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What characters die / leave and when?

Which characters die or leave, and when (to unequp them just prior to their departure)?

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All right, let's see here. Going in chronological order...

- Unequip Kain right before entering Mist. When he returns, he'll be wearing different gear.
- Unequip Tellah after entering Damcyan Castle, but before examining Anna.
- Unequip Rosa and possibly Rydia before entering Fabul Castle's throne room.
- Unequip Rydia, Yang, and Edward before getting on the boat from Fabul. If you want Edward's Salve and Hide augments, give him two augments. (Not recommended for the first playthrough.)
- Unequip Cecil before walking up to the gravestone-like thing atop Mount Ordeals. Anything still on him when he becomes a paladin is lost forever. Nobody else can use the stuff, but the sword can be thrown and the rest can be sold.
- Unequip Palom and Porom before entering the throne room in Baron Castle. They'll have to fight Cagnazzo without armor, though. Also, if you want Cry, Bluff, and Dualcast, give the twins three augments (one on one of them, two on the other).
- After beating the Magus Sisters, the very next room up in the tower contains Golbez. Unequip Tellah before getting far enough in this room to trigger the cutscene. If you want Last Stand and Fast Talker, give Tellah two augments before he dies. GRAB THE AUGMENTS BEFORE TALKING TO KAIN!
- In the Underworld, unequip Cid before entering the dwarven castle's throne room. Giving him two augments will allow you to obtain Upgrade and Adrenaline later. (Not recommended on your first playthrough.)
- Before entering the cannon room in the Tower of Babil (using Lugae's Key), unequip Yang. If you want Kick and Brace, give him two augments. To actually obtain Yang's augments, you need to go through Sylph Cave, examine Yang, talk to his wife, then go back through and examine Yang again, all prior to recruiting Fusoya on the moon (don't worry, that's still a ways off).
- On your way out of the Sealed Cave (the place with the fourth dark crystal), unequip Kain before you reach the entrance. He's about to run off again.
- Between confronting the four Elemental Archfiends and the Core Node in the Giant of Babil, unequip Fusoya. If you want Omnicasting and Phoenix (which you do, trust me), give two augments to Fusoya.
- Be sure to steal Dark Matter from the final boss (true form)
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