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Where can I get all of Rydia's Summons?

I want to know where I can get all of Rydia's summons like Shiva and Ifrit (I know she gets those)Tell me the name and location of the summon

Accepted Answer

Fallacia answered:

Whyt and Chocobo: She starts with these.

Dragon, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Titan: She returns to the party later on with these summons.

Sylph: Get in the Sylph home in Sylph Cave.

Asura and Leviathan: Defeat them in the Feymarch in the Underworld.

Odin: Defeat Odin in Castle Baron after visiting the Feymarch.

Bahamut: Defeat Bahamut in the Lair of the Father.

Goblin: Teach with item "Goblin" dropped Goblin enemies.

Cocatrice: Teach with "Cocatrice" item dropped by Cocatrice enemies.

Bomb: Teach with item "Bomb" dropped from later Bomb type enemies.

Mind Flayer: Teach with "Mind Flayer" item dropped from Mind Flayer in Lodestone Cavern.
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