.

Visit the Criminals Affairs Department now.

Date: 1/7
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

The atmosphere here is rather strange. Everyone seems to be on their 
edge. You believe that something big is going on here, but there's 
nothing you can do about it now.

Go to the detention center next.

Date: 1/7
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Maggey isn't in now. Sigh, the issues with running around headlessly. 
Ok, make your way to Tres Bien then. 

Date: 1/7
Location: Tres Bien

You'll find Gumshoe here. He's listening to the radio. Amazingly, he's 
also eating the Twin-T set. Talk to him about "Today's trial" and 
"Lunch special". Nothing important here, just some intro chit-chats.

Now, ask about "The radio" that he was listening to earlier, and... 
what? He gives you a Psyche-Lock?

This one's easy though. Let's do it.

DICK GUMSHOE'S PSYCHE-LOCK: THE RADIO                       [ PW3614 ]
Do the usual, and then present the victim's lottery ticket when you 
guess the relevance of the radio program that he was listening to - he 
must be listening to the lottery results.



What a waste of Psyche-Locks! Ok, talk about "The radio" now. You'll 
get a Millionaire Radio Flier into your Court Record as a result. It 

"Experience the most thrilling ten minutes of your life every Monday 
at 1:30pm!"

The next thing to do is to show Glen's profile to Gumshoe. He'll 
eventually give you the directions to where Glen used to work - 
Blue Screens, Inc.

So, go there now.

Date: 1/7
Location: Blue Screens, Inc.

What can I say? This place is blue. 

Anyway, you'll meet Lisa Basil here, the director of Blue Screens, Inc.
Like Glen, she's also wearing a HMD on her left eye.

Talk about "Blue Screens, Inc." She tells you that the software that 
the company produces are distributed in CDs. This could explain the 
presence of the CD at Tres Bien.

Ask "What happened". She shows you Glen desk. You can check it out 
later, but first, show her Glen's profile. She tells you that Glen 
suffered from some trouble, but she then quickly changes her tune.

Ask about "Glen's troubles", and, you guess it, Psyche-Locks. All 
three of them.

There's still some sleuthing to do here. Firstly, check his desk. 
You'll find a calendar on it, with 12/3 marked in red pen. The remarks 
on that day says:

"Meet with the Tiger."

Hmm. You may remember someone in a shirt with a tiger picture some 
time earlier...

... but back to the matter at hand, Glen's calender will be filed as 

Next, examine the small pieces of paper (green/ brown) on the floor, 
under Glen's desk. These are all losing horse racing tickets. Looks 
like Glen is quite the gambler.

Glen's losing horse racing tickets acquired. yes, all 500 of them.

You should head to the kitchen at Tres Bien now.

Date: 1/7
Location: Tres Bien, Kitchen

You see the emo girl with the head bandage again. She leaves after 
threatening Armstrong a little. Wow, fierce. Approach Armstrong and 
ask him about "The woman just now". He doesn't really want to talk 
about it, but you're pretty sure what the conversation as all about.

So, show him the loan contract. He blurts out something about having 
no choice but to help "them". Ask about "The woman just now" again. 
This time, Armstrong will tell you that she's from the loan office, 
Tender Lender. A new topic on "Tender Lender" appears after this. 
Talk about it.

He tells you about a man known as "The Tiger", who's the manager of 
Tender Lender. He also mentions something about a scooter. I guess you 
should know who this guy is by now.

He gives you the location of the loan office, so you can go there now.

By the way, you can also ask Armstrong about "Tres Bien" before you 
go, but it isn't really necessary.

Date: 1/7
Location: Tres Bien

Gumshoe's leaving for a big meeting. Before he goes, he gives you a 
lunchbox. Apparently, he made it himself. He asks you to pass it to 
Maggey. Sob story material, here.

Gumshoe's Lunchbox acquired.

Date: 1/7
Location: Vitamin Square

You need to go to Tender Lender, and you've to pass by here. There's 
nothing here, so just head to your destination.

Date: 1/7
Location: Tender Lender

The emo girls appears, and disappears swiftly. Take the opportunity to 
examine the office. Search the jackets that are hanging on the right 
side of the area. You notice a jacket that looks exactly like yours. 
You'll also find a fake attorney's badge here. Damn it, Xin Eoph!

Paper Badge acquired.

Examine the pink CD player on the table. It's a demo CD, and it has 
"MC Bomber" written on it. This must be the CD that Maggey saw at 
Tres Bien that day.

MC Bomber filed as evidence.

Check out the ash tray at the right side of the table, on the floor. 
You'll find a packet of matches that's from Tres Bien. 

Tres Bien Matches added to the records.

Once all the three evidences are found, "The Tiger" returns. The emo 
girl calls him Don Tigre (in true Godfather style), but his name is 
actually Furio Tigre. After some exchanges, he basically admits that 
he's your imposter. He leaves soon after, but the emo girl stays 

NOTE: Now you know why his shirt is symbolic - a tiger bitng a 
dragon = Tigre defeating Ryuichi.

Her name is Violetta. You can talk to her about "Tender Lender" and 
"What happened". It seems that she knows something about it. In fact, 
I suspect that she's the waitress that Victor saw... but that's just 
my guess. 

You'll now get Tigre's profile (automatically added to the "profiles" 
tab). Show it to Violetta. She tells you that they're lovers (?), and 
he has saved her life before.

This opens a topic on "Saved your life?". You won't really find out 
what happened, except that Tigre "gave up everything for her" when the 
doctors told her to "abandon all hope".

The above leads to a new conversation selection for "The head bandage". 
Talk about it. She tells you that she puts on the bandage after an 
operation following a fatal injury. When you attempt to find out more, 
however, and she'll show you four Psyche-Locks.

Before you go, examine the bookshelf. You'll find a piece of repair 
bill here. It shows that Tigre spent $15,000 to replace a bumper and a 
light on a car that belongs to "The Cadaverinis". More about them 

Repair bill acquired.

Go to the Vitamin Square now.

Date: 1/7
Location: Vitamin Square

Victor returns to feed the pigeons. Talk to him about "Today's trial", 
and he insists that he saw the waitress put some white powder into the 
coffee. He also insists that the Glen's earpiece is on his "HMD side". 
Hmm, maybe there's some truth to his claims.

Talk about "Embroiderer". He starts talking nonsense again. When given 
the chance to stop him, don't. Instead, choose to "Suck it up", and 
he'll eventually reveal that he was asked to run an errand at Tres 
Bien on the day of the murder.

Ask about this "errand". Victor tells you that upon discovering Glen's 
body, Armstrong shouted at him to call the police. He doesn't carry a 
cell phone, so he went out looking for a pay phone. It took him about 
five minutes before finding one and returning to the restaurant.

Meaning? There's an unaccounted time of five minutes before the police 
arrived. Did Armstrong send Victor out for a purpose? 

Go to Tres Bien's kitchen now.

Date: 1/7
Location: Tres Bien, Kitchen

You recount the suspicious points now. Jean isn't around though, so 
head to the detention center for Maggey then.

Date: 1/7
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Maggey is here again. She tells you that the testimonies in court 
today don''t add up. Ask about "Contradiction", and she'll tell you 
about the discrepancy of who actually slipped the poison into the 
coffee. She saw the other guy did it, but Victor saw a waitress did 

There's also the thing about the missing CD.

Talk to her about "After the incident". This further strengthen your 
suspicions on Armstrong's involvement in the case. 

You can show her Gumshoe's lunchbox now. She doesn't accept it though, 
so Maya and you finished it up. Yummy.

Now, show her Victor's testimony or Victor's profile. She tells you 
that it's strange that Victor was even testifying today. There was 
indeed another customer in Tres Bien that day when she served the 
coffee, but it was a creepy woman. Violetta?

You should go find Gumshoe at the Criminal Affairs Department next.

Date: 1/7
Location: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.

It looks like a virus is sweeping the precinct's computer system. 
Ignore that for now though, and talk to Gumshoe about "Tender Lender".
His assessment of Tender Lender isn't very good, but he reveals that 
the loan company ran into some trouble recently. He also mentions 
about a "lady" that you shouldn't be upsetting.

I think you should know who this lady is. Show Gumshoe Violetta's 
profile. He'll reveal her full name - Viola Cadaverini. She's the 
only granddaughter of Bruto Cadaverini, the boss of the Cadaverini 
family. Wow, sounds like we're really having some Godfather moments 

You can now ask about "The Cadaverinis". They're basically a bunch 
of criminals with so much money that even the police find it hard to 
break them. It's not surprising, therefore, that they're also control-
ing Tender Lender.

You should now ask about "Computer viruses". This opens up a topic on 
"What's a virus?" (duh!). Talk about it as you explain the nature of 
a computer virus to the two goons (that's Gumshoe and Maya). Gumshoe 
then mentions something about the name of the virus that the police 
are getting now.

But now, it's pretty obvious that the "sample CD" that Maggey saw 
isn't exactly a musical CD. Present MC Bomber to Gumshoe, and he'll 
confirm that it's indeed the virus that's attacking the precinct's 
computer right now.

A topic on "MC Bomber" appears. Talk about it, and Gumshoe reveals 
that the name of the virus has been circulating for quite some time. 
In fact, someone actually used it to demand a ransom from the police 
force earlier. Eventually, someone put the program up on the black 
market, and the consequences are quite detrimental.

The new informtation about MC Bomber will be appended in your records.

As this discussion is coming to an end, Gumshoe suddenly remembers 
about his lunchbox. Just go through the conversation to get another 
lunchbox from him.

You now have all the ingredients to break Lisa's Psyche-Locks (you 
still remember her, don't you?). Go to Blue Screens now.

Date: 1/7
Location: Blue Screens, Inc.

LISA BASIL'S PSYCHE-LOCK: GLEN'S TROUBLES                   [ PW3615 ]
Present the magatama to initiate the lock-breaking sequence. When 
asked to point out Glen's troubles, present the losing horse racing 
tickets. Yeah, all 500 of them.

These are not enough to break Lisa. When asked to further prove Glen's 
obsession is gambling, show her the lottery ticket - continuously 
losing money in betting could've cause Glen to attempt something 
seriously bad. One lock crushed.

Continue on, and you'll have to point out Glen's real problem. Present 
Glen's calendar to proceed. Glen must've loaned some money from Tigre, 
and 12/ 3 was the date that he was to meet up with the money lender to 
discuss his debts.

Lisa denies any knowledge of Tigre. During the next prompt, show her 
Tigre's profile. Another lock crushed.

She'll finally tell you something concrete. Apparently, Glen has 
incurred a debt of about $100,000 at Tender Lender. Of course, he 
eventually won the lottery, but even if he didn't, he must've a plan 
to find the money he needed. Perhaps, he was thinking of using his 
talents as a programmer to write a program for this purpose?

When asked to reveal the identity of this program, present MC Bomber. 

All locks crushed.


Wow, that was a long one. Nevertheless, you're rewarded with the 
"Glen's troubles" conversation. Talk about it. Lisa tells you about 
some risky business that Glen was getting involved with before he 

Ask about the "Risky extra work". She confirms that Glen was the 
writer of MC Bomber. She also says that the program would fetch a 
few million dollars on the black market. 12/3 was supposed to be the 
date that Glen "repaid his debts". 

The new information about MC Bomber will be updated in the books.
Meanwhile, the horse racing tickets are discarded.

Ok, time to break the four locks at Tender Lender.

Date: 1/7
Location: Tender Lender

As usual, show Viola the magatama to begin. When you've to relate her 
injury with an evidence, show the repair bill - a car owned by the 
Cadaverinis being involved in an accident? You got it.

Viola now challenges you to prove the relevance of this information. 
Present Bruto Cadaverini's profile - Viola is the mafia's boss grand- 
daugther. One lock crushed.

Viola finally talks... a little. She tells you that the accident 
happened about four months ago. She collided with a motorcycle while 
driving one of her family cars. The person riding the bike drove off 
later, but you've a rough idea about who he is. Show Tigre's profile 
when asked to identify this person. Second lock crushed.

Perhaps Viola isn't sure, but with the second lock that broke, it's 
obvious that she suspected Tigre as well. When asked to show proof 
that Tigre was recently involved in an accident, present his scooter - 
it was all wrecked up the last time you saw it, remember?

This breaks the third lock. You're close. You continue your attack on 
Viola...'s remaining lock. Eventually, you've to tell her why Tigre 
decided to foot the bill for her operation. Show Bruto Cadaverini's 
profile again - can he NOT pay? I mean, she's the granddaughter of a 
mafia boss, you know.

It's all over for Viola as the final lock vanishes.


Finally, "The head bandage". Viola reveals that the operation cost 
a million dollars. This leads to a topic on "Compensation". Surely, 
this has got something to do with Glen's poisoning.

Talk about this "Compensation". Watch the scenes now as Viola reveals 
that Tigre did something "evil" to get the money for the operation. 
She also tells you that because she believed in him, she helped him in 
the event.

The truth is out there.

She'll eventually give you her medical papers. Yeah, the bill was 
indeed one million dollars. Poor Viola.

Viola's medical papers filed as evidence, and repair bill discarded.

Return to Tres Bien now.

Date: 1/7
Location: Tres Bien

You'll meet Armstrong again, but this time, he's accompanied by Tigre. 
Watch through the next scenes as both of them attempted to rob you of 
Viola's medical papers. Gumshoe comes to your rescue, and indirectly 
buys himself a lifeline with Maggey.

Click through the rest of the scenes until the day finally ends.

PART 4-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW3617 ]
Date: 1/8
Time: 9:46am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Gumshoe returns the small bottle that you found at the Tres Bien 
kitchen to you. The analysis is out, and it says that the contents in 
the bottle is the topical medication for Glen's ears. Hmm... what was 
it doing in the kitchen? He has nothing on the fingerprints yet though.

Small bottle returned to the evidence list.

Date: 1/8
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 4

Your first witness today is Armstrong.

ARMSTRONG'S TESTIMONY: AT TRES BIEN                         [ PW3618 ]
1:   "When it all 'appened, z'ere were just two customers in my 

2:   "I remember I was experimenting w'iz some new art deco z'at day."

3:   "Like 'aving a large mirror between la tables, for example."

