Question from hrmi

Asked: 5 years ago

How can you get 2 players to battle each other on Lego Star Wars?

Both of my sons have DS's & they want to play Lego Star Wars & link them together. How can they achieve this?

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From: cpleshek 5 years ago

Both of your sons have to have the same game, first of all. Now go to the shop in the Cantina, and choose the icon with 2 DS's and have one of them choose "Host Game" and the other will have to choose "Join Game". They should now link up. It is the same as playing on 1 Player Mode, but the person that is Hosting the Game will have all the data, not the one Joining. Hope that helps.

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I think they both have to have the game cartridge, and then go to Multi-player in the Cantina menu to set it up. I personally never played this game with more than 1 person...

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