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Fourarms FAQ

Fourarms FAQ This is the format of the move sequences: When I type “A A” I mean to press those buttons in that sequence. This is the information for the Alien “Fourarms” upgrades. Upgrades:

Move: Garbage Toss: A Y, Points required: 100 “A spinning attack which knocks nearby enemies back, turning them into projectiles which further harm enemies they collide with.”

Ability: Alien Tech Boost, Points required: 200 “This upgrade increases the maximum amount of time you can spend in alien form while playing as Fourarms.”

Move: Tombstone Slam: A X, Points required: 300 “Fourarms slams his foot down, creating a pillar of rock which damages nearby enemies.”

Ability: Defense Boost, Points required: 400 “This upgrade reduces the amount of damage you take when hit while playing as Fourarms.”

Move: Slappy meal: A A, Points required: 500 “Slamming down into the ground, Fourarms sends debris flying towards his enemies.”