4:   "Oui! Per'aps z'at is what la old man was looking at."

5:   "La cup, la earpiece and la glasses... 'E would 'ave seen 
      everyz'ing in reverse, non?"

The mirror statement causes some commotion. At 5, present Glen's 
profile - if Victor was to see everything from a mirror's reflection, 
the HMD and the earpiece would actually appear on the Glen's RIGHT 
side, but he was adamant that he saw them on the LEFT. 

Godot isn't convinced, and he uses Victor's muddle-headedness as a 
form of rebuttal. Never mind, just go with the flow until Armstrong's 
next testimony. This testimony will refer heavily to the Tres Bien's 
floor plans, so expect some ugly ASCII drawings again.

ARMSTRONG'S TESTIMONY: THE MIRROR                           [ PW3619 ]
1:   "Alors. Is everyone sitting comfortably?"

2:   "La mirror, it was in z'e middle of la restaurant, dividing z'e 
      two 'alves."

            --------------     -------     --------------
            |         |   -----   |   -----   | ||---|  |
            | Kitchen |( )|   |( )|( )| X |(V)| ||      -
            |         -   -----   |   -----   | --      -
            |                                           |
            |         -     ==M I R R O R==            -|
            |         |                                ||
            |         |   -----   |   -----   |        -|
            |         |( )|   |( )|( )|   |( )|         |
            |         |   -----   |   -----   |         |
            --------------     -------    ---------------

3:   "Z'ere is only one seat from which you could 'ave seen an image 
      of la victim."

            --------------     -------     --------------
            |         |   -----   |   -----   | ||---|  |
            | Kitchen |(W)|   |( )|( )| X |(V)| ||      -
            |         -   -----   |   -----   | --      -
            |                                           |
            |         -     ==M I R R O R==            -|
            |         |                                ||
            |         |   -----   |   -----   |        -|
            |         |( )|   |( )|( )|   |( )|         |
            |         |   -----   |   -----   |         |
            --------------     -------    ---------------

      NOTE: Location "W" is where Armstrong is referring to in this 

4:   "Z'at was la seat at z'e table next to la victim's. Z'at was 
      where la old man was sitting."

5:   "After la terrible incident occurred, I moved la mirror so it was 
      not in z'e way."

6:   "But naturally, I did not touch anything else!"

At 6, present the crime photo - if Armstrong's testimony is true, then 
the photo clearly shows something that's not supposed to be there. 
When asked to point out this object, point to the vase on the left of 
the photo.

Why so? Present Victor's testimony - he broke the vase at his seat, 
remember? If Victor was sitting at "W", then surely the vase shouldn't 
appear in the crime photo, because it was broken immediately after 
Glen was poisoned. Which means, Victor couldn't be sitting at "W" at 

Now, if "W" wasn't the only place that could see Glen's table, the 
only conclusion you could draw is that there was no mirror at Tres 
Bien that day. 

You'll now have to explain the reason behind all the contradictions in 
Victor's testimony. Select "The victim was a phony" to proceed - the 
"victim" that Victor saw that day wasn't Glen at all. It was an 
imposter! Someone played the role of Glen, and acted out the coffee 
poisoning scene so as to create a witness out of Victor.

Which means... the-waitress-poisoning-the-coffee scene is also a 
set-up. Yeah, I was right. It must be Viola... but we'll come to that 

Next testimony, go!

1:   "La victim, Monsieur Elg, 'e came to my restaurant alone."

2:   "I remember la old man arrived not long after 'im."

3:   "Z'ere were no other customers."

4:   "When 'e got word 'e won la lottery, Mon. Elg became very 

5:   "It was approximately 5 minutes later z'at la poisoning incident 

6:   "Non, z'ere was no time for a phony to do la acting."

Press at 2, and then ask "What time was it?" This leads to a revision 
to the testimony.

7:   "I remember la old man arrived not long after 'im, just after 

This would be easy if you've been paying attention to the evidence. 
Present the millionaire radio flier immediately - the lottery results 
were announced at 1:30pm, which means that if Glen indeed let out a 
"shout of joy" at his lottery win, it'd have been pretty much closer 
to that time, instead of after 2:00pm.

Conclusion? The "victim" that Victor saw was a fake, acting out the 
poisoning 30 minutes after the real murder.

Click through the scenes as you explain the tale of two Glen Elgs. 
Eventually, you'll have to answer a series of questions. Firstly, for 
the location of the real Glen, select "Inside Tres Bien".

Next, for the exact location, point to the kitchen on the floor plans. 

As for the evidence that proves that the body was indeed hidden in the 
kitchen, it's the small bottle - this was Glen's ear medication, and 
it was found in the kitchen. When the body was moved into the kitchen, 
the bottle must have fallen out from Glen's pocket.

Armstrong finally breaks down.

ARMSTRONG'S TESTIMONY: THE CONFESSION                       [ PW3621 ]
1:   "It is true, I 'id la body in la kitchen."

2:   "A man forced me to do it. I 'ad no choice."

3:   "I 'ad to go along w'iz 'im because... Z'ere was a reason why I 
      could not refuse."

4:   "But I did not kill 'im! I swear it! You must believe me!"

Armstrong also finally admits that when Glen was poisoned, there was 
indeed another person at the table.

Present Tigre's profile at 2 - he must be the man who forced Armstrong 
to hide the body. As for the reason why Armstrong has no choice, 
present the loan contract.

Armstrong now explains the events leading to the murder. Click through 
the scenes, and the judge demand that Godot summons Tigre in as a 
witness. Godot promises to get Tigre here in 30 minutes.


PART 4-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW3622 ]
Date: 1/8
Time: 1:21pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Go through the scenes as usual until you decide to get Gumshoe to run 
a little errand for you. Show him the small bottle so that he could 
bring it for a fingerprint analysis.

Small bottle given to Gumshoe, again.

Back to court for the final showdown now.

Date: 1/8
Time: 1:56pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 4

Phoenix vs Xin Eoph, fight!

TIGRE'S TESTIMONY: THE TIGER'S ALIBI                        [ PW3623 ]
1:   "I don't know nothin' about no murder."

2:   "I was tied up with business in December last year. Spent all'a 
      my time in my office."

3:   "I got whales lined up to borrow cash from Tender Lender every 
      single day."

4:   "Youse wanna check my alibi, just ask Violetta."

The judge imposes a penalty system here, but if you're following this 
walkthrough, you shouldn't even bother with it. Anyway, press at 2. 
Continue on with the scenes, and you'll get a chance to "Press harder". 
Do so.

You ask about his whereabouts on 12/3. This leads to an addition to 
his testimony.

5:   "The day youse talkin' about I was in de office, too. I never saw 
      that kid before."

Easy, no? Show him Glen's calendar - Glen has an appointment with him 
on 12/3 itself.

Commotion and the likes, and then we'll hit Tigre's next testimony.

TIGRE'S TESTIMONY: THE VICTIM, GLEN ELG                     [ PW3624 ]
1:   "I ain't no liar. I never met Glen Elg."

2:   "There was some lame guy with that name, though. Wanted to borrow 
      cash from me."

3:   "I set up a meetin' with the guy... at my office, Tender Lender."

4:   "I waited around for him, but he ain't ever showed."

5:   "I ain't never been to that Tres Bien joint, youse hear?"

At 5, present Tres Bien matches - you found them at Tender Lender. 
Nuff said.

TIGRE'S TESTIMONY: AT TRES BIEN                             [ PW3625 ]
1:   "I was supposed to meet wid the kid at restaurant that 

2:   "When I opened the door to the joint, I saw one ugly scene."

3:   "The guy was laid out over the table, stiff as concrete."

4:   "I figured if the place wasn't hot already, it was gonna be, so I 

5:   "I heard the cop's sirens on my way out, and I went straight back 
      to my office.

TIGRE'S CROSS-EXAMINATION: AT TRES BIEN                     [ PW3625 ]
Present the Tres Bien floor plans at 3 - if Tigre was indeed at the 
door (see location "T"), he wouldn't be able to see Glen's body at all 
because the view is blocked by a partition.

       --------------     -------     --------------
       |         |   -----   |   -----   | ||---|  |
       | Kitchen |( )|   |( )|( )| X |(V)| ||   <--  T (field of 
       |         -   -----   |   -----   | --      -    vision
       |                                           |    blocked)
       |         -                                -|
       |         |                                ||
       |         |   -----   |   -----   |        -|
       |         |( )|   |( )|( )|   |( )|         |
       |         |   -----   |   -----   |         |
       --------------     -------    ---------------

You'll soon have to reveal the identity of the real murderer. Present
Tigre's profile to proceed - it could only be him, really.

As for the waitress that Victor saw, you know, the one who put powder 
into the coffee? Present Viola's profile to proceed - I'm glad that 
I was right.

TIGRE'S TESTIMONY: TIES TO THE VICTIM                       [ PW3626 ]
1:   "Yeah, I loaned Elg cash. About $100,000."

2:   "That day, we was due to have a little chat. The kid had hit his 
      payback date, see?"

3:   "So anyway, he tells me he's got no way to pay up."

4:   "I'm about to flatten the guy, when he starts screamin'."

5:   "Yesss! I won! Half a million bucks!" He got lucky, you' know. 
      Real lucky."

6:   "If that waitress hadn't done what she done, everythin' woulda 
      been over."

In this cross-examination, you'll have to establish a motive for the 
murder. Glen won the lottery, and would've no problems returning the 
money to Tigre. So, why would he kill?

Press at 6 for more information. When given the chance, "Ask how 
things would've been". This leads to an addition to the testimony - 
the most decisive one in this entire case, by the way.

7:   "I was after the $100,000. I didn't have no other reason to kill 
      the guy!"

Present MC Bomber at this statement - Tigre wasn't after the $100,000. 
He was after the virus program, which could fetch several million 
dollars in the black market.

You'll face a series of questions next. Firstly, why would Tigre need 
a million dollars? Present Viola's medical papers - it's to 
"compensate" the Cadaverinis for hitting Viola. With Glen winning the 
lottery, Tigre lost a legitimate way to get hold of the CD. so, he has 
no choice but to poison Glen.

Watch as you explain Tigre's plans in full. It's pretty much self- 

Soon, you'll have to explain the trick that Tigre performed to ensure 
that Maggey is convicted. Present the paper badge to proceed - he 
took your role, and did his best in court to make sure that he lost 
the case.

You'll still need a decisive evidence to nail Tigre, and it comes in 
the form of Gumshoe... and the small bottle! Heroic cut-scene as the 
detective returns with the decisive proof to save the princess!

The judge grants a recess for you to prepare this final proof.

Date: 1/8
Time: 2:48pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

The fingerprint analysis is out! Tigre's prints are all over the 
bottle, but you comment that they can't prove anything, since the 
bottle contains only medication for Glen's ears.

Still, the small bottle is returned to the court records.

Date: 1/8
Time: 3:04pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 4

Go through the conversations quickly, and the judge will soon ask you 
to present this decisive evidence. Show him the small bottle anyway, 
even though you know it can't prove anything - everyone in court knows 
what the bottle contains. Everyone, except Tigre - he wasn't in court 
when the contents in the bottle was established. You're basically 
calling a bluff here.

Tell Tigre that the bottle contains "potassium cyanide". 

Tigre sees through your bluff though... and then stupidly tells you 
that the bottle containing the cyanide was brown and made of glass - 
information that only the real killer would've known!

Finally, yeah!

Date: 1/8
Time: 4:10pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Go through the scenes as usual. When asked to give Maggey a little 
present to celebrate her freedom, present Gumshoe's lunchbox. 

And she gobbles it down. The lunchbox finally sows a seed of love.

                                             RECIPE FOR TURNABOUT: END


7. EPISODE 4: TURNABOUT BEGINNINGS                          [ PW3701 ]

BACKGROUND                                                  [ PW3702 ]
The case begins with a showdown on a bridge. A man is taking a girl 
hostage, while a policewoman fires a shot. A figure fell into the 
waters below.

Pan to the current. You're reading about Mia's first case. The file 
talks about the murder of a certain Sergeant Valerie Hawthorne, by a 
fugitive name Terry Fawles. Fawles was Mia's first client, and, if you 
remember from the first case of this game, she hinted that she lost 
that trial.

In this episode, you'll return to six years ago for Mia's first ever 
adventure as a defense attorney. 

PART 1-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW3703 ]
Date: 2/16
Time: 9:24am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

Talk to Fawles to get more information to the case. Fawles was on  
death row, but he escaped from custody two days ago. He's now arrested 
for the murder of Valerie, a police officer. 

Fawles also tells you that a woman lied in her testimony in his 
previous trial five years ago, which was why he was given the death 

As you continue to talk to him, a familiar figure appears to encourage 
you. He's Diego Armando - if you remember from the earlier case, he's 
your "boyfriend". Now, you finally get the true identity of Godot. :)

Diego tells you that the prosecutor for today is a rookie as well, 
even though he has a reputation as a genius. Take a guess at who's 
that if you want... but my guess is obviously Miles Edgeworth.

Date: 2/16
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 4

Ah, a different judge. This is the one from the Luke Atmey case, in 
which Phoenix interrupted the proceedings to file a murder trial 

Edgeworth summarizes the case now. Fawles was sentenced to death five 
years ago for kidnapping, extortion and murder. Apparently, he threw a 
14-year-old girl off a bridge. The case was eventually decided by a 
witness's testimony, and this person was none other than Valeria, the 
police officer who contronted Fawles.

The motive is pretty strong in this one, then.

Go through the rest of conversations until the first witness takes the 
stands. As you may've expected, it's Detective Gumshoe again.

Gumshoe begins to summarize the events now. Check the autopsy report 
to find that Valerie was stabbed with a knife in the back. She died 
from a blood loss between 4:00pm to 5:00pm. The detective then shows a 
sketch of Dusky Bridge, which resides above the Eagle River. Valerie 
and Fawles met on top of the bridge. After stabbing her, he carried 
her body back to his car. He was eventually recaptured at a police 
checkpoint as he was trying to get away. No traces of Valerie's blood 
was found on the bridge, presumably because she was wearing a thick 

Dusky Bridge map filed as evidence.

