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How can I delete saved files?

Is there a way to delete a pre-existing save file from one of the three save slots in the DS version of this game? I bought a used game, and it's in good condition, but all three save slots are full. I know I can overwrite my save file onto them, but the game seems to keep a permanent record of scores for the mini-games the previous owner of this game had played. So, my point is, is there a way to delete(not overwrite, delete) save files, or better yet, completely reset/format the whole game so that it's just as good as new?

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netPikatron answered:

I believe there IS a certain combination of buttons you can hold during start-up that will enable you to delete all data on the game card. Unfortunately, I don't recall what this combination is, and it may not work for all games. Failing that, no, you cannot delete the data.
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pkdatboi answered:

No, the only way is to overwrite them, like you said. But it shouldn't keep the scores unless you are doing New Game+.
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DancingCalca answered:

Nope, I don't think so. Every time I start a new game, it keeps the scores from the mini-games. Unfortunately, I don't think you can change that.
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MrCactuar answered:

You cannot delete a save file, only overwrite them. If they really bother you, then just use them as extra save files for your own use.
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konakona14 answered:

Overwrite your files me thinks.
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