Question from Dilleux

Asked: 6 years ago

What does Future technology do?

What does Future technology do? They won't say anywhere what it does, even if you research it five or six times.

Accepted Answer

From: PhilR1 6 years ago

I've answered this to you on the board but here is what I said again -

It's a shame there isn't a civopedia for the DS version because it not only gives you detailed info about every unit, civ etc but also shows you videos of a nuclear weapon damage for example.

Future technology sounds great but in essence is pretty boring! The first time you research it I believe it gives you 1 extra production for each of your cities. The next time it gives you more possibly gold as well and even more on the 3rd time. Once you've got to the fourth time, it reverts back to the first time you research it all over again.

Hope that helps.

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