1:   "On the day of the incident, an unknown person phoned the sergeant 
      and asked to meet."

2:   "Sergeant Hawthorne went to Dusky Bridge at the designated time 
      and met with Mr. Fawles."

3:   "And that's where she was brutally murdered, sir."

4:   "The criminal stuffed her body into his car trunk and tried to 
      make a getaway."

5:   "Mr. Fawles was arrested at a police checkpoint we set up at the 
      base of the mountain."

Press at 1, and Gumshoe will tell you that said unknown person was 
Fawles. He then reveals that Valerie left a note about the phone call. 

Victim's Note added to the Court Record.

Check the note now. It says:

"February 14/ 1:21pm. Fawles. 4:30pm @ "that" bridge. Wear white scarf 
for identification. *Talk to Dahlia. Tell her this time the whole 
truth must come out."

Yes, Dahlia. 

Press at 4 now. Gumshoe explains that Fawles stole the car. He also 
shows a photo of the stolen car's trunk. Valerie's body is shown in 
the trunk. You can't really tell from the photo, but the knife was 
stuck in her back firmly.

Crime Photo filed as evidence.

The above leads to an addition to Gumshoe's testimony.

6:   "Here's a photo of the trunk. But I don't see anything strange, 
      do you? Anyway..."

Present the victim's note here - in the note, Valerie mentioned about 
wearing a white scarf for identification. However, in the crime photo, 
her body doesn't show signs of any scarf. Where did the scarf go?

Edgeworth then casually presents the scarf, which is now covered in 
mud. He mentions that he found it as Dusky Bridge, before the police 
even conducted their search at the area. Note that the scarf isn't 
exactly white.

Scarf added to the records.

Next testimony, please.

1:   "Actually, there's an eyewitness who was there when the incident 
      took place."

2:   "This photo was accidentally taken by the witness. It shows her 
      wearing the scarf, sir."

3:   "It was drizzling that day; unfortunately, it's a little hard to 
      see what's going on."

4:   "Anyway, the criminal shoved the victim down from behind and 
      stabbed her in the back."

5-   "...That must have been when the scarf fell off."

Witness's photo added to the records.

This is easy. Present the crime photo at 4 - if Fawles really did 
push Valerie from behind, then something isn't right with the photo. 
When asked to point out this contradiction, point to Valerie's coat in 
the photo - if Valerie really did fall on her front on top of the 
bridge, then her coat would've been covered in mud. However, in the 
crime photo, her coat is clean.

You'll now need to prove that the surface of the bridge was indeed 
muddy. Present the scarf - if the scarf fell onto the bridge and 
became muddy, the bridge must've been covered in mud.

Continue on with the cross-fire until you get to identify the false 
evidence in this case. Choose "witness's testimony" to proceed. 

Watch now as you explain the contradiction in the witness's testimony. 
You'll now request to cross-examine this witness. 

The witness identifies herself as Melissa Foster, but hey! Isn't she 
Dahlia Hawthorne? See? I told you that you haven't seen the last of 
her yet, didn't I? I can almost be sure that she's the murderer in 
this case now!

1:   "I... I was using my camera to take some pictures of wild 

2:   "Then, I noticed there were two people standing up on the 
      suspension bridge."

3:   "Suddenly, they just started fighting!"

4:   "That's when I hurried and took the photo that shows the crucial 

5:   "And right after that, I called the police."

The judge also asks where Melissa was when she took the photo. Refer 
to the crudely drawn ASCII diagram below for reference - she claims 
that she's standing at the location "M".

                  | | | | | | | | | | | |    \ \ | | |   <-- Bridge
 #######            ||
 ########           ||
 ##BUSHES##   ------ \ 
 ##########  / ------ \
 ###########- /      \ \
 -------------       / /
                    / /
 #############     / /
 ##############   / /
 ###BUSHES####   / /
 ########## CLIFF  |
 ########  /     | |
 ---------     M | |
                 | |
                 | |
                 | |

Also, Melissa's camera filed as evidence.

Present the witness's photo at 4 - the photo merely shows two people 
facing each other on the bridge, and isn't exactly a "crucial moment", 
is it?

Melissa replies that she ran out of film after taking the photo. This 
leads to the addition of new statements.

6:   "The victim turned around and tried to run away, but..."

7:   "She only got about 10 yards before she was stabbed in the back."

Present the Dusky Bridge map at 6 - from the map, you can see clearly 
that the side of the bridge directly behind Valerie is collapsed. 
If she were to turn and run, she wouldn't even make five yards, let 
alone 10!

Edgeworth then objects and says that the map is a current blueprint of 
the bridge. However, even though it's currently in disrepair, there's 
no evidence to prove that it was broken during the incident. Wow, he's 


1:   "After he stabbed her in the back, he quickly picked her up in 
      his arms."

2:   "Then he carried her over to the car."

3:   "I suppose that was the only way he could make sure the body 
      stayed hidden."

4:   "He couldn't just leave the body on top of the bridge."

5:   "Oh, I'm sorry... I'm only supposed to talk about what I saw."

Present the Dusky Bridge map at 3 - there was a much easier way to 
make sure that the body wasn't found. In the kidnapping case from 
five years ago, the victim's body was carried away by the strong 
currents of Eagle River, and was never found. 

So, if Fawles had to hide Valerie's body, why wouldn't he just toss 
the body into the river?

More objections, and Edgeworth reminds you that the body was indeed 
found in the trunk of the car. So, what gives?

Anyway, after all the hoo-hah, Melissa will add the following statement 
to her testimony.
6:   "The killer broke into the trunk of the stolen car and hid the 
      body in there."

Present the Dusky Bridge map again here - refer to the ASCII drawing 
for more details.

                  | | | | | | | | | | | |    \ \ | | |   <-- Bridge
 #######            ||
 ########           ||
 ##BUSHES##   ------ \ 
 ##########  / ------ \
 ###########- /      \ \
 -------------       / /
                    / /
 #############     / /
 ##############   / /
 ###BUSHES####   / /
 ########## CLIFF  |
 ########  /     | |
 ---------     M | |
                 | |
                 | |
                 | |

If Melissa was indeed at "M", she wouldn't be able to see the car at 
all, since an outcropping of rock is directly in the way! You'll also 
bring to Edgeworth's and Melissa's attention that the witness's photo 
itself clearly shows a CLIFF to the left of the picture. As such, 
Melissa's field of vision would've been completely cut-off.

A series of questions greet you as this portion of the trial draws to  
a close. Watch the next scenes as Melissa explains about how she was 
certain that Fawles broke into the trunk. She points to the scratch 
marks around the keyhole of the trunk as support.

When prompted, tell the court that what Melissa suggests "doesn't 
work" - Melissa claims she was taking photos in the fields, but yet 
she knew about the scratch marks. When did she get a chance to see 
those scratch marks?

When given the chance to explain how Melissa saw the scratches, select 
"She put the corpse in herself" to proceed. Indeed, if Fawles was the 
person who put the body into the trunk, he wouldn't need to break it 
since he has the CAR KEY.

Edgeworth objects, and asks you to explain how could Melissa be 
putting in the body at the car when she was actually taking photographs 
at the fields beyond the cliff.

Well, you explain that the shutter for the witness's photograph may 
not have been pushed by Melissa herself. Present the camera to back 
up your point - it has a timer function, and it's fixed onto a tripod. 

Next, you'll have to show the court where Melissa was at the time of 
the crime. Point to the location "V" to proceed:

                  | | | | | | | | | |K|V|    \ \ | | |   <-- Bridge
 #######            ||
 ########           ||
 ##BUSHES##   ------ \ 
 ##########  / ------ \
 ###########- /      \ \
 -------------       / /
                    / /
 #############     / /
 ##############   / /
 ###BUSHES####   / /
 ########## CLIFF  |
 ########  /     | |
 ---------       | |
                 | |
                 | |
                 | |

Melissa was on the bridge, dressed as Valerie.

Watch now as you explain how this could happen. Your basic premise is 
that the body must've been placed inside the trunk before the defedant 
met the "victim". Meaning, by the time the witness's photo was taken, 
Valerie was already dead. Melissa then took the role of Valerie, and 
met up with Fawles.

Edgeworth argues that Fawles knew Valerie, and wouldn't mistook 
Melissa for her. Present the victim's note now - Fawles had forgotten 
how Valerie looked like, which was why he asked her to come with a 
scarf for identification.

Melissa collapses, and the judge calls for a recess. So far, so good. 

PART 1-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW3708 ]
Date: 2/16
Time: 1:14am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 4

Diego tells you that you'll need to establish a motive for Melissa's 
crime. He feels that it could be related to the kidnapping case from 
five years ago. Fawles decides to tell you more about it.

According to him, the bridge has been broken (collapsed on one side) 
for at least five years. He admits that he did kidnap his girlfriend, 
Dahlia Hawthorne - yes, Dahlia is Valerie's younger sister. 

Flashback to the intro confrontation at the bridge. Valerie was at 
the scene, trying to save her little sister from the clutches of 
Fawles. This was when Fawles tells you that the kidnapping was staged 
by all three of them - him, Dahlia... and Valerie. The plan was mooted
to get a jewel from the Hawthorne's family jewelry business. 

Said jewel was a two million dollars diamond. The exchange was to be 
done at Dusky Bridge, and Valerie was tasked to do the exchange. The 
money was to be splitted three ways, but Valerie shot at them for real. 
During the exchanges, Fawles was hurt in one arm, while Dahlia jumped 
into the river... presumably on purpose.

The rest was history. Valerie testified against Fawles, and the death 
sentenced was passed.

Diego will now ask about the diamond. Fawles replies that Dahlia put 
the diamond in her backpack on that fateful day, and with her jumping 
into the river, the diamond could be gone forever.

But of course, we all know that she's still alive.

Diamond added to the Court Record.

Date: 2/16
Time: 1:49am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 4

Remember, you key objective here is to establish a motive for Melissa 
to kill Valerie.

1:   "I... I was out of the country until the year before last."

2:   "Until I entered college, I had never even been to Eagle Mountain 

3:   "And I certainly don't have any reason for wanting to hurt a 
      police officer."

4:   "Holding a grudge and killing the officer who testified against 
      you 5 years ago..."

5:   "Or kidnapping a poor girl... I just think the defendant is a 
      terrible, horrible monster!"

Press at 4. Continue with the discussions until you're given a choice 
to "Press harder". Melissa is thankful that she wasn't wearing a 
white scarf that day, or Fawles could've killed her. At this point, 
choose to have this last statement "added to the testimony".

Which is promptly done:

6:   "I guess I'm lucky I wasn't wearing a white scarf."

Present the scarf here - you point to the scarf in the witness's 
photo, and questions Melissa's knowledge of the details of the color 
of the scarf. The scarf found at the crime scene isn't even white at 

So, what could be the reason that made Melissa thinks that the scarf 
is white? Present the victim's note - she must've seen the victim's 
note to have know the color of the scarf that Fawles mentioned.

At the time of the murder, the number of people that knew about this 
note was limited. Fawles and Valerie obviously knew, but who's the 
third person that knew? Present Dahlia's (not Melissa, ok) profile - 
on the note, the name "Dahlia" was specifically mentioned.

Watch the following scenes as you reveal that Melissa and Dahlia are 
all but the same person. You'll soon be asked to explain Dahlia's 
motive for killing her own sister. Present the victim's note again - 
in the note, Valerie was threatening Dahlia that she was going to 
reveal the secret between the sisters. The motive for killing Valerie 
is therefore to keep her mouth permanently shut.

Just continue on from here until you get Dahlia's last testimony.

DAHLIA'S TESTIMONY: FIVE YEARS AGO                          [ PW3710 ]
1:   "Five years ago, I was kidnapped by Mr. Fawles."

2:   "The ransom price was a raw diamond. My sister, Valerie. brought 
      it to the bridge..."

3:   "After she made the exchange, she shot Mr. Fawles in the arm!"

4:   "That's when Mr. Fawles tried to kill me by shoving me off the 
      bridge from behind!"

5:   "I survived, but I was afraid I might be kidnapped again for my 
      family's money..."

6:   "So I decided to change my identity and start a new life..."

Show the Dusky Bridge map at 4 - time to use the ugly drawing again. 
There was something that I was lazy to draw earlier, but it's in now.
Underneath the collapsed side of the bridge is a land of bedrock.

                  | | | | | | | | | |K| -> V   \ \ | | |   <-- Bridge
 #######            ||                   | |
 ########           ||                   | |
 ##BUSHES##   ------ \                   | V
 ##########  / ------ \                  |
 ###########- /      \ \                 |  BEDROCK
 -------------       / /                 |
                    / /                  |
 #############     / /                   |
 ##############   / /                    |
 ###BUSHES####   / /                     |
 ########## CLIFF  |                     |
 ########  /     | |                     |
 ---------       | |
                 | |
                 | |
                 | |

If Dahlia was indeed pushed off the bridge from the behind, she'd 
have been smashed by landing straight on the bedrock = certain death!

Edgeworth throws in another objection now, and suggests that Fawles 
could've push Dahlia into the river off the side of the bridge. You 
point out that, however, this is impossible. Present the witness's 
photo to support your argument - look at the wires supporting the 
bridge. They start at about the height of a person's waist (ie. some-
what high), so it'd be impossible to push someone off there.

you'll finally get the chance to suggest that Dahlia jumped into the 
river on purpose. When asked to explain why she did that, present the 
diamond - she was planning to keep the two million dollars diamond all 
for herself.

Watch now as you explain the events leading to the murder. 

Eventually, you'll be asked who could testify about Dahlia's crimes. 
Select Fawles' profile to proceed.

The court will now summon Fawles to the stands.

FAWLES'S TESTIMONY: WHO TERRY FAWLES SAW                    [ PW3711 ]
1:   "That day... 4:00pm... I stopped the car. I was in front of 

2:   "She wasn't there... So, I waited on bridge."

3:   "I watched my car from bridge. I never put no body in that car!"

4:   "Finally, one woman came. She stood front of me."

5:   "We talked... Then she left."

6:   "That was... That was Valerie. Not my Dahlia!"

