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Does stats change when characters leave-come?

i mean, does it even matter if i train my units if they will be leaving after?

for example kain, you get him thrice in the game, does training him reflect on hi stats, or does he always come with preset stats on th third coming?

same with rosa, rydia, and about paladin cecil:
does he keep any of his stats, like HP or something?

and another question, how do augments affect stats? they make stats increase more?, if so, how?

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blizzerd2003 answered:

For every level up to level 70 characters have set statistics. Also, I believe that characters are always a preset level when you get them, so it's irrelevant if you train in excess before getting a character back.

From level 71-99 your characters statistics are determined by what augments they have equipped. SBAllen's guide on this site can go into a lot more detail then I'm going to here about what stats each augment increases, including a strategy to have all your characters end up with all stats at 99.
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RedSwordMage answered:

I think they level up when you level up, meaning that they don't have preset stats, Except for Cecil when his class changes. He goes back to level 1 and 700 HP with better stats.

The only ones I know that can affect stats are the HP+50%, MP+50%, Darkness, etc.
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Deidon answered:

Yes they have a pre set lvl

Real life Experience: I traine kain to lvl 84 befor he went away the second time and he was lvl 70 when I got him back.

Also after 70 each and every single augment affects stats.
attack: strength +1
????'s Love: hp 10, mp 5, all others 1
Inferno is the same
white mag: intelegence 1
Black mag: inttelect 1
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Deidon answered:

My bad i was wronge it stays for only Kain not anyone else.
You leave kain at 55 you get him back at 55.
All others vary like when you get tellah back, he's a higher lvl than before, also rydia, and Rosa.
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super_chillz answered:

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