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  Weapons, Items, and Skills FAQ



     Sec 1:  Version History________[ACACS1]
     Sec 2:  Introduction___________[ACACS2]
     Sec 3:  Weapons and Items______[ACACS3]
           3A:  Weapons_____________[ACACS3A]
           3B:  Items_______________[ACACS3B]
     Sec 4:  Skills_________________[ACACS4]
           4A:  Sword Skills________[ACACS4A]
           4B:  Miscellanous Skills_[ACACS4B]
     Sec 5:  Unlocking list_________[ACACS5]
     Sec 6:  Miscellanous Info______[ACACS6]
     Sec 7:  Legal/Thanks___________[ACACS7]
           7A:  Legal Info__________[ACACS7A]
           7B:  Acknowledgements____[ACACS7B]
     Sec 8:  Contact Me_____________[ACACS8]

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Section 1:  Version History

Ver. 0.5 
My first FAQ for GameFAQs, WOO HOO 
Listed all weapons/skills/items, and basic description
Also the necessary legal blab

Ver. 0.9
Fixed some minor errors
Added unlocking list/Misc info
Expanded upon descriptions
Quick find guide added
 ~~> Submitted and Accepted! <~~

Ver. 1.0
Added the "Sword Skills (Techniques)" info.
Finished Unlock List.
Woo Hoo!  I now have all of the stuff needed to make this
guide complete!

Ver. 1.1
Finished my ASCII art!
Fixed some spelling/grammar errors.
Fixed some inconsistancies.
Added stuff to the Misc Info section.
For all intents and purposes, this guide is finished.  I may
add more later or fix some errors if they are brought to my 
attention though.
 ~~> Some more sites wanted my FAQs! <~~

ver. 1.15
fixed some spelling grammar.
updated formatting

Ver. 1.25
Fixed a controls error pointed out to me.
Some Spelling/Grammar, LOTS of formatting.


Section 2:  Introduction

  In the year 1190 AD, an assassin by the name of Alta´r Ibn La-Ahad returns 
home to find chaos.  He must seek out the Chalice to, well, save the world.  
As any good assassin would know, he must use a wide array of acrobatic skills,
deadly weapons, and mysterious items to make his mission a success.

  This guide is here to help you get to know all of your options while fighting
the templars, and what to use where, when, and how.  This is NOT meant to be a 
walkthrough to the game, and you should look to those by DBM11085's and 
stuntman_hy's FAQ for full walkthrough information.  This is here simply to 
expand upon all of the tricks of the trade used by you, as an assassin, in 
Alta´r's Chronicles.

  I wrote this FAQ simply because everyone who I told about this game wanted to
know in-depth about all of the weapons and abilities you had, and I finally 
told someone that I'd just make a stupid FAQ so they can look there, so here it
is!  ... uhh ... minus the stupid part, =P

  I hope you enjoy this guide, and it is helpful!


Section 3:  Weapons and Items

  Throughout the game, you will "acquire" many weapons and items you will need 
to complete your quest.  These are all listed here, along with descriptions of 
what they are, do, and when best to use them.

  Each weapon/item's details are organized as follows:
          Item Name
     -Quote from In-Game:
  What I have to say about it.
  When/Where/How you use this item.

Section 3A:  Weapons

          Hidden Blade
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A small hidden blade, replacing your ring finger.  Used
for assassinations"
  The hidden blade is an assassin's favorite.  It fits just in the place of 
your ring finger (you remove your finger for this blade?), and is used for 
assassinations.  Small, deadly, and it looks kinda cool too!  What's not to 
  You do not actually get to use this item at your leisure, as it is only used
in game as a tool for assassinations that are usually predetermined.  However, 
you can sometimes approach lazy, sleeping guards and slip this blade under 
their throat.  Best to use when trying to enter a heavily defended area 

     -Quote from In-Game:
  None.  How sad.  =(
  Your main item for combat, the sword is an upgradable piece of fighting 
equipment you carry everywhere.  You mix in your deadly skills with the razor 
sharp edge of a fine weapon, and you have yourself a fine killing tool!
  Use this weapon for any and all combat situations you find yourself in.  
Press Y to execute quick, but somewhat weak, attacks.  Press X to execute 
slightly slower, more deadly attacks.