Fawles, despite knowing Dahlia's betrayal, decides to cover for Dahlia. 
This would be your final objection for this episode. Present the 
witness's photo at 4 - it clearly shows who arrived at the scene of 
crime first. The person that came first would be the one at the end of 
the bridge, and Fawles wasn't the one there in the photo.

Ok, watch the following scenes now. Some important stuff appears here, 
and it ties back to the first case of this game. For once, I won't 
spoil it for you. 

In the end, Fawles was so adamant in protecting Dahlia that he 
commits suicide. So, despite having the upper hand, the trial comes to 
a sudden and tragic end. 

And the only winner from this entire farcade is the demonic Dahlia 
Hawthorne. But guess what? 

You still haven't seen the last of her.

                                             TURNABOUT BEGINNINGS: END


8. EPISODE 5: BRIDGE TO THE TURNABOUT                       [ PW3801 ]

BACKGROUND                                                  [ PW3802 ]
During the opening scenes, the Kurain Shichishito is once again being 
introduced. Towards the end of the intro, a dead body is found at the 
foot of a statue, with the sword neatly stuck into her back - this 
would be the Ami Fey Golden Statue, if you didn't notice. This sets 
the premise of the case, which works as a conclusion to the trilogy. 
Sit back, and enjoy one of the most intriguing cases of the entire 

PART 1-1: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW3803 ]
Date: 2/6
Time: 9:48am
Location: Wright & Co. Law Offices

Go through the conversations with Maya and Pearl. They intend to go to 
a place called the Hazakura Temple for some spiritual training. They 
need a guardian though, and unfortunately, that means you. 

You reject the proposal initially, but that's when Pearl shoves a copy 
of the "Oh! Cult" magazine in your face that introduces the Hazakura 
Temple's training courses. In the magazine, you see a photo of two 

... and one of them looks exactly like Dahlia Hawthorne.

Time to pack your bags, Phoenix.

"Oh! Cult!" New Year's Issue filed as evidence.

Date: 2/7
Time: 3:24am
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Gate

You meet a nun here that looks familiar. Oh, she's the other nun in 
the magazine photo. She introduces herself as Bikini - before you laugh 
your heads off, take note that this name is deliberately created as a 
synonym to its Chinese/ Japanese term, which basically means "nun".

Talk to Bikini on the options available, especially "The other nun".
You'll show her the magazine article. She tells you that the girl 
beside her is called "Iris". Take note of the name of this important 

Go to the Main Hall now.

Date: 2/7
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

You'll meet a woman who looks weirder than Maya here. Go through the 
conversations and you'll find that her name is Elise Deauxnim (how do 
you pronounce this?). Pearl recognizes her as the author of several 
picture books for children. One of her books, "The Magic Bottle", 
actually won an award last year. 

Talk to Elise about "Elise Deauxnim". At the end of the conversation, 
she'll tell you that she recently has a new apprentice by the name 
of "Laurice Deauxnim". You'll meet this guy shortly, so remember this 

Now, ask "Why come here?". She explains that she's gathering materials 
for a new book. The nuns here are helpful to her course, and even 
loaned her the costume that she's wearing now. Towards the end, she 
excuses herself to prepare dinner, and takes Pearl along with her. 
When Maya offers to help, however, she declines. 

Before she leaves, she hands you a map of Hazakura Temple. Look closer 
at the map, and you'll find it strangely familiar - the right side of 
the map is basically the Dusky Bridge map you saw in Episode 4.

Hazakura Temple Map added to the records.

Go to the main gate again.

Date: 2/7
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Gate

From here, you'll need to go to the Training Hall via the Suspension 

Date: 2/7
Location: Suspension Bridge

It's confirmed - this is indeed the Dusky Bridge. Take note of the 
public phone here.

Go to the Inner Temple gate now.

Date: 2/7
Location: Inner Temple Gate

You can examine this area if you want, but there's nothing important 
at the moment. 

You should head striaght into the Training Hall.

Date: 2/7
Location: Inner Temple, Training Hall

You'll find Iris here. She seems to know you, and she quickly excuses 
herself in an attempt to avoid talking to you. Examine the area now. 
Of special note is the hanging scroll on the right side. Maya tells 
you that is a painting of her mother, Misty Fey. The crest at the top 
of the scroll is a symbol of the Master of Kurain Channeling Technique.

Return to the suspension bridge now.

Date: 2/7
Location: Suspension Bridge

You'll meet this "Laurice Deauxnim" here. It turns out that he's none 
other than Larry Butz in a silly, arty-farty costume. 

Talk to him on the following options: "Laurice Deauxnim", "Picture 
Books" and "Elise Deauxnim". In the second option, he talks about 
falling in love with yet another girl. In "Elise Deauxnim", he'll show 
you a picture of Elise. 

Photo of Elise filed as evidence.

Since Larry mentioned about a girl, you should more or less suspect 
who he's after. Show him Iris's profile, and he'll confirm that he's 
indeed having a crush on the beautiful nun.

This is when Pearl interrupts the discussion. Dinner is ready, and 
you'll be automatically transported back to the Main Hall.

Date: 2/7
Time: 7:46pm
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

Just after dinner, you'll meet the majority of the cast here. Go 
through the conversations to talk to them until this section is over 
and done with. Take note of the evening plans of the following 
personnel: Pearl is to visit Elise in her room for some spelling 
lessons, while Maya intends to spend a night at the Inner Temple for 
her spiritual training. 

Date: 2/7
Time: 9:12pm
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

It's slightly after 9:00pm. You're making your way to the bathroom 
when you bump into Elise. She's rather worried, as Pearl, who's 
supposed to visit her in her room, didn't turn up at all. She goes 
away in search of her.

You'll then meet Iris, who's incidentally heading towards the bathroom 
as well. You can finally take this opportunity to talk to her. Talk 
about "Iris" for some basic information. 

Now, talk about "Hazakura Temple". Iris will give you her hood, which 
she claims will protect you from the evil spirits. This will be added 
to the Court Records.

Before she takes her leave to ring the lights off bell, she calls out 
your name accidentally. You don't remember introducing yourself to her, 
which makes it quite obvious that she does know who you are.

As you press about this, she'll show you no less than FIVE Psyche-

Let her go for now.

Date: 2/7
Time: 11:06pm
Location: Hazakura Temple, Courtyard

Your night is interrupted by a flash of lightning and a scream from 
the courtyard. Once you rush there, you'll find Elise's body at the 
foot of the Ami Fey statue - this is a tie-in to the intro scenes you 
saw earlier. 

You also find Bikini here. It seems that she was the one who found the 
body, and screamed for help. She asks you to call the police, but 
since you didn't bring your cellphone, you'll have no choice but to 
make the trip to the Dusky Bridge to use the public phone.

This scene of you being asked to make a call to the police looks 
strangely familiar. 

Date: 2/7
Time: 11:18pm
Location: Dusky Bridge

Amazingly, you'll find that the bridge is on fire. Looks like the 
killer has ran across the bridge towards the Inner Temple, and has 
chosen to burn the bridge as an insurance policy... 

...or did he? 

You fear for Maya's safety, since she's at the Inner Temple right now. 
Thankfully, Larry's here as well. Question is, why is he here? Never-
theless, You task him to make the call to the police, while you decide 
to brave the fire to run across the bridge for Maya. 

The bridge collapses before you could make it to the other side though, 
as Larry watches on helplessly...

... what a cliffhanger!

PART 1-2: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW3804 ]
Date: ???
Time: ???
Location: ???

You take on the role of Miles Edgeworth in this section of the game. 
It's the middle of the night, and you receive a phone call from an 
old pal, Larry Butz. He tells you about the happenings at Hazakura 
Temple, and asks for your help. When you hear that Phoenix was down, 
you decide that it's perhaps time to return to your friends.

Date: 2/8
Time: 2:10pm
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

You find Larry here. It appears that Iris has been arrested for the 
murder of Elise, and Larry pleads that you defend her. It has always 
been your dream to be a defense attorney, but a case from the past 
has twisted your destiny, and you became a prosecutor instead. Maybe, 
this would be the chance for you to fulfil your true potential.

You explain to Larry that you visited Phoenix in the hospital earlier. 
Thankfully, our hero isn't badly hurt, but he'd still be out for at 
least two days. Which is why he handed over two important items to 
you - the magatama, and his attorney badge. 

Looks like you've no choice but to take on the case. 

You'll see Iris soon. Obviously, you find her pretty familiar as well. 
In any case, talk to her about "Iris", and she'll tell you that she 
needs to atone for her sins by purfiying her soul. Hmm, exactly what 
kind of sins are she talking about?

Ask about "The night of the crime", and she replies that she was told 
to go to the Training Hall. However, she didn't make her way there. 
Instead, she stayed in her room because she was fightened.

Ask "Any idea?" now, and she tells you that she didn't kill Elise. 
Now, you don't know about this at the moment, since you don't believe 
in the power of the magatama. But note that when Iris says this, there 
are no Psyche-Locks. Which means, she's telling the truth?

Next, ask why she's "Frightened". She talks about "deceiving" Phoenix 
five years ago, but soon shows you two Psyche-Locks.

It's time to visit the crime scene. Go to the suspension bridge now.

Date: 2/8
Location: Dusky Bridge

You'll find Detective Gumshoe here. Ask "What happened", and he tells 
you that there's a witness who saw the whole event. The said witness 
is none other than Bikini. He suggests that you talk to her to find 
out more about the details.

Talk about "Dusky Bridge" now. It seems that the bridge is now sealed. 
Unfortunately, that means that Maya, who's doing her training at the 
Inner Temple over at the other side of the bridge now, is stuck. 
Gumshoe tells you that no one would be able to reach the other side 
until tomorrow.

As you probe further about the fire on the bridge, Gumshoe reveals the 
cause of the fire was most probably lightning. This opens a topic on 
"Lightning". Talk about it, and he'll show you a detailed weather data, 
which says that lightning struck Dusky Bridge at 10:45pm, and it took 
approximately 30 minutes before the fire subsided.

Weather data filed as evidence.

You decide to press further about the accuracy of this report. Gumshoe 
replies that he got the information from a witness. However, he doesn't 
seem to know who this "witness" is.

Now, ask about "Prosecutor Godot". It seems that Godot is the one 
in charge of this case as well. Note here that you've never heard of 
him before, so Luke Atmey's earlier assertions that Godot has got a 
nod of approval from you are therefore complete bollocks.

You should go to the main gate now. 

Date: 2/8
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Gate

Larry is back at the temple. You can talk to him about the following 
options: "Iris" and "The night of the crime". At the second option, 
he'll show you three Psyche-Locks.

Eight of these things now, and you haven't got a clue yet. 

Head into the Main Hall now.

Date: 2/8
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

You'll find Bikini here. Ask about "The night of the crime". She tells 
you that she went to the Inner Temple with Maya after dinner last 
night for training at about 9:00pm. She was to stay by Maya's side at 
all times to keep watch over her. So, why was she back at the main 

Ask "Why return?". She tells you that she has a bad lower back, and 
the condition is made worse during winter... like, now. Therefore, 
she came back to the main temple to take a hot bath to help ease her 
aching back. To ensure that Maya wasn't left alone, however, she 
instructed Iris to go to the Inner Temple after the lights off bell 
is rung.

Next, talk about "What you saw". She replies that she saw Iris stab-
bing Elise in the back with a sword. 

This opens up a topic on "The acolyte". Talk about it, and she tells 
you that the acloyte on training last night was indeed Maya. She also 
reveals that Pearl, who was supposed to be with Elise last night, has 
been missing since.

Before you go, show Iris's profile to Bikini. She reveals that Iris 
did make her rounds to the Inner Temple after 10:00pm. This doesn't 
fit with Iris's story at all, obviously. One of them must be lying, 
then? But hang on... there's no Psyche-Lock on Bikini as well.

The plot thickens!

You should now examine the area. The only thing worth taking a look 
(and it's screaming at you to take a look at it) is the piece of paper 
at the top left corner of the screeen, underneath a cushion. It turns 
out to be an envelope that contains a letter. It says:

"To Iris of Hazakura Temple:

Salutation here

There is something I must talk to you about. I'll be waiting for you
tonight at 10 at Heavenly Hall. Make sure you come. unless you want 
your "secret" to be exposed..."

A blackmail letter?

Note to Iris filed as evidence. 

Move to the courtyard now.

Date: 2/8
Location: Hazakura Temple, Courtyard

The investigations are still ongoing. Talk to Gumshoe here about "The 
victim" to get the autopsy report. The estimated time of death was 
between 10:00pm to 11:00pm on 2/7. The cause of death was blood loss 
resulting from a stab to the back by a giant sword. The strange thing, 
howver, is that Elise's entire body is covered with bruises. These 
bruises are consistent with falling from the height of a two-storey 
building (about 10ft). 

There just happens to be a two-storey builing nearby - and it happens 
to be the room that Elise was staying in before her death. Take note 
of this.

Autopsy report added to the records. I'd suggest you read it to 
confirm the point that she appeared to have fallen 10ft AFTER she 
was killed.

Talk about "What happened", and Gumshoe will summarize the case for 
you. This opens up a conversation topic for "Inner Temple". Talk 
about it to get more information about the place. 

Now, ask about "Tomorrow's trial" to find out that Godot, who's to be 
the prosecutor tomorrow, has gone missing. Go through the rest of the 
conversations to reveal that you've made some arrangements for a 
different judge and another prosecutor for the trial, so that people 
won't be making a fuss over your sudden role as a defense attorney.

You should examine the crime scene now. Check the golden statue, and 
you'll find that the Shichishito has been identified as the murder 
weapon. Blood found on the sword has been confirmed as Elise's. The 
fingerprints on the weapon match those of Iris's. 

Shichishito acquired.

Check the staff on the floor, to the left of the statue. It belongs 
to Elise, so naturally her fingerprints are all over it. Notice, 
however, that the crystal sphere on the staff has gone missing.

Take a walk to the main gate of the temple now.

Date: 2/8
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Gate

Larry is nowhere to be found, but a snowmobile is staring right at you 
in the face. Examine it to proceed. 

It's time to take on Iris's second set of Psyche-Locks. Return to the 
detention center.

