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Asked: 6 years ago

Alternate way of leveling up Chao?

Is there a way to increase your Chao's level without DS Wireless trading?

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Only way is action replay, other then those 2 ways, nope.

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As far as I know, no. (I feel your pain, I can't level up my chao either; none of my friends own the game.)

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Don't cheat it can break your ds and your game. And no, unfortunately there is no other way besides wirelessly trading chao to your friends.

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if You Want to Level Up your Chao there are a few Action Replay Codes On DsUltimate you could check out. Personally i think Its Much more effective to Use Action Replay. Leveling up the chao is such a pain. good luck!

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Too bad there isn't a way to trade between saves on the same cartriage. That would be a good way to level
up chao, maybe in the sequel.

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hey guys, i'm looking to trade chao to level them up. If anyone is still looking respond or email me at so we link up over DS

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