    -Quote from In-Game:
  "Throw a poisoned dart that stuns an opponent for a certain period of time."
  Small, poison tipped daggers that you can throw at enemies from afar.  You 
can carry up to fifteen at one time.  These are BEST used against the strongest
templars, who can fair well against you in sword fights.
  Each one reduces an enemies health by a pre-determined ammount, and stuns 
them for a moment.  Press Y to throw one straight ahead at your nearest 
opponent.  Use that time wisely to slip away, or preform a deadly combo while 
they are out of it.  Not good to use when facing large groups of enemies.

          Explosive Bombs
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Throw a hand-made bomb that will kill or destroy everything but the 
thickest walls."
  Each bomb explodes around a small area, killing all enemies in it's range.  
Unlike the in-game description though, there are only select few spots in game 
where it will destroy anything that your sword will not.  You can hold 5 at a 
  Press Y to set a bomb with a timer, perfect for luring enemies into a trap.
The timer lasts for about five seconds, and it will not hurt you when it 
explodes.  Press Y while running to launch a bomb ahead of you, perfect for 
taking out a group of enemies.  Don't waste these things against single enemies
though, since their power is much greater than that, and they are too scarce to
be wasted.  

     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Use it to shoot arrows.  Allows you to deal with dangers from afar."
  First off, crossbows shoot bolts, not arrows.  Second, the in-game 
description pretty much sums it up.  Select enemies on the mini-map, and shoot 
with Y.  You can carry 15 ammo at a time.
  Stand on a good vantage point, and fire away.  One hit 
instant kills most opponents.  Make sure you can see green 
surronding them before you shoot, or you will miss.

Section 3B:  Items

          Grappling Hook
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Throw a grappling hook with a rope attached, allowing you to grab and 
  Use a grappling hook to swing where you cannot jump, and also to drag enemies
closer.  Basically, what every other hook in every other game has been used for
  When you see any type of beam with a green orby-glow, you can grapple-swing 
from it.  Press A to hook it, and jump again at the apex of your swing for 
maximum distance coverage
  When there is an enemy a short distance from you, you can press A to grapple 
him closer to you, which also stuns him and knocks him to the ground.  Perfect 
for preforming a deadly stab.

          Smoke Bombs
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Throw a device that explodes in a cloud of smoke, allowing you to leave the 
area unseen."
  You can also set this on the ground for instant explosion, though this 
results in no damage.  This, instead, leaves a cloud of smoke in your midst 
that gags and blinds the enemies in the near vicinity, even if they are not in 
the smoke cloud.  You can also carry 5 of these.
  Set it for an ignition with Y, or run and press Y to throw one at your foes.
While they are disoriented, use it to make your escape, or get a good spot for
picking them off!  The cloud lasts about 7 seconds.


Section 4:  Skills

  Throughout the game, you will learn various skills that are essential to 
achieving your goal (or just killing more effeciently).  This section lists 
those skills, their description, and how, where, and when to use them.  

  Set up in the same way as the above section.

Section 4A:  Sword Skills (Techniques)

          Quick Strikes
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A succesion of three fast strikes of medium damage."
  Your most basic sword attack, can (and most likely will) be used over and 
over to kill countless templars.
  Pres Y Y Y to execute this combo.  You do one overhead attack, one underhand,
followed by a spinning strike.

          Heavy Blows
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Two heavy strikes, slower but with more damage."
  Your second most basic sword combo.  You will use this one most likely all 
the time, but less as it is less effective against groups of enemies.
  Press X X when your sword is equipped to preform this combo.  You will see 
this does more damage than Quick Strikes, but at a loss of time.  Strong 
overhead strike, followed by a stronger, jumping overhead strike.