Date: 2/8
Location: Detention Center, Visitor's Room

Before you do the Psyche-Locks, talk to Iris about "Inner Temple". 
You tell her about Bikini's assertions, but she insists that she wasn't 
at the Inner Temple last night.

Now, present the magatama to initiate the Psyche-Lock sequence.

IRIS'S PSYCHE-LOCK: FRIGHTENED?                             [ PW3805 ]
You want to believe that Iris is telling the truth, and to do so, you 
need to determine what frightened her so much that she couldn't even 
leave her room. Present the note to Iris - she's afraid of the black-
mailer who wrote this letter. One lock broken.

Iris will now say that the letter was all but a prank, and that even 
if she does have a secret, there's no one to tell it to that would 
cause her any grief. You know, however, there's one person that she 
didn't want it to be told to. Show Phoenix's profile to break the next 


You can now talk about "Frightened?". She explains that the "Heavenly 
Hall" mentioned in the letter is a small shack near Dusky Bridge. She 
tells you for her to go to the Inner Temple, she must use the bridge, 
but the thought that a criminal was hiding at the Heavenly Hall made 
her stay in her room until the murder was discovered.

Iris's Testimony added to the Court Record.

It's about time to finish off Larry's Psyche-Locks as well... and he 
can be conveniently found at, you guess it, Heavenly Hall.

Date: 2/8
Location: Heavenly Hall

To break the ice, talk about "Iris" and "Heavenly Hall". Next, ask 
about "The night of the crime" to make the locks show again.

Present the magatama to begin. Larry tells you that at around 10:00pm 
last night, it started thundering. He was in his room then at the main 
hall, but he saw a bout of lightning struck Dusky Bridge, before the 
bridge caught fire. 

You'll need to tell him that it's impossible to see lightning striking 
Dusky Bridge by showing him the Hazakura Temple map - from the map, 
you can see that the Main Hall is surrounded by trees. As such, it's 
not possible for him to see the bridge from there. One lock crushed.

Next, you'll need to determine the location where Larry witnessed the 
lightning strike. Point to "Heavenly Hall" on the map to proceed. 
Next lock crushed.

Now, why would Larry being doing at Heavenly Hall at such an odd time? 
Would he perhaps be waiting for someone? Present Iris's profile when 
you need to identify the person that he was waiting for. 

You need to show proof to substantiate the last call, so show Larry 
the note to Iris to end this once and for all - he must be the one 
who wrote the blackmail letter! Meaning, this blackmailing red herring 
was all but just a silly little game from Larry.

All locks crushed.


Ok, "The night of the crime". Larry now tells you that the "blackmail 
letter" is actually a "love letter". Awesome, only Larry could write a 
love letter like this. But, seriously...

... what. a. waste. of. time!

Gumshoe then reminds you about something that Larry said a while ago. 
He mentioned about seeing "something incredible" last night. Talk 
about this "Something incredible now", and he'll show you no less than 
five Psyche-Locks.


And thus ends Miles Edgeworth first day as a defense attorney.

PART 2-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW3807 ]
Date: 2/9
Time: 9:47am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Go through the conversations with Iris. Nothing much here to note.

Date: 2/9
Time: 9:47am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 7

Since the regular judge knows who you're, you've specially request 
another judge for this trial. He turns out to be the one you faced 
some six years ago during the Valerie Hawthorne murder.

Hopefully he doesn't find you too familiar.

To make things easier, you've also requested Franziska von Karma, 
daughter of your former mentor, to be the prosecutor for this case. 
Look out for that whip!

The witness taking the stand today is Sister Bikini. Let's roll.

1:   "That night, I was helping an acolyte with her training in the 
      Inner Temple. But..."

2:   "Well, as you can see, my back likes to act up. Violently."

3:   "So, I left Iris to help the acolyte, and returned to Hazakura 

4:   "There's no bath at the Inner Temple, you see, and I needed a 
      long, hot soak."

5:   "After I had finished, and just as I was heading back... that's 
      when I saw it!"

At 3, present Iris's Testimony - there's no reason for Iris to lie 
about staying in her room, since being at the Inner Temple would've 
given her a better alibi for the murder.

Bikini, however, insists that Iris did come to the Inner Temple. This 
leads to a revision to her testimony.

6:   "Iris came to the Inner Temple. She was dressed exactly as she 
      had been at dinner."

Present Iris's Hood now - she could not have been dressed exactly as 
she had been at dinner, because she has given her hood as a gift to 
Phoenix before the lights off bell at 10:00pm.

So far, so good, Edgeworth. Time for more testimony from the sister.

BIKINI'S TESTIMONY: AFTER MY BATH                           [ PW3809 ]
1:   "I finished my bath around 11, and I thought I should return to 
      the Inner Temple."

2:   "And as I was walking back... I heard a noise from the courtyard. 
      I took a look and..."

3:   "Iris was...! Oh, Mystic Elise! And with that sword, of all 

4:   "Mystic Elise was staying in the corner room, which faces out 
      onto the courtyard."

5:   "The stabbing I saw must have occurred after she was pushed out 
      of her window."

If you've been paying attention to Elise's autopsy report, this should 
be a cakewalk. Show the report at 5 - it clearly states that the body 
fell 10ft after death.

Watch the next scenes as Franziska and you argue about the possible 
location of the murder. If Elise's body was thrown after she was 
stabbed, it'd be possible that she was killed in her room. However, 
Franziska confirms that there were no signs of struggle in the room. 
More importantly, there weren't any bloodstains as well.

Franziska then argues that a stab wound would spill the most blood at 
the moment when the blade is drawn. She therefore draws the conclusion 
that Elise's body was thrown down into the courtyard from her room,  
with the sword still stuck in her back as a "blood-lid". Wow, she's 

With this, the judge requests for further details from Bikini.

BIKINI'S TESTIMONY: FURTHER DETAILS                         [ PW3810 ]
1:   "When I looked across at the scene, the sword was already in 

2:   "Thinking about it now, I didn't actually see her stab Mystic 

3:   "I've never seen so much blood before..."

4:   "That's when I fainted. You can't blame me, can you?"

5:   "And when I awoke... Mystic Ami was... stabbing Mystic Elise 
      through the back!"

Press at 3 to find out that when Iris was caught, her blood-flecked 
clothing was found in her room. You now have a choice of whether to 
pursue this matter further. Choose "Press further" to proceed.

This will eventually lead to an addition to Bikini's testimony.

6:   "I saw the instant in which the blade, plunged in to the hilt, 
      was smoothly drawn out."

Yes! A contradiction! Present the Shichishito to show the court that:

1. The sword has seven branches, and is therefore difficult for a 
person of Iris's built to plunge it to the hilt into Elise's body;

2. With its unique shape, it's also unlikely that the sword can act 
as a "blood-lid" - to do so, a straight blade is required;

3. Similarly, it'd be impossible to draw the sword out of a body 
"smoothly" due to the sword's shape;

4. And, if the sword was indeed plunged to the hilt, why would Elise's 
blood only be found on the front end of the sword?

So, what's the only logical explanation to the above contradictions? 
You tell the court that the Shichishito could not have been the murder 
weapon, that's what!

You'll go on to explain that the killer has used the golden statue and 
the Shichishito to create an impression so strong that everyone 
assumed that the Shichishito is the murder weapon. The question now 
is, where's the real murder weapon now?

More testimony!

1:   "I saw the murder at around 11:00pm..."

2:   "And after asking that it be reported, I went out to the Main 

3:   "And there... I saw tracks! Tracks that indicated the snowmobile 
      had been used!"

4:   "It takes 15 minutes to walk to Dusky Bridge, but less than 5 
      using one of those!"

5:   "Maybe they threw the weapon into Eagle River and came back while 
      I was knocked out?"

6:   "...Iris could have done that. She can drive a snowmobile after 

To support Bikini's claims, Franziska presents a photo of the snow-
mobile tracks. This would be added to the Court Record...

... which is awesome, since it's the only evidence you can use to find 
a contradiction in Bikini's latest testimony. Show the tracks photo at 
5 - if Iris left the temple with the snowmobile, threw the weapon into 
Eagle River, and then returned to the temple, there should two sets of 
tracks. However, the photo only shows one.

Franziska replies that on the night of the murder, it was snowing. 
It's therefore possible that the first set of tracks was erased by 

You'll have to contest this possibility. Reply "There is a contra-
diction" to proceed. Franziska will then challenge you to show 
evidence to support your claims. 

Present the weather data - Bikini mentioned that she witnessed the 
crime at about 11:00pm, which means that the weapon could only have 
been disposed after that. However, the weather data concluded that 
snow has stopped at around 10:50pm. Thus, it's not possible for snow
to have covered the first set of tracks.

You'll still need to show another evidence that snow has indeed 
stopped at the time of the crime. Present the crime photo to proceed - 
if it was still snowing then, Elise's body would've been covered in 
snow as well.

Take that!

You'll now explain that someone used the snowmobile to go from the 
Hazakura Temple to Dusky Bridge that night. It was still snowing then, 
so the set of tracks left behind was erased. When this person returned 
to the temple, the snow had stopped, which was why the return tracks 

Watch the next scenes as Bikini points out that the key to the 
snowmobile was found in Iris's room after the murder. However, when 
she returned to the Hazakura Temple for her hot bath, she saw the snow-
mobile at the main gate, still covered in snow. Which means, the mobile 
could not have been used before 10:00pm.

As the case gets into a bottleneck, you remember that someone might've 
seen something that night. You know, that someone who was was braving 
the snow near Dusky Bridge that night? When asked to identify this 
idiot, show Larry's profile. The judge will then summon Larry as a 
witness. Great, an official platform to dig out his little secrets.

Recess time. 

PART 2-2: TRIAL                                             [ PW3812 ]
Date: 2/9
Time: 11:15am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

During this interval, you ask Iris whether she was the person who 
rode the snowmobile that night. She more or less admitted to it, but 
when you pressed for the reason, she showed you five Psyche-Locks. 
She explains that she can't tell you yet, until the safety of Maya is 

Wow, this girl has more locks than a locksmith.

Date: 2/9
Time: 11:36am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 7

Go through the initial shenanigans until you take on Larry in the 

LARRY'S TESTIMONY: WHAT I SAW                               [ PW3813 ]
1:   "I was at that lodge out in the mountains, looking up at the stars 
      that night."

2:   "I walked to the bridge a number of times, but..."

3:   "I didn't see a s-snowmobile!"

4:   "I didn't meet anyone at the bridge that night!"

5:   "The girl I was waiting for didn't show up... My teacher died on 

6:   "I'm all alone now. Aren't I, Edgeyyyyy....!?"

LARRY'S CROSS-EXAMINATION: WHAT I SAW                       [ PW3813 ]
I hope you've been following the story so far, because Larry is 
clearly lying here. Present Phoenix's profile at 4 to point out the 
contradiction - I don't think I need to explain this one.


LARRY'S TESTIMONY: WHAT I SAW, PART 2                       [ PW3814 ]
1:   "I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 

2:   "I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded 

3:   "I looked out the window... and Dusky Bridge was on fire!"

4:   "There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it 

5:   "That's when I ran into Nick."

Press at 4 to find out that Larry took about five minutes to reach 
Dusky Bridge. You'll now need to press further. Ask "Why didn't you 
call anyone?" to procced. This will lead to an addition to the 

6:   "I arrived at the bridge, and Nick showed up less than a minute 

Present the weather data now - the lightning strike was reported at 
10:45pm. If it only took Larry "about five minutes" to reach Dusky 
Bridge, he'd have reached the bridge at about 10:50pm to 11:00pm. 

But, at 11:00pm, the murder has just been discovered at Hazakura 
Temple, so Phoenix was still at the courtyard!

Watch now as you further explain the impossibility of Larry's alleged 
statements. The judge will eventually ask him to explain the mystery 
of the missing 15 minutes. 

Finally, the "something incredible" that he talked about yesterday is 
about to be exposed.

LARRY'S TESTIMONY: THE MISSING 15 MINUTES                   [ PW3815 ]
1:   "I'm a Deauxnim. I'm an artist! What do you think I was doing?"

2:   "Sketching! In front of the bridge! I was whipped up into a 
      frenzy of art!"

3:   "The shock and awe that I was feeling... I transferred it all 
      directly onto the page!"

4:   "...Before I realized it, the flames had gone out, and then he 
      came running up."

Press at 2 to find out more about Larry's sketch. When given the 
chance, choose to "Look at the sketch" to proceed. He'll now present 
this sketch - it shows the picture of a woman flying across the 
burning Dusky Bridge!

Larry will now reveal that the flying woman was Iris. 

Larry's Sketch filed as evidence. It looks roughly like this:

                \              O                 /
                 \            /|\               /
                  \            /\              /
                   \                          /
                    \                        /
                 F..... I..... R..... E..... .....!
               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  
               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  
               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  
                 F..... I..... R..... E..... .....!

You'll get a new statement from him too:

5:   "I saw Iris flying! Her white hood fluttering!"

Present Iris's Hood to point out the contradiction - again, her hood 
was no longer with her since she gave it to Phoenix before 10:00pm. 

Larry replies that he has definitive evidence to prove that Iris 
flew. One last testimony to tackle now.

LARRY'S TESTIMONY: PROOF THAT IRIS FLEW!                    [ PW3816 ]
1:   "When I reached Dusky Bride, she was already gone..."

2:   "I was so worried! So I frantically searched all over for her!"

3:   "That led to me finding a beautiful crystal sphere, half buried 
      in the snow!"

4:   "I'm sure that Iris was simply wearing a spare hood."

5:   "After all, no on else could have lost a crystal that night."

Crystal sphere added to the Court Record - and it's covered with 

Present Elise's photo at 5 - notice the crystal sphere on her staff? 
Well, it wasn't there any more when the staff was discovered at the 
crime scene. 

Franziska wants to discard this sphere as an evidence, and she wants 
you to prove that the sphere was dropped before the murder took place. 
Can you prove it? Choose "Yes, I can" to proceed.

You'll then be asked to show the proof. Present the crystal sphere 
now - it was found half-covered in snow, which suggests that when the 
sphere was dropped, it was snowing. If it wasn't, the sphere wouldn't 
be even half-covered in snow, would it? 

