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WHY did my Cecil become weaker after becoming a Paladin..and what can I do?

Basically, I had a Lvl 27 Cecil with a lot of HP going into becoming a Paladin. Well, afterwards, his stats dropped a LOT. And he's only doing minor damage to enemies and what not. Do I have to buy that equipment in Mysidia, or do I have to retrain him...?

Dash_Jr provided additional details:

Ty guys, and ty SB. Before I leave this as Answered, what is the curse Augment? See, I have all 3 save files used just in case, and I have one saved just before Cecil and the others defeat that undead guy a second time. I am going to replay that save and look for said Augment.

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SBAllen answered:

When Cecil becomes a Paladin he basically becomes a whole new person, thus why his level reverts to level 1. The tainted Dark Knight part of him is gone completely. It's really easy to level him up because in addition to Cecil becoming a Paladin, Tellah recovers all of his spells as well. What I suggest doing is just having Cecil defend while Palom and Tellah destroy everything while you walk back down Mount Ordeals (being sure to grab the Curse augment on the way down). Once you've made it out, you can stay right beside the chocobo forest and easily destroy all of the local enemies using Thundaga with Tellah. When you run out of mp, enter the chocobo forest and talk to the white chocobo to get your mp back then repeat. Aiming to get Cecil to level 15-20 should be good enough to continue progressing through the game.
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chocomog93 answered:

While he's low leveled now, once you get him back to the same level he'll be better. You have no use for his old equipment, so you can sell that to aford the new equipment in Mysidia. As for the level problem, just kill off your other characters and grind, and he should be level 20 in
~10-15 minutes.
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Nellus answered:

Cecil stats will sky rocket in Paladin. Enough said.
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transience answered:

He's awful at first, but he's also level 1, so he'll level like crazy, his HP will crush his old HP, he's able to use white magic and cover people, and his stats will be all-around better. Just give if a few minutes. If it's bugging you, spend a few minutes killing enemies and he'll be back to tip-top shape. Soon you'll get better equipment too that helps make him even better than before.
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C_Hiroki answered:

Yes, his level gets resetted back to Level 1. However, you should spend some time traning in Mt. Ordeals and the forest surrounding the area. Zuus are a good source of EXP and they're fairly common to encounter too. Try to aim for Level 15-20 which isn't very difficult to do so as EXP is pretty abundant around the area.

Another tip which may help is to purchase the Paladin equipment from the Mysidia armor shop before you leave for Mt. Ordeals. They may be pricey but they'll help Cecil survive the earlier set of battles.
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eduard_3000 answered:

you have telah now and he knows all the spells of white and black magic use that to your advantage to train :D
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Boomerang78 answered:

Curse (Ie) | Augment
Obtain: After defeating Scarmiglione on both sides of the bridge at Mt.
Ordeals, this is found on the east side of the Crossing floor of Mt. Ordeals.
Use: MP: 40. Curses the target, lowering all stats by 20%.

Straight from SBAllen's FAQ.
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MasonTheGamer answered:

Cecil can actually use the most powerful weapons such as Ragnorak and the Onion Sword once a Paladin. He also has a higher stat base
in everything as a Paladin.
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MasonTheGamer answered:

Wait, Cecil would be stronger since he was given the spirits power on Mt
Ordeal (The spirit is a major spoiler), and he is "vested with holy might".
He has his old strength and the spirit's power. So he would obviously be
way stronger. I hated the reset level too, but it will even you out later on if
you are blazing through the game.
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FoxhoundChampo answered:

Paladin is VERY nice, the level reset won'be too much of a level problem. high stat gains, white magic, cover, it's all just nice
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PaladinCecil answered:

I don't think Dash is going to pick one as answered, but here's my take.

Cecil's "vested with holy might." That is not the same as saying that he's gone from wielding a sword to wielding a different colored version of his sword, if that analogy makes any sense. A closer analogy would be like if a ranged attacker went from using a bow to using a gun. They know the mechanics of BOWS. They know compensation for wind and arc and how far to pull back the string to reach a certain distance. They do NOT know gunpowder, gun marksmanship, the difference that a bullet's shape can make, etc.

This is the same case with Cecil. He went from relying on a dark and evil power to a light and good one. The source of his power as a Dark Knight was much different than it is as a Paladin. He went from destroyer, to protector. He needs to adjust to that new power before he can wield it to its full potential.
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GoobaManSP answered:

Also, you'll eventually get the Darkness ability again so Cecil literally loses nothing and gains everything tenfold.
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atmasabr answered:

The reason Paladin Cecil causes so little damage at first is because he attacks fewer times per Attack command. His "Attack Multiplier" is low. Number of attacks increase with higher stats and levels. You were probably getting 4-5 hits per Attack before, at level 1 I think it drops to 2.
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