          Face Backhand
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A counterattack, preformed during an enemy attack, that stuns the opponent."
  You defend his attack, and at the last second, reply in kind, knocking your 
opponent unconcious, while still on his feet.
  Hold R, and press Y when they swing at you.  You will block their attack, and
throw it back so that you can knock them upside the head, perfect for executing

          Light Sting
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A finishing move that works on a stunned opponent, dealing heavy damage."
  You use this on any normal enemy that you managed to stun while keeping them 
  Press Y on a standing, stunned enemy to grab them and plunge your sword into 
their chest, ensuring a kill!

          Heavy Sting
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A very powerful finishing move that works on opponents lying on the ground, 
killing them instantly."
  You can use this on any normal enemy that you stunned while also knocking 
them to the ground.
  Approach a downed, stunned enemy and press Y.  You dig your sword into their 
chest, ensuring a kill!  Basically, the downed version of light sting.

     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A combination of attacks that ends with a powerful kick in the face, 
throwing the opponent to the ground."
  Do two fast, weaker hits, followed by a stronger kick.  Perfect for groups of
enemies, and also knocking enemies off of edges and such to their death!
  Press Y Y X to preform the battery, a forehand strike, followed closely by a 
backhand and a backflip kick to send your opponent sprawling!  Also has a 
chance to stun an enemy on the ground.

          Leg Cutter
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A counterattack that throws the opponent to the ground."
  You use this just like you use the "Face Backhand", except it stuns and 
enemy while throwing them to the ground, instead of leaving them standing.
  Hold R, and press X when your opponent swings.  You will counter his attack, 
and then preform a sweeping leg attack, sending your opponent to the ground and
stunning them.  Perfect for executing a finisher!

          Clean Cut
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A fast cut aimed at the neck of a stunned opponent."
  Aim a deadly cut at your enemies throat while he is stunned to kill him 
  Any time you stun an enemy, and he is still standing, use this to eleminate 
him quickly and effeciently.  Get rid of him so you can get on with the rest of
those templars!  Simply get close enough and press X.

          Lazy End
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A kick to the chest of a stunned opponent, sending him reeling."
  Approach a standing, stunned enemy to give him some damage, and send
him flying away from you, towards the ground.
  Simply get close and press B to kick your opponent.  Not really useful,
unless you wish to keep him alive longer than a light sting or clean cut will 
do (if you want to have fun) or if there is a drop right behind your enemy.  
Also will make any enemy directly behind him loose balance.

     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A combination that ends with a roundhouse kick, useful when you are 
  In my opinion, the best combo in the game.  It is best described as an 
upgraded version of the Battery, dealing more damage, and you are able to kick 
more opponents in the last part of the combo.  However, you don't have enemies 
getting that close to you in groups very often except in hard mode.
  Press Y X X with your sword out to deal one fast overhead hit, followed by 
one slower, jumping one, and finish it off with a roundhouse kick to hit all 
opponents in your immediate area.  Can we say, personal space?!  Also grants a 
chance to stun.

     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A series of heavy, slow attacks, dealing a considerable amount of damage."
  A great combo, the most useful when dealing with single enemies, or those 
that are best with the sword.  It is very slow, so it sets you up to be hit if 
you are surrounded.
  Press X X Y to send your sword flying in a pattern that can only be called 
"The Stone" this move will kill most enemies with your sword, and ALL enemies 
(besides area bosses, etc.) that don't block if you have your sword upgraded 
completely.  A more powerful Heavy Blows, followed closely by a strong 

          Chest Breaker
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "A counterattack that ends with a vicious knee landing on the chest of the 
  The best counterattack in the game, too bad you learn it late.  You know the 
drill, defend, and at the last second press your assigned button.  You will 
sink your knee into the chest of your enemy, dealing a good ammount of damage 
and knocking them away.
  Hold R, and when they attack, press B to knock their weapon away and pound 
your knee into them.  Damage (and possibly kill) them, and knock them over to 
buy yourself time, or prepare them for a kill strike!