However, you've already proven earlier with the crime photo that it 
wasn't snowing when the murder occured. Which means, the sphere must
have been dropped before the murder took place. 

Meaning? Elise must've been to Dusky Bridge that night, and the events 
that happened there must've caused the crystal on her staff to come 
loose. Since the sphere has blood on it, could it be that the real 
crime scene was near the foot of Dusky Bridge?

To substantiate your suggestion, you must determine the method that 
Elise's body was carried to Hazakura Temple. Present the tracks photo 
now - the snowmobile, of course!

Watch the next scenes as you explain the possibilities and such. I'll 
leave it to you to read them. You leave behind the following mysteries:

1. Is Dusky Bridge really the crime scene?

2. If so, why was the body moved to Hazakura Temple?

3. And, what's with the flying woman thing?

All these mean that the case requires further investigation. You've 
finally bought enough time for Phoenix to return to the case. 

PART 3-1: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW3817 ]
Date: 2/9
Time: 3:43am
Location: Hotti Clinic, Intensive Care Unit

Hotti Clinic returns, ha ha!

Anyway, this scene here relates back to the intro in Episode 4, when 
Phoenix was reading about the Valerie Hawthorne murder. 

And this marks the return of Phoenix Wright, THE ace attorney.

Date: 2/9
Time: 2:43pm
Location: Dusky Bridge

Go through the conversation with Edgeworth here, and you explore the 
topic on the real murder weapon. He excuses himself soon after. Gum-
shoe also promises that he'll fix the bridge ASAP so that you can get 
over to the other side for Maya.

Go to the main gate now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Gate

Watch as Larry and Franziska act out a silly whipping scene. After 
Larry passes out (I think), talk to Franziska on the following options:
"Franziska von Karma", "Today's Trial" and "What happened". These will 
provide some background on her, as well as a summary of certain events 
in the case so far.

Go to the Main Hall next.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

You'll find a very dejected Bikini here. Talk to her about "Iris", and 
she's adamant that she saw Iris pulled the sword out from Elise's body. 
There aren't any Psyche-Locks when she said this, so she must be 
telling the truth. However, if you remember when Iris told Edgeworth 
that she didn't kill Elise, there weren't any Psyche-Locks as well. 
On top of that, Larry's also insisted that he saw a flying Iris. You 
could only conclude that both Bikini and Larry both didn't see what 
they think they saw.

Back to the investigation. Talk about "Inner Temple". Bikini re-
confirms that the other side of Dusky Bridge is like an island, being 
surrounded on all sides with rivers and forests. The Inner Temple is 
the only building there. 

Unfortunately, this also means that if the killer did escape to the 
other side, he or she must still be there now. You worry about Maya 
even more now.

Next, ask about "Elise Deauxnim". You may've notice by now that 
Bikini kept referring to Elise as "Mystic Elise" during the earlier 
trial. When you probe further, Bikini throws you five Psyche-Locks.

This opens up a topic on "Pearl". You haven't forgot her, have you? 
She has gone missing since that fateful day. Well, if she couldn't 
be found anywhere now, the only logical place that she could be 
would be... at the other side of the bridge, perhaps?

Leave Bikini for now, and head to the courtyard.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Courtyard

I don't know what exactly kickstart the next events here, but just 
take some time to examine everything here - the statue, the staff on 
the floor, the Main Hall building, etc. 

Once done, return to the Main Hall.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

Gumshoe makes an exaggerated appearance here. He has completed the 
repairs on Dusky Bridge! Yes! Quickly take the following route to 
the other side now -> Main Gate -> Suspension Bridge -> Inner Temple 

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple Gate

Amazingly, you find Pearl here. She mentions that she's all alone... 
which means, where the hell is Maya?

As you ask further, Pearl runs off. Take some time to examine this 
area - something seems different since the last time you were here.  

Check the incinerator on the left side of this area. There's a weird 
smell coming from it, and its door is opened. But when you check it, 
it's empty. You remember, however, that when you first came to this 
place, the incinerator was covered in snow. Someone must have used it 
to burn something recently.

Now, go to the right side of the area, and check the small gate on the 
left. It has a "no entry" sign on it. This gate will lead to another 
area, but it's not accessible yet, so remember it for later.

Go into the Inner Temple now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple, Training Hall

Something seems to have changed since the last time you came here as 
well. You notice the padlock right in front of you. Check it to find 
that it's guarding the entrance to a sacred cavern. 

Now, examine the hanging scroll on the right again. You'll find that 
it's now covered in gravy! The gravy must've been from the dinner on 
the night of the murder... but why? 

Hanging scroll information updated with gravy in the records.

This is when Godot appears. He seems... different today. In fact, if 
you talk to him, you'll finally get a hint of his true identity. That 
is, if you still haven't figure it out from Episode 4.

Ask "Why didn't you show?". Go through the resulting conversations 
and he'll explain that he has been "dead" before. He also tells you 
that you know who ended his life. As he rattles on, he will also 
reveal that his eyesight is hurting him. It's all very abstract and 
glibberish, so I'll just leave it to you to read them.

He also mentioned something about you setting in motion something 
that you can't undo. Ask about this "Can't undo" matter. He tells 
you that Maya is likely to be locked up in the sacred cavern at sub-
zero degrees. Meaning, she'd have been dead by now.

He goes on to say that another woman died because of you. This leads 
to a conversation on "Mia Fey". Talk about it, and he blames you for 
Mia's death.

You can now also ask about the "Trick lock" that guards the cavern. 
There's no keyhold to the lock. Apparently, it was set up by Iris 
on the night of Maya's training. This is the tradition of the training 
here, that the accompanying nun will set a lock to guard the person in 

Godot ends by telling you that Iris is now on the way here to open 
this lock.

Get out of this place now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple Gate

Gumshoe is here. He quickly runs off to the garden nearby, where 
investigations are still being made.

This opens the "Garden" location - this would be where the small gate 
leads to. Go there now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple, Garden

Talk to Gumshoe about "The investigation". He tells you that despite 
the valiant efforts of their scientific investigation teams, there's 
no breakthrough in the case. 

Ask about "Maya" now to find that Edgeworth is the one escorting Iris 
back here to open the lock to the cavern. It seems that he also has 
something important to tell you, possibly about Maya.

You can more or less guess what it's about if you examine the huge 
lantern right in front of you. It has some red markings on it, and 
upon examination, you find that the word written is actually "MAYA", 
although it's written upside down.

This opens a conversation on "Bloody writing". You'll find the shocker 
that it was written in Elise's blood. This leads to the suggestion 
that this garden was the actual crime scene.

Meaning, the thus far missing Maya could become a prime suspect, 

Talk about "True crime scene" now. If the garden is the crime scene, 
what would Bikini's testimony mean? She was sure she saw Iris pulling 
a sword out from Elise's body! The possibility of the evidence in the 
garden being planted is also thrown out of the equation, since the 
bridge was only just repaired, and no one could come here to plant any 
fake evidence during the past two days.

Now, examine the small red packet-like item on the floor, to the left. 
This is actually the Kurain Master's Talisman. Investigations confirmed 
that it was previously worn by Elise before she died.

Kurain Master's Talisman filed as evidence.

Go all the way back to the main gate of Hazakura Temple now. I hope 
you remember the way.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Gate

You'll meet Edgeworth and Iris here. They go off to the Inner Temple 
for the lock, but Edgeworth hints that Maya could be implicated in 
this case. As you expected, then.

Well, there's nothing you can do about this now. So let's go break 
Bikini's Psyche-Locks now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

BIKINI'S PSYCHE-LOCK: ELISE DEAUXNIM                        [ PW3818 ]
Present the magatama to initiate the process. You'll need to establish 
Elise's special significance to Hazakura Temple. Present the Kurain 
Master's Talisman when asked about Elise's true identity.

This wouldn't be enough. You'll still need to show another item to 
point out specifically who Elise really is. Present the hanging scroll 
- the crest on it, which represents the Master of the Kurain clan, is 
the same crest that's on the talisman.

Elise Deaunxnim = Misty Fey!

(Ok, I sort of guessed it when I first saw her, but...)

All five locks crushed at one go.


Talk about "Elise Deauxnim" now. Bikini says that Misty came to the 
temple about a week ago - something has happened that made her came 
out of her hiding. 

Before you can find out what happened, an earthquake occurs. After 
the commotion, you begin to worry about Edgeworth, since he's afraid 
of earthquakes (see first game for origins). At the same time, you 
find the need to get back to the Inner Temple, since the other side 
of Dusky Bridge is pretty weak, and an earthquake would've cause a 

Go to the main gate now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Gate

Edgeworth is here. He tells you that when the earthquake happened, he 
passed out. When he woke up, Iris has gone missing. Before he launches 
a manhunt, you tell him that Iris must be at the sacred cavern. You'll 
now be automatically transported to the Training Hall.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple, Training Hall

Thankfully, the place didn't cave in. But... instead of one lock on 
the cavern entrance, you now see FIVE locks on it! What the hell!

Iris reappears soon after in a thrilling cliffhanger.

PART 3-2: INVESTIGATION                                     [ PW3819 ]
Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple, Training Hall

Still at the Training Hall, go through the initial conversations until 
Edgeworth leaves for the garden. Talk to Iris about "Escape", and she 
confirms that she wasn't trying to escape from the law. Instead, when 
she heard about the earthquake, she was concerned about the inner 
temple and the sacred cavern, which was why she made her way here to 
check out their conditions.

Talk about "Trick lock" now. Iris says that only the person who set 
the locks can unlock them. However, she'll soon attempt to open all 
the five locks by trying out all the combinations available for each 
and every lock. 

Next, ask about "The night of the crime". This leads to three Psyche-

Go to the Inner Temple Gate now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple Gate

Here, you'll mentally jot down the people you'll need to talk to: 
Edgeworth, Bikini, Gumshoe and Pearl.

Let's start with Edgeworth in the garden first.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple, Garden

Talk to Edgeworth about the following: "The investigation" and "Earth-
quakes". For the first option, you'll find that Maya is indeed a 
suspect now. For the second option, you'll get a lengthy backstory to 
the DL-6 incident. Refer to the first game for more details of this 

Now, ask about "Iris". Edgeworth tells you that Iris reminds him of 
someone. After going through his case files, he remembers Dahlia 
from the Valerie Hawthorne case from six years ago. However, he's 
adamant that Dahlia has got nothing to do with this current case. 

You'll need to establish the link, but you don't have the evidence 

Let's head towards the Heavenly Hall now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Heavenly Hall

Larry and Pearl are finding comfort in the company of each other's 
failure here. Talk to them about "Laurice's sketch", and you'll get a 
recap of how Larry saw the flying woman incident. Note the position 
that Larry was at when he saw the incident if you haven't earlier 
noticed it. It's an important clue.

Now, ask Pearl about "The night of the crime". She throws five 
Psyche-Locks at you. She does, however, tell you that her spiritual 
powers have disappeared.

Ask about "Lost powers" now. It seems that she has tried to channel 
a spirit, but failed. 

Ok, time to go to the Main Hall for a taste of the old Bikini again.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Main Hall

Your earlier discussion about Misty Fey was interrupted by the earth-
quake. Bikini will continue the story for you now. Misty has apparently 
told Bikini that someone's trying to destroy the Kurain tradition's 
main family line, and she's gonna to put a stop to it.

Hmm... could that "someone" be Morgan Fey, by any chance?

Talk about "Kurain Channeling Technique" and "DL-6 Incident" to get 
more backstory on how Misty made a mistake when she was asked by the 
police to use her powers to identify the real murderer in the DL-6 

Next, talk about "Family feud" to find out more about the battles 
between the Kurain's main and branch families. As you continue on, 
you'll find that Iris is actually Morgan's daughter! 

You can now ask about "Morgan and Iris". You'll explain to Bikini 
that Pearl is Morgan's daughter as well. Bikini will then reply 
that Morgan has THREE daughters, Most importantly...

... Iris has a twin sister.

Yawn! An old trick from a cheap detective novel! :)

After the above conversation, the profile "??????" appears in your 
Court Record. You now have the evidence to establish the connection 
between Dahlia and this case. But before you go back to Edgeworth, 
go to the courtyard first.

Date: 2/9
Location: Hazakura Temple, Courtyard

Detective Gumshoe is happily going through a reggae sequence here. 
Talk to him about "The investigation", and he'll bring your attention 
to some scraps of paper he found. Ask about "The letter" next, and 
you'll get the letter added to your records. Apparently, this letter 
was found at the incinerator outside the Inner Temple.

Check the letter to find that it's actually a three-page instructions 
for someone to channel the spirit of another. It specifically mentions 
about channeling the spirit of a certain person after the lights off 
bell was rung. 

Next, talk about the "Murder weapon". Gumshoe will tell you that he's 
using a secret weapon to locate the real murder weapon now. When you 
ask further, he presents to you... the trusty metal detector from the 
first game, in which you used to find the bullet that was lodged to 
the shoulder of Manfred von Karma.

Now, do you want to help him find some clues? Choose "Play forensics 
expert" to proceed.

You'll now get a set of instructions on how to use the metal detector. 
Cool! Use the detector to examine the staff on the floor, and you'll 
find a hidden sword within the staff. This must be the real murder 

If you want some nostalgia, examine the golden statue for a mention 
of the Blue Badger.

Now, talk to Gumshoe about "Murder weapon". You'll eventually receive 
the victim's staff as an evidence.

Ok, you can now go find Edgeworth in the Inner Temple Garden.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple, Garden

Present the profile for "??????" to Edgeworth to turn the profile 
into "Dahlia Hawthorne". You can talk to him about this woman now for 
a recap of the events that happened in Episode 4 of this game. He 
also tells you that Valerie was Dahlia's stepsister, and that Dahlia 
is already dead.

Ask about "Dahlia's death" now. After the events in Episode 1 earlier, 
Dahlia was sentenced to death. She was eventually executed last month. 
You'll get more backstory to the DL-6 incident as well.

