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I didn't get the treasure hunter augment?

I could have sworn I 100% every map but after completing the last map on the moon, I didn't the augment. Is there a way to check which maps I didn't 100%? I believe I did 100% both towers and the giant.

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Edit: Do you have to visit rooms in dungeons that you don't have to map out to get the 100%? ex: Empty rooms in the Sealed Cave

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jimborrific answered:

There is no way to check which maps you didn't 100%. I would recommend completing the namingway quest to get the Safe Travel augment, then just running through all the dungeons again just with it equipped. It sounds arduous but it shouldn't take too terribly long. Also make sure you've gone through all the non-story areas, such as the Passage of the Eidolons and the Sylph Cave.

As far as empty rooms, I'm 99% sure you don't HAVE to enter them, however I would do so just in case you failed to enter a room that you thought was an empty room but in fact was not.

And this of course this brings me to the Towers of Zot and Babil as well as the Giant: if you didn't complete the maps there, there's no way to check, and no way to go back.
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Tamarisk_green answered:

There is a hidden place fairly early in the game that I frequently missed. On the last stage of the Underground Waterway, if you hug the left wall you will come across a hidden passage that leads you to a walkway on the right side of the screen.

At this link, the room I am talking about is the one displayed on the upper-right corner of the page:
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