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Asked: 5 years ago

After the episode in Damcyan (when you get Edward)...?

Should I use the hovercraft to go and get some potion in kaipon or should I go on and go to the antlion's den? I have 3.8k atm, Cecil is lvl19 ,Rydia lvl18 and Edward lvl10.I also plan to lvlup Edward but I don't know to wich lvl yet, so if anybody can help me with this too it will be appreciated.

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And what lvl should I get Edward to before the den?

Accepted Answer

From: obishawn 5 years ago

Save your gil.

If you open all the chest and complete all of the maps in the Antlion's Den, you will end up with 9 more potions, but even better than that is Edward's Bardsong ability: Life's Anthem. If you use Life's Anthem, Edward will heal your party, leaving Cecil and Rydia free to do all of the attacking and it will not cost you gil or MP.

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Level 10 is fine, that is the level he learns Life's Anthem. If you wanted to gain about two more levels to help raise his HP a bit, that wouldnt' hurt, but he should be fine at level 10.

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