Section 4B:  Miscellanous Skills

     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Run upwards on a wall to climb it"
  Basically, you run at a wall, not upwards, to climb it.  You use this almost 
everywhere you go as a basic skill.
  Use this in virtually every step of the game.  You use this skill everywhere 
you go to reach things to climb, hidden orbs, or whatever else pertains to your
current goal.

     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Jump from one wall to another"
  You use this when a wall climb isn't enough to get where you need to go.  
Run up one wall, jump off onto another, and back, and repeat over and over 
again until you reach the top.
  There are few in-game areas where this skill is essential, however, you can 
find many shortcuts using this, or places from which to shoot your crossbow, or
even hidden orbs.  Any time you see a small space between two vertical 
surfaces, try wall-to-walling to see where it gets you.  
WARNING:  Some areas have nowhere to go, and a fall to your death may result.

          Triple Jump
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Use repeated jumps to jump higher and longer."
  You never really need to jump "higher," but jumping longer and farther sure 
does help.  Besides, who wouldn't like to go around jumping and doing cool 
  Jump, then as soon as you land jump again, and repeat once more.  You use 
this skill at many points in-game, whether you need to clear a large gap, or 
just jump over a group of enemies.  Once you master this skill, you can even 
clear some areas that have a grapple hook point, as you can just jump that huge
of a gap anyway. (Though, you'll die most times.)

          Bash Shield/Door
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Bash your shoulder into a shield or door to destroy it."
  This is probably the most useless skill in the whole game. You get it late, 
and only really use it once.  The uselessness is the door bash part, since you 
never need to use that, nor have I found (or been e-mailed about) a single 
door you can bash.
  When running toward a shield/door, press B to bash it.  You only really use 
this RIGHT AFTER you get it to get past some shields blocking your way, then 
you don't need to use it for the rest of the game.

     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Pose as a scholar.  It allows you to blend in and pass some areas 
  You have to keep up with some scholars to sneak past gates with them.  
However, you only use this skill a few times in-game.
  Press and hold A to walk like a scholar.  You must keep a uniform distance 
and speed with the scholars to blend accurately.  Thankfully, you walk the same
speed, if you make sure you don't run, so just turning at the correct times 
will make this a success.

          Take Appearance
     -Quote from In-Game:
  "Take on anyone's appearance"
  Getting this skill late in-game, you do not get to use it to it's full 
potential.  Still, it is pretty cool, though cliche, to ambush someone and take
their clothes to blend.
When given the prompt, use it to take the clothes (and life) of another enemy,
and use that as a discuise to get farther.


Section 5:  Unlock List

  This is basically a list of what you unlock when.  It is not a checklist, 
since none of these are actually hidden, but rather given when you need them.
However, this can be used as a spoiler-free progress chart of sorts.

     Level        What you Get!?

     1 - 2        Weapon:          Sword
     1 - 2        Technique:       Quick Strikes
     1 - 2        Technique:       Heavy Blows
     1 - 4        Skill:           Wall Climb
     1 - 4        Weapon:          Hidden Blade
     1 - 4        Technique:       Face Backhand
     2 - 1        Item:            Grapple Hook
     2 - 3        Skill:           Wall-to-Wall
     2 - 3        Technique:       Light Sting
     3 - 3        Technique:       Heavy Sting
     4 - 2        Weapon:          Daggers
     4 - 2        Technique:       Battery
     5 - 2        Weapon:          Explosive Bombs
     5 - 2        Technique:       Leg Cutter
     6 - 3        Technique:       Clean Cut
     7 - 1        Skill:           Triple Jump
     7 - 2        Technique:       Lazy End
     8 - 2        Weapon:          Crossbow
     8 - 4        Item:            Smoke Bombs
     8 - 4        Skill:           Bash
     8 - 4        Technique:       Dervish
     9 - 3        Skill:           Blend
     9 - 3        Skill:           Take Appearance
     9 - 4        Technique:       Stone
     10- 1        Technique:       Chest Breaker
     13- 1        End of Game!     Congratulations!