With Dahlia's profile unlocked, it's time to take on Iris's Psyche- 
Locks. Go into the Training Hall now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Inner Temple, Training Hall

IRIS'S PSYCHE-LOCK: THE NIGHT OF THE CRIME                  [ PW3820 ]
Present the magatama to begin the process. Iris insists that she was 
in her room that night, but someone saw her at the Inner Temple. When 
asked who's this person, show Bikini's profile. One lock crushed.

Iris will then admit that she did go to the Inner Temple, and that she 
left the Main Hall at 9:40pm. Present Iris's Hood when you're asked to 
point out the contradiction - she was with you before the lights off 
bell was rung, so she couldn't have left the Main Hall before 10:00pm.
Another lock crushed.

So, how did Iris manage to ring the bell at 10:00pm, as well as appear 
at the Inner Temple at 10:00pm as well? Choose "There were two of you" 
to proceed.

You'll need to show evidence to support your last claim. Present 
Dahlia's profile to proceed - the one at the Inner Temple that night 
wasn't Iris, but Dahlia! Someone must have channeled Dahlia's spirit 
that night.

All locks crushed.


Talk to Iris about "The night of the crime" now. It's as you've 
speculated. Dahlia was the "Iris" that appeared at the Inner Temple 
that day. Iris felt that she should helped Dahlia in whatever she 
intended to do because she has a sense of guilt towards her sister. 
This is due to a "betrayal" that she has committed.

This opens up a topic on "The traitor". Iris reveals that she was 
involved in the planning of the fake kidnapping from 11 years ago. 
However, Dahlia's intention wasn't to steal the diamond, but for 

Talk about "Revenge" now. Iris explains that they wanted to take 
revenge on their father for abandoning their real mother.

The pieces of the jigsaw are slowly falling into place.

Go to Heavenly Hall now.

Date: 2/9
Location: Heavenly Hall

You can unlock Pearl's Psyche-Locks now as well.

Do the usual to begin the sequence. First off, you'll need to confirm 
Pearl's location on the night of the murder. Point to the Inner Temple 
on the map to proceed.

You must now explain why Pearl was there. Show Maya's profile to 
break one lock - Pearl was worried about Maya's training, so she went 
over to the Inner Temple to check out on her.

Pearl then accidentally lets slip of her concern about the lights off 
bell. You'll now have to provide the reason for this. Present the 
burnt letter to proceed - in the letter, the sentence "... as soon as 
you hear the lights off bell, you must channel her spirit" was clearly 
written. Pearl must be following the instructions on the letter. 
Another lock crushed.

If that was the case, the letter must be meant for Pearl, then. So, 
whose spirit was she trying to channel that night? Present Dahlia's 
profile to proceed - the person who wrote this letter to Pearl wanted 
her to channel her own sister's spirit. Third lock crushed. 

Next up, who wrote the letter to Pearl? This is simple, no? Present 
Morgan's profile - it's the only logical conclusion that Pearl, who 
respects her mother dearly, would follow whatever was told by her 
mother. Wow, crushed!

However, Pearl's limited reading skills mean that she wasn't sure with 
some of the bombastic words that Morgan has chosen to use in her letter. 
It was exactly why Pearl was asking Misty about words like "gravely" 
during the dinner on 2/7. To show that Pearl has indeed misunderstood 
some of the words in Morgan's letter, present the hanging scroll - 
the letter mentioned about "gravely roast(ing) the Master in the fires 
of Hades", but Pearl has mistook "gravely" as "gravy". So, she applied 
gravy from the dinner's pot of roast onto Misty's painting, ha ha.

It's all over for these nasty Pysche-Locks.


Now, you can talk to Pearl about "The night of the crime". It was past 
10:00pm when she reached the Inner Temple that night, and the training 
has already begun. So, she waited at the guest area until she fell 

Ask again about her "Lost powers" now. She has failed to channel 
Dahlia's spirit on several occasions. She thus conclude that she 
could've lost her powers. Unless, Dahlia's spirit has already been 
channeled by someone else.

Could it be Maya?

Now, talk about "Morgan's letter". Pearl tells you that about a month 
ago (coincides with the time when Dahlia was executed), Morgan told 
her about a letter hidden at their house. When Pearl retrieved the 
letter, she found that the seal on it was already broken. 

Continue on as Godot makes another nasty appearance. 

There's nothing else you can do now, but to wait for the trial to 
begin tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in a prison cell far, far away, Morgan begins to enjoy 
the fruits of her evil...

PART 4-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW3822 ]
Date: 2/10
Time: 9:39am
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Something is very wrong today. Edgeworth tells you that Iris suddenly 
has a "confession" to make, so she'll be a witness in court today. 
The prosecutor has also been changed to Godot, since Franziska is now 
trying to unlock those trick locks with the help of Bikini. 


Date: 2/10
Time: 10:00am
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 7

Iris will now confess her role in the covering-up of the murder. 
Meaning, she's now claiming that she was an accomplice to someone else 
who did the killing.

Note that the judge today has been changed to the usual one. It turns 
out that the other guy is his brother, and that bugger is down with a 
bout of fever. 

Strangely, your fever is gone and you're feeling much better today. :)

IRIS'S TESTIMONY: THE REAL MURDERER                         [ PW3823 ]
1:   "I went to the Inner Temple that night and I saw it all happen in 
      the garden."

2:   "I saw Mystic Elise strike Mystic Maya with her staff!"

3:   "Then, while Mystic Maya was stumbling, Mystic Elise moved in to 
      deliver a fatal strike!"

4:   "Mystic Maya tried desperately to defend herself and stole the 

5:   "It was only in self-defense! You can't blame her for it!"

Press at 3 to get more information about this moment of the fatal 
strike. Iris replies that Elise (Misty) threw her staff away, and 
pulled a dagger from inside her robe to attack Maya.

When given the chance, choose "There is one thing..." to make Iris add 
the following to her testimony:

6:   "She threw her staff away and pulled a dagger from inside her 

Present the victim's staff immediately to point out the contradiction 
here - the staff itself is a cane-sword. Why would Elise throw a 
handy weapon away, and use another one if she was indeed trying to 
kill Maya?

In fact, the statement about Elise trying to kill Maya is also a 
contradiction by itself. When given the chance, present Elise's profile 
to explain why - Elise is actually Misty, the mother of Maya. Why 
would she want to kill the daughter that she hasn't seen for 17 years?

Iris seems taken aback by the true identity of Elise. Just when you 
think that you've done well, Godot brings your attention to a dagger 
that Gumshoe found at the Inner Temple Garden. It's discovered at the 
back of the pine tree there, and bloodstains are clearly showing on 

Dagger added to Court Record, and sent for blood analysis.

The appearance of the dagger makes Iris's testimony somewhat credible. 
The judge will now order Iris to testify about the "battle" between 
Misty and Maya.

IRIS'S TESTIMONY: THE BATTLE                                [ PW3824 ]
1:   "Mystic Maya stumbled briefly after being hit over the head with 
      the staff..."

2:   "But then she dodged Mystic Elise's next attack and stole her 

3:   "Suddenly Mystic Elise was the one on the defense with her back 
      to the stone lantern."

4:   "That's when Mystic Maya stabbed Mystic Elise!"

5:   "Mystic Elise managed to fling the knife away, but then... 
      Then... She collapsed."

IRIS'S CROSS-EXAMINATION: THE BATTLE                        [ PW3824 ]
Present the autopsy report at 4 - the autopsy report states that Misty 
was stabbed in the back. However, if Misty's back is facing the stone 
lantern as Iris mentioned, there's no way Maya could attack Misty from 
the back. 

Godot will now argue that on the night of the murder, the lighting 
conditions at the Inner Temple Garden weren't ideal. Although it was a 
tradition to light the lantern when someone's training, it simply 
couldn't be lit that night as the wick was too old. Basically, he's 
trying to use poor lighting conditions to counter the list of 
contradictions that you've found so far (throw away staff, mother vs 
daughter, etc.). 

The information about the lantern not being lit that night will be 
updated into the records.

The judge then notices the blood-written, upside-down "Maya" on the 
lantern. Amazingly, Godot appears furious at this. Apparently, HE 
CAN'T SEE THE WORDS AT ALL. You then remember him saying something 
about his eyesight yesterday.

The focus will now be shifted to Iris's alleged covering-up of the 
events following the murder. 

IRIS'S TESTIMONY: SISTER IRIS'S COVER-UP                    [ PW3825 ]
1:   "After Mystic Elise died... I called out to Mystic Maya."

2:   "I thought it was my duty to protect the future Master of the 
      Kurain Tradition."

3:   "So I removed the body from the Inner Temple by myself..."

4:   "I dragged it behind me all the way across Dusky Bridge."

5:   "Then I used the snowmobile to carry it back to Hazakura Temple 

6:   "...I used the Shichishito to alter the way the wound looked."

Press at 5 to find out more about the snowmobile. When given a chance  
to ask for more details, choose to ask "About the tracks". You'll draw 
attention to the tracks photo that shows only one set of tracks marks. 
Iris replies that it was still snowing when she left Hazakura Temple, 
and that when she witnessed the murder, the snow had stopped.

What do you think of Iris's reply? When prompted, choose "It's very 
important" to proceed. This leads to an addition to Iris's testimony.

7:   "By the time the murder took place, the snow had already 

Press 7 to get a hint of the contradiction in this particular cross-
examination, as well as an idea of why Iris is so hell bent on pinning 
the crime on Maya now.

Back to 4, present the weather data - it confirms that snow only 
stopped at 10:50pm, but lightning has already struck Dusky Bridge at 
10:45pm. Meaning, it'd be impossible for Iris to drag the body all 
across the bridge after the snow had stopped.

Watch the next scenes as Godot's and Iris's feeble excuses continue 
to frustrate. Eventually, Godot will present a photo of Dusky Bridge 
after the fire. It shows that one of the suspension wires holding the 
bridge has been severed on one side... the side leading to the Inner 

Now, a hint. Compare this photo to Larry's sketch to solve the mystery 
of the flying woman.

Don't get it? Well, never mind. Dusky Bridge photo filed as evidence 

Next up.

IRIS'S TESTIMONY: MOVING THE BODY                           [ PW3826 ]
1:   "Other than walking over the bridge, there's no way to move the 

2:   "So I... must have just... gotten confused, I guess."

3:   "Was the snow still falling or had it stopped...? Does it really 
      matter that much?"

4:   "Or are you saying that there is a way to cross a burning 

I told you about Larry's sketch just moments later, and it has much 
relevance here. Show it at 4. The answer isn't immediately available, 
and you'll now need to explain the truth about the sketch. If you 
still don't know the answer, Godot will do his very best to spell it 
out for you anyway: upside-down. 

Now, tell the court that this sketch by Larry is "a complete contra-
diction" to proceed.

What would be the contradiction, then? The sketch will be brought up, 
and you'll have to point out the contradicting portion. Point to 
either of the suspension wires to proceed.

You'll be asked to show proof that the suspension wires are indeed 
the contradiction. When given the chance, present the Dusky Bridge 
photo - the wires on the sketch are above the guard wires, but those 
on the photo are below!

Remember I told you about Larry's position in the Heavenly Hall? He 
has witnessed the transport of Misty's body across the fiery bridge, 
but he has done so when he was LYING ON HIS BACK. Therefore, whatever 
he saw was an upside-down image of the truth!

Therefore, the body didn't "fly" across the bridge. Instead, it was 
swung across, below the bridge, like a pendulum.

Godot then asks about the availability of a rope that's long enough to 
work as this pendulum. Show the bridge photo again to proceed - one of 
the suspension wires was severed, possibly during the lightning strike. 
As the bridge was already on fire, the killer was trapped. The severed 
wire was an opportunity that could not be refused, and so it was used 
as a pendulum to swing the body across the bridge.

Next, you'll need to show proof that the body was indeed swung over 
like a pendulum. Show the crystal sphere to proceed - it was found at 
the exact place where the pendulum would swing to. However, due to the 
height differences on both sides of the banks of the bridge, the body 
"overswung". It then came loose and fell 10ft, which explains the 
bruises on the body.

It was during this fall that the crystal sphere was knocked loose from 
the victim's staff.

More questions now. If the body was indeed swung across the bridge, 
there must still be an accomplice to "receive" the body and plant it 
at the courtyard. When asked to identify this person, present Iris's 
profile - she was the only one who could do it that night, especially 
when Bikini was still suffering from a backache.

However, if that was the case, why would Iris be so surprised about 
your pendulum theory? It seems that she has no idea whatsover about it. 
The only logical conclusion is that... she isn't Iris at all.

So, who is she? Present Dahlia's profile to proceed - the spirit of 
Dahlia is now inhabiting the body of a spirit medium! You'll go on to 
explain to the court about crazy stuff like channeling, etc. I wonder 
who would believe you.

Godot throws in an objection soon. Ever since Iris was arrested, she 
has been in police's custody. There wasn't any chance for her to 
"switch places" with the Dahlia-inhabited spirit medium. Tell him that 
"There was one..." when given the chance - remember the earthquake?

Unfortunately, you'll have to "betray" your friend here. When the 
judge demands to know who allow Iris to move freely during the earth-
quake, present Edgeworth's profile. 

Basically, when Edgeworth and you rushed to the Training Hall after 
the earthquake, the "Iris" you saw there was already Dahlia.

And she makes no attempts to deny this fact anymore.

PART 4-1: TRIAL                                             [ PW3827 ]
Date: 2/10
Time: 1:06pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 7

Expect some fireworks in this section as a large portion of the truth 
to this case will be revealed. But first, there's still Dahlia's 
testimony to think about.

DAHLIA'S TESTIMONY: THE PLAN                                [ PW3828 ]
1:   "...The whole plan began with my death."

2:   "A stupid plan hatched by Morgan Fey to install her own daughter 
      as the next Master."

3:   "But for it to work... Maya Fey would first have to die."

4:   "The idea was for me to kill Maya and then have the blame pinned 
      on Iris."

5:   "The plan went wrong... but it seems to have succeeded anyway."

DAHLIA'S CROSS-EXAMINATION: THE PLAN                        [ PW3828 ]
To get through this cross-examination, you'll have to press every 
statement. As you do so, Morgan's plan to kill Maya will surface. 
However, you'll soon find that Dahlia despises the plan. In fact, she 
finds it "stupid". 

