Question from lilruff12345

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can i find a knife and how do I get a lime?

I need a knife to harvest things and I dont know where to find one also i need a lime so I can give it to the chef.

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From: animegurl26 6 years ago

It actually depends on which quests you're on with each castaway buddy on the island. When you're on the quest involving the Weedy girl with blonde hair and her need for a mango, you're on the right track. You must get her mango that is on the western island. You have to get there via the canoe that you man made with the hammer and the chisel. Once you've done that, move forward ONE new area from where you land on the island and move a little to the left where you can spot a mango tree. Shake it. Get it. Give it. (duh) The Weedy girl will then be able to trade with you. She'll have many seeds to offer, one of them being the lime seed. Plant it, water it and be careful to check it once in a while, you'll have to water it more than once, so pay attention. When its ready, get the lime, give it to chef, and he'll give you the knife you want. =D
*Does happy dance*
If you HAVEN'T or dont know how to do the canoe part or haven't gotten to the mango quest, tell me so I can help you there. =p

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Um the knife can be gotten from the cook.

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