Section 6:  Miscellanous Information

     There are actually three more skills you have as an assassin.  
They are:

  1:  Assassination
     Sneak up behind an unknowing guard or pre-determined target and press A 
when Prompted.  You will then jump on or grab your target and kill them 

  2:  Interrogation
     Your target has information he doesn't want to give you, but you have ways
to make him talk.  Using your stylus and touch screen, press on pressure points
of the victim's body in certain orders, then press and drag the man's arm 
usually as a finality.

  3:  Pickpocketing
     Sneak up on a dumbwitted guard to steal their key. First, use your stylus 
to reveal what is in their bag.  Then, locate the key and bring it to the 
opening in the bag without disturbing the other items in the bag or the sides 
of the bag.

  The Techniques "Face Backhand" "Light Sting" "Heavy Sting" "Leg Cutter" and 
"Clean Cut" are avaliable from the time you learn to block, however, you are 
never shown how to do them until you pass that particular point in-game.

  The sword can be upgraded for extra damage.  The first upgrade costs 100 
orbs, and the second 200 orbs.  You can upgrade your life bar for 100 orbs at
a time.  I personally recommend getting these upgrades before the life bar 
upgrades.  These upgrades DO NOT give you new moves or techniques, however.  
The main reason for this is those pesky crossbowmen.  One hit with any button 
with the upgraded sword kills them, so it helps a LOT!

  The reason the sword has no Quote from In-Game is because
it says "Basic knowledge for sword fighting." instead of a
real description.  Just in case you were wondering, ;).

  This is my first REAL FAQ.  It is probably a little choppy, but thanks for 
bearing through it.  If you have any suggestions on FAQ writing that you want 
to send my way, feel free to do it, so my future FAQ's aren't as bad as I think
this one is... :)

  Also, though there is several mentions of stuntman_hy's guide here, his guide
is no longer on GameFAQs.  However, I left all mentions intact, as though it IS
not there, it WAS there at the time of writing this guide.


Section 7:  Legal/Thanks

  You know what this is all about.  Giving credit to the folks
behind this game, and this FAQ.  It is only because of all the
people listed below that this FAQ was possible, and you owe it
to them to simply take thirty seconds out of your day and read
this short section.

Section 7A:  Legal Information

Assassin's Creed: Alta´r's Chronicles is copyright (c) 2008 
Ubisoft, all rights reserved.  Liscensed by Nintendo. 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2009 Justin Castillo, all rights 

You may only have one (1) copy of this saved to your 
harddrive OR printed for personal, private use.  

Currently, the only sites which may host this FAQ, or any of my other FAQ's, 

GameFAQs      (
Neoseeker     (
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MyMedia       (

Each of these sites must have the most current update of my FAQ for it to be 
legal.  If any site fails to maintain that priority, it shall be removed until 
it becomes updated.  Also, each site must have all of my currently released 
FAQs posted on their site.  If they fail to maintain any of my FAQs, they will 
not be allowed to host any of them.

I reserve the right to change this list at any time under my
discretion, regardless of where this FAQ may appear at any 
particular moment in time.

If you see any work of mine on any other site, please contact 
me at the below listed e-mail under the subject "Stolen Work"

Section 7B:  Acknowledgements

  First off, thanks to Ubisoft for making this great game, with
the manual that gave me lots of spelling and other info, and
Nintendo for liscensing it.

  Second, thank YOU for reading this.

  Also thanks to all sites hosting this FAQ.

 ~~> Special Thanks <~~

  DBM11085 and stuntman_hy for their Walkthroughs/FAQs, a GREAT help in writing
the unlock list/checking info.

  Many other FAQ's on GameFAQs, for ideas on what to put in my first FAQ.

  Wikipedia, for the correct spelling of Altair's full name.

  Michael Florian for pointing out that I had the wrong button down for smoke 


Section 8:  Contact Information

E-Mail me at under the subject like 
"Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles ~~~" 
where ~~~ is whatever you want it to be.

Questions?  Comments?  Problems?  Suggestions?
If you find anything wrong with this guide, something missplaced, need to be 
added, or anything else deserving, which includes spelling, punctuation, 
grammer, etc., you will be mentioned in the above section when it gets updated.