Question from rockerdood64

Asked: 5 years ago

Throwing Shuriken?

I have the shuriken but my weapon's attack power is higher than the shuriken's. Is it worth it to throw the shuriken? Will it do more damage?

Additional details - 5 years ago

No, I meant my melee attacking weapon had a higher attack power.

Accepted Answer

From: Wixiitru 5 years ago

I have two Kiku-ichimonji's on Edge for 100 attack power, and he deals around 1500-2500 dmg but whenever i throw a shuriken it does 3500+ pretty much every time.
Shurikens in my opinion are the better way to go if your looking for damage.

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Well, considering Shuriken can be bought for a fairly low price (650 gil per Shuriken, IIRC), I'd still say throwing the Shuriken is always a better option, no matter what the other weapon you were throwing was or how much of a difference the damage they deal would be...

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