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                   ___    _  |  _  _  _     _
            -,'',   | |_||_  | |_ / _|_ |\|| \
      ,''''', \   \ | | ||_  | |_ \_/|_ | ||_/
     ,,'.   ( )    \         |__,     _  _
   ,'  ( ),''''',,/      ,,,,,,   ,, (_)|-  ,  ,,,__
  /,,   ,'         ',.''       ,'   ',     /  \     '''',
   ,_)/              \       .'      '.  .'    '         '.    .'''''''.
  | _|              .'   ...  \        ''       \  ...     \.''          ',
  |/_|             .'   |   )   '.             /  |   \    |               \
   ( |        ..  . |   |..'      '          .'   |___/    /       ..       \
    \/\       \     |             /\      .''|            /      /   \       |
       \       \    |           .' |     |   |        .-'|      |     |      |
    ,', \       \   |     ...'''   |     |   |         ',|       \   /       |
   /  \   \        \|     |        |     |   |     .      ',      '''       /
  (    '.  \        |     |       ,      |   |     |',     /               /
   \     /   \      |     |       ,  ,,,''   |     |  ',  / \             /
    \   / ',,)      /'''''        '''         '',,,|    ''   ''..      .''
     ','',         /  ___                                          '''''
          ''.....''  |   '___ __  __                 |\   |     __       ___
           ---    _  |     | |   |  ) |\ |  /\  |    | \  | |  /  ' |  |  |
            | |_||_  |--|  | |-  |--  | \| /--\ |    |  \ | | |  __ |--|  |
            | | ||_  |     | |__ |  \ |  |/    \|__  |   \| |  \__| |  |  |
                     |___,                           |    |

              |   NINTENDO DS WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Introduction.........................[010100]  |
          |      ii - Controls............................[010200]  |
          |      iii - Basics.............................[010300]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Nightmare 1..........................[020100]  |
          |      ii - Nightmare 2.........................[020200]  |
          |      iii - Dragon Temple 1....................[020300]  |
          |      iv - Dragon Temple 2.....................[020400]  |
          |      v - Dragon Temple 3......................[020500]  |
          |      vi - Vision World 1......................[020600]  |
          |      vii - Dragon Temple 4....................[020700]  |
          |      viii - Dragon Temple 5...................[020800]  |
          |      ix - Dragon Temple 6.....................[020900]  |
          |      x - Ancient Grove 1......................[021000]  |
          |      xi - Ancient Grove 2.....................[021100]  |
          |      xii - Vision World 2.....................[021200]  |
          |      xiii - Ancient Grove 3...................[021300]  |
          |      xiv - Ancient Grove 4....................[021400]  |
          |      xv - Ancient Grove 5.....................[021500]  |
          |      xvi - Ancient Grove 6....................[021600]  |
          |      xvii - Ancient Grove 7...................[021700]  |
          |      xviii - Ancient Grove 8..................[021800]  |
          |      xix - Gladiator Arena 1..................[021900]  |
          |      xx - Gladiator Arena 2...................[022000]  |
          |      xxi - Gladiator Arena 3..................[022100]  |
          |      xxii - Gladiator Arena 4.................[022200]  |
          |      xxiii - Gladiator Arena 5................[022300]  |
          |      xxiv - Vision World 3....................[022400]  |
          |      xxv - Gladiator Arena 6..................[022500]  |
          |      xxvi - Gladiator Arena 7.................[022600]  |
          |      xxvii - Gladiator Arena 8................[022700]  |
          |      xxviii - Vision World 4..................[022800]  |
          |      xxix - Celestial Temple 1................[022900]  |
          |      xxx - Celestial Temple 2.................[023000]  |
          |      xxxi - Celestial Temple 3................[023100]  |
          |      xxxii - Celestial Temple 4...............[023200]  |
          |      xxxiii - Celestial Temple 5..............[023300]  |
          |      xxxiv - Celestial Temple 6...............[023400]  |
          |      xxxv - Celestial Temple 7................[023500]  |
          |      xxxvi - Celestial Temple 8...............[023600]  |
          |      xxxvii - Well of Souls 1.................[023700]  |
          |      xxxviii - Well of Souls 2................[023800]  |
          |      xxxix - Well of Souls 3..................[023900]  |
          |      xl - Well of Souls 4.....................[024000]  |
          |      xli - Well of Souls 5....................[024100]  |
          |      xlii - Well of Souls 6...................[024200]  |
          |      xliii - Well of Souls 7..................[024300]  |
          |      xliv - Well of Souls 8...................[024400]  |
          |  3 - Dragon Scale Locations...................[030000]  |
          |  4 - Dragon Teeth Locations...................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Thanks...................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Updates..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Contact..................................[070000]  |
          |  8 - Copyright................................[080000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 1.0                       |
               | Last Updated: 02/03/09             |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: darkgta(at)gmail(dot)com    |


