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The definitive version of Final Fantasy IV.Boomerang7810/10
A Classic Revisited: Final Fantasy IV Meets the Nintendo DSJDWitchDoctor9/10
Final Fantasy IV ver 4.0renegadeoffunk76/10
Final Fantasy IV (DS) doesn't love you, and it never willshenmuer20014/10
Square takes an absolute classic and, surprisingly, improves it in almost every aspect.transience10/10
A refreshing challenge in the series, with new content that enhances the experience.940678/10
A Generally Worthy, If Imperfect, Re-makeAegisKnight20008/10
Corran450's Review Series Vol. 13: Final Fantasy IVcorran4509/10
A great remake to one of the greatest Final Fantasies ever.DancingCalca9/10
Theme of Love.Darksun452309/10
Final Fantasy Bore = Dejavu all over again...Dash_Jr5/10
Best version of Final Fantasy IV is now available on the DS!Ethenia9/10
A highly enjoyable early entry into the legendary series.Exodist8/10
Though Final Fantasy IV DS may fix a lot of things wrong with the GBA version, it never becomes the better game.gbarules29996/10
A succesful re-imagining of one of the great RPGsIllustriousMrP8/10
A Fourth Final Fantasy, Improved but Flawedjagthebeetle7/10
An almost perfect game that will last you a lifetime of joy.JenovaFollower9/10
Final Fantasy Four-Ever!Kashell Triumph8/10
Final Fantasy IV DS: extra content, magnified graphics, awesome animation and cutscenes, and engrossing gameplay. It proves why it's still the best.KingContributor10/10
A Great Remake, but Just Too FrustratingLordShibas6/10
"I know, let's add some fireworks and sell it again!"Mykas07/10
The definitive version of Final Fantasy IV. No matter how many times Square releases it, it will never get old.MythrilCrystal10/10
Improvements graphically, setbacks mechanically, this FFIV is not the best versionNeopolss6/10
A Newer Spoony BardReverent8/10
Final Fantasy IV: Itís not just riding on the success of III.RPGamerdude8/10
The Reason I Got a DS and I Couldn't Be Happier (Spoiler Free)VirtuousWrath10/10
The fantasy is revived, but shows its true ageWishingTikal7/10
Cecil and crew certainly look good on the DSXCommander10/10
This remake is just a great excuse for us to play through the game once again.Zylo the wolf9/10
Spoony Bard 3D_Spin_Cycle_9/10

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