Now, if she finds the plan stupid, why would she still agree to it? 
She poses this question to you as an addition to her testimony:

6:   "Do you understand why I would kill Maya Fey now? What my goal 

Present Mia's profile to proceed - Dahlia hates Mia, but there's no 
way she could take revenge anymore because Mia is dead as well. So, 
she decided to help Morgan to kill Maya, so that she could take away 
the person that Mia loved most.

How twisted can this person be?

What follows next is a long, long scene in which Dahlia explains the 
events on the night of the crime. At about 9:30pm, she "returned to 
life". She dressed up as Iris, picked up her staff, and left Hazakura 
Temple. At the mention of the staff, you conclude that the person 
who channeled her then was none other than Misty.

Next, when she found Maya at the Training Hall, she cornered her at 
the garden, and prepared to kill her with the dagger. However, at 
that moment, she felt that she was stabbed. She subsequently lost 
conciousness. Before she left Misty's body, she scribbled Maya's name 
on the stone lantern to cast suspicion on her.

When she woke up, she was already in the cavern, locked by a trick 
lock. It took her some time to remove the lock, and by then, the 
police has already arrived. So, she locked herself back in the cavern.

Then came the earthquake. Iris escaped from Edgeworth so that she could 
check the cavern. It was then that Dahlia came out of the cave, and 
locked Iris inside with the additional locks. 

At this point, Dahlia was convinced that it was Misty who summoned her, 
so she was extremely happy with the fact that Maya has (allegedly) 
killed her own mother. She then tells you that Maya must've committed 
suicide by jumping off the cliff into the Eagle River.

This is when Godot's phone rings. Apparently, all the trick locks have 
been removed, and Iris was the only one in the cavern. As you lament 
the possible death of Maya, Godot reminds you that it's impossible for 
Maya to have jumped from the Inner Temple side of the bridge. 

You'll now be asked whether you've evidence to refute the claim that 
Maya jumped into the river. Show the Hazakura Temple map to proceed - 
there's a large rock shelf at the Inner Temple side of the cliff. 
Which means, if Maya did jump, her body would've appear in the after-
fire Dusky Bridge photo.

You must now point out the exact location of Maya. Choose "In this 
very courtroom" to proceed. 

I guess you know why, right? Someone must've channelled Dahlia's spirit 
again after she left Misty's body, and that someone must be... present 
Maya's profile to continue.

Watch the next scenes as you explain why Maya did it. She must've done 
it to protect herself. If you remember from the previous game, a 
spirit that's channeled cannot hurt the medium that's channeling it. 
The next mystery is, Maya couldn't the intelligence to come out with 
this plan. Who helped her then?

This is when Mia appears in court - she has been summoned by Pearl. 
Yes, Mia was the one who gave Maya the instructions to channel Dahlia's 
spirit. After the events at the garden, Maya woke up to find Dahlia 
gone. Fearing for her life, she wrote a memo on what happened, and 
channeled Mia's spirit. Upon reading the memo, Mia came out with the 
plan. She also instructed Maya to lock herself in the cavern.

The above reveals a truth that Dahlia could not bear. Her spirit 
leaves after some struggle, and Maya is finally back to her oldself.

Iris returns to the stand soon. As the judge is about to pronounce her 
not guilty, Godot objects and reminds you that the killer for Misty 
Fey (while channeling Dahlia's spirit) is still not found. 

The trial must go on, and he wants Maya to testify in court.

Recess time, phew!.

Date: 2/10
Time: 2:56pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

Iris explains her part of the murder to you here. She admits that she 
was the "receiver" of Misty's body after it was swung over from the 
other side of the bridge. It was about 10:30pm that night when the 
killer called her on the cellphone. She also confirms that the victim's 
staff was still stuck on Misty's back when the body was swung over so 
as to limit the amount of blood spilling out. Take note of Iris's 
mention of the past, about the fake kidnapping, about Mia's/ Diego's 
follow-through of the case, and about Diego's death, etc. 

Victim's staff updated with new information.

When you press for the identity of the real killer, Iris refuses to 
reveal it. Soon, the judge calls her away. 

Talk to Mia now, as she provides two important hints for you. By now, 
you should know who the real murderer is.

PART 4-3: TRIAL                                             [ PW3829 ]
Date: 2/10
Time: 3:36pm
Location: District Court, Courtroom No. 7

The blood analysis for the dagger has been completed. The result shows 
that the bloodstain on the dagger wasn't Misty's. Due to time 
constraints, however, they were unable to determine who the blood 
belongs to.

Dagger updated in the Court Record.

Maya will take the stand soon after. Let's begin.

MAYA'S TESTIMONY: AT THE INNER TEMPLE                       [ PW3830 ]
1:   "I was going to a spare prep room when it happened as I was 
      passing through the garden."

2:   "Suddenly, someone struck me over the head..."

3:   "I stumbled... and ended up against the stone lantern."

4:   "I think I screamed, 'Help me!'"

5:   "Then, something warm splashed over me..."

6:   "That's when... I lost consciousness."

Press at 4. Maya's pretty sure that she scremed. She thought it was 
her last hope. You can now choose to press further on some options. 
Choose "My last hope" to proceed.

A new revelation will be presented. It seems that when Maya was 
attacked, she saw someone behind her attacker. She was therefore 
screaming at this person for help...

... which leads to the following addition to the testimony:

7:   "I could see a man behind my attacker by the light of the stone 

Present the stone lantern here - it wasn't lit on the night of the 
crime. Now, Maya couldn't see who her attacker was, but she could 
clearly describe the person behind the attacker as a man. This means 
that Maya did see this person, who was obviously the killer.

The question is, how? Well, there are some things that one can only 
see in the dark. Like, a visor, perhaps? You conclude that Maya is 
covering up for the killer because she knows this person.  

When asked to point out this person, present Godot's profile.

You'll request the judge to turn off all lights in the courtroom. In 
pitch dark conditions, Godot's visor is shining like a sore thumb. 

This feels like Manfred von Karma all over again!

Unfortunately, Maya shoots down your deductions. She now tells you 
that she thought that the person was a man for a totally different 

Which means? More testimony, of course. You wouldn't expect the "final 
boss" of this game to be that easily defeat, would you? 

MAYA'S TESTIMONY: THE KILLER                                [ PW3831 ]
1:   "...When I came to, I was just lying there on the Training Hall 

2:   "By the time I got back to the garden, the place had totally 

3:   "The torches were lit... And the body was gone."

4:   "And all of the snow around the stone lantern had been carefully 
      cleaned up, too."

5:   "Since the person did all that work alone, I just assumed it was 
      a man..."

MAYA'S CROSS-EXAMINATION: THE KILLER                        [ PW3831 ]
You'll need to press a few statements in the following sequence: 3, 4 
and 2. A series of questions will be raised about the killer's motive 
in tampering with the crime scene. Why would he want to move the body? 
Why did he remove all the snow around the stone lantern? 

This was when Maya replies that she felt that the killer was hiding 
the evidence for her sake. It's almost as if the killer was trying to 
clear whatever evidence that would implicate Maya as a murderer so as 
to protect her.

This leads to an addition to the testimony.

6:   "I think it was for my sake that they cleaned up any and all 
      evidence of what happened.

Present the stone lantern here - if everything was cleared so as not 
to get Maya involved in the case, why didn't the killer wipe away the 
most incriminating evidence? That is, the bloodstain with the name 
"Maya" written on the lantern?

The answer is "The killer didn't notice it". 

So, who's the only person that couldn't see the bloody writing? It's 
"Godot", of course! Godot's eyesight has been giving him problems for 
quite some time. He can't see the color red on a white background. 
You go as far back the Tres Bien case, when Godot failed to see the 
ketchup stains on Maggey's apron, to prove your case.

Further on, you'll also explain why all the snow around the lantern 
was removed. The killer couldn't see red on white background, so he 
was unsure which portion of the snow was stained with blood. The only 
way not to leave any bloodstains in the snow, therefore, would be to 
scoop all the snow away!

Godot objects and says that the killer could be removing all the snow 
because it was dark, but you reject this claim by pointing to Maya's 
statement that the torches were already lit at that time. 

This is when Maya interrupts the proceedings. It seems that she's 
trying her best to shield Godot. I think you should know the reason - 
he's Diego Armando, afterall. Her persistence earns her another go at 
the testimony.

MAYA'S TESTIMONY: AFTER THE INCIDENT                        [ PW3832 ]
1:   "Pearly was also stuck on the Inner Temple side that night!"

2:   "The next morning, she looked around, but couldn't find anyone."

3:   "On the day after, when the bridge was finally fixed, she was in 
      the square prep room."

4:   "That's when Mr. Godot arrived at the Inner Temple for the first 

5:   "He found Pearly first and cheered her right up!"

Press at 5 to find out that Godot carried out his own investigations 
after the bridge was repaired. Ask about "Godot's when given the 
chance. He replies that there's nothing of note. However, he does 
comment on the beautiful painting of Misty Fey.

With this, you can return to 4, and present the hanging scroll. After 
the bridge is repaired, the painting has already been "defaced" by 
Pearl. If he was only there at the Inner Temple for the first time 
then, he couldn't have know that the painting was for Misty. Therefore, 
you believe that he knew the plan to kill Maya beforehand, and he hid 
at the Inner Temple before even the murder occured.

Godot objects, saying that your deductions are based on the assumption 
that he knew the plan beforehand. When asked if it's possible for 
someoe to know of Morgan's plan beforehand, present the burnt letter - 
when Pearl found the letter, it has already been opened. Which means, 
someone must've read the contents, and understood the plan.

You then accuse Godot of using his position as a prosecutor to eaves-
drop the conversation between Morgan and Pearl at the detention 
center. This was how he knew of the location of the letter that 
contained the plan.

Godot objects further, claiming that he has no motive to protect Maya, 
whom he doesn't know personally. Finally, it's time reveal his ident-
ity. There's one person that ties him to Maya, and the person is...
present Mia's profile to proceed. 

Godot = Diego Armando.

Watch now as he explains what happened to him after he was poisoned 
by Dahlia five years ago. He went into a coma, and only woke up this 
year. The poison also caused him his to lose his eyesight, and his 
hair turned white. He found that Mia is dead, and he blames it on you 
for not protecting her. This explains his tough attitude towards you 
throughout this game. This was why he became a prosecutor, so that he 
can take you on.

After the Turner Grey murder last year, he knew that Morgan still 
intends to kill Maya. So, he used his position as a prosecutor to find 
out her plans. 

There's still a whole bunch of explanation to go from here, so keep 
clicking through to find out more. I won't spell them all out, since 
I'm typing this now on company's time! But they're all pretty much 
predictable at this stage. Godot even explains how he got hold of 
Misty, which sounds just a tad too convenient. 

After the long conversation, Godot admits that he was hiding at the 
Inner Temple, but he didn't kill Misty. So, you'll have one more 
testimony from Maya to tackle.

MAYA'S TESTIMONY: THE TIME OF THE MURDER                    [ PW3833 ]
1:   "...Just before it happened, I think I saw some red lights."

2:   "I thought I'd ask for help, but... just then I was splattered 
      with blood!"

3:   "She wasn't dead though... And she struck back at the enemy 
      behind her."

4:   "Suddenly, the red lights went out and the whole area was dark."

5:   "...Just at that moment, there was a horrible scream!"

6:   "Right after that... Dahlia collapsed and I lost consciousness."

This time, Maya is telling the truth. Press at 1, and then choose to 
"Press harder" when prompted. After this, press at 5 - Maya will 
remember that the person who screamed was a man. 

This is when Maya suggests that Dahlia (Misty) must've fought back 
against the killer with the cane-sword, but the killer snatched the 
weapon from her and stabbed her instead. 

When given the chance, reply that "There's a contradiction" to Maya's 
deduction - before Dahlia fought back, Maya has already felt blood 
splattered onto her. This means that Dahlia was already stabbed before 
she retaliated. If that's the case, the cane-sword must be already 
plunged into her back then.

YOu'll now have to tell the court which is the real weapon that Dahlia 
used to attack the killer. Present the dagger to proceed - it's the 
only logical choice. The killer must've been wounded, and the blood on 
the dagger must've belonged to the killer.

Godot insists that the blood isn't his. Maya then throws out an 
objection - if Godot was stabbed, where's his wound? 

The moment of truth has finally arrived. When asked where the wound 
is, show Godot's profile - the wound is still on him, underneath his 

Super long scenes follow. You'll even find out that the "Dahlia" who 
has been your girlfriend six years ago was partially acted out by 

Anyway, there's nothing to do anymore now except to watch the scenes 
until the end.

Date: 2/10
Time: 4:51pm
Location: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1

And so, it's all over. Enjoy the ending - I'll leave it to you to go 
through those very long conversations. Midway through the scenes, 
you'll need to explain why Maya is so cheerful despite experiencing 
such a traumatic experience. 

Present Pearl's profile to proceed.

As the credits roll, you'll see the ending of some of the characters 
in the game. Even Wendy Oldbag makes an appearance with her ray gun. 
I'm just so happy that Gumshoe is finally with Maggey. :)

Little did I expect that, two months after this case, Phoenix would 
lose his attorney's badge...

                                          BRIDGE TO THE TURNABOUT: END

"When you eliminate the impossible... 
        whatever remains, no matter how improbable...
                                         must be the truth." 

                                                     - Sherlock Holmes


There's nothing much I can say about this game, except that it's the 
best in the series. To me, at least. I think it'll be difficult to 
find another adventure game/ series that could draw such a strong 
emotion from me.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who've 
written to me over the past two years about this series. In times 
when the going got tough, these were the emails that kept me going.

Last but not least, With the trilogy done and dusted, what remains 
next is a new attorney in the next game. Let's hope we'll see Apollo 
Justice (in English, please) soon, then.


Version 0.20: First case completed (8/23/2007).
Version 0.40: Second case completed (8/25/2007).
Version 0.60: Third case completed (8/29/2007).
Version 0.80: Fourth case completed (8/30/2007).
Version 1.00: Fifth case completed (9/07/2007).
Version 1.05: Fixed some typos (9/14/2007).


If any, please ask.


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