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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get all the ripped scrolls????

Plz tell me i cant find all the ripped scrolls and plz tell me what to do with them?????

Additional details - 5 years ago

Cant find the one in land of fire

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it's easy just go to the faqs that's how I got them

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The easiest thing to do is first get the techniques to climb cliffs, break rocks, and walk on water. There will be a Ripped Scroll in these 5 places :
1. Hokage's House ( Place a secret scroll in the fire clock )
2. Gaara's Pursuit ( around the place you beat Kankuro )
3. Land of Fire Grasslands ( up on a cliff MAYBE surrounded by rocks )
4. Hidden leaf forest ( i think... maybe past some water? )
5. I ... don't .... quite... know yet....

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Oh yeah you need to place all 5 of the Ripped Scrolls at the 3rd Hokage's Basement in his house. It's behind the middle board in the scroll room. You'll know because it's coloured differently from the others just press A on it.

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