  | [010100]      Introduction      [010100] |

Welcome to my complete walkthrough to the Nintendo DS version of The Legend of
Spyro: The Eternal Night.

  | [010200]      Controls      [010200] |

     | D-Pad        | Move                  |
     | A            | Breath Attack         |
     | B            | Jump                  |
     | B + B        | Double Jump           |
     | B + B (Hold) | Double Jump and Glide |
     | X            | Dodge                 |
     | Y            | Melee Attack          |
     | L            | Switch Element        |
     | R            | Camera Reset          |
     | R + D-Pad    | Camera Look           |
     | Select       | Pause Menu            |
     | Start        | Level Up Menu         |

  | [010300]      Basics      [010300] |

Red gems heal you.

Green gems allow you to use your elemental attacks.

Purple gems fill your fury bar.

Blue gems help you upgrade your elemental attacks.

Throwing enemies up into the air results in a juggling game which requires you
to swipe the screen with your stylus in the same direction as an arrow
indicates. Get it correct three times and the enemy dies and you gain some blue

Most enemies will respawn a few times before vanishing for good.

The light puzzles from A New Beginning return. Unfortunately they do so without
any new puzzles, they're all just exact copies of the old puzzles. Align the
coloured lights with the corresponding coloured light receptors to complete.

To activate a puzzle stand next to it and tap it with the stylus.

The furies in this version of the game require you to fill a small purple bar
by collecting purple gems. You then activate it by tapping a purple circle that
appears on the bottom right of the lower screen and play a memory game. You
need to watch as the game shows you a sequence of coloured circles and to
repeat it by tapping the circle in the same order. It increases the pattern by
one circle up to five and the more you get right the longer the duration of the

Fire Fury doubles your damage for a short time.

Ice Fury regenerates Spyro's health.

Electric Fury causes Spyro to move and attack quicker.

Earth Fury makes Spyro temporarily invulnerable to damage.


  | [020100]      Nightmare 1      [020100] |

As you'll get with every other level you'll be given a quick fly-by of the
area, unfortunately the first level has an awful purple fog which means you
can't see very far. The rest of the game isn't quite so bad as you can't see
where you need to go. You can smash the large mushrooms around the level to get
some gems and you can smash the little lanterns at the sides of the path to get
nothing. Follow the path along until it gets to a place where the game tells
you to do stuff. There's very little point in actually going up the ledges here
but if you want to gather some blue gems you can go up. Walk around the
platform until you reach the path again.

Follow the path until the game shows you the first enemy, you'll notice it's
marked on the map as a red dot. Melee attack it until Sparx tells you that
you've thrown it up into the air, this is shown by a white dotted trail going
upwards. When you jump you'll be moved to a screen where you can 'juggle' the
enemy. This involves looking at the direction the arrow is going in and
following it. A down stroke if it's going down, up for up etc. Once you've done
what it asked three times the enemy (any enemy at all that you juggle in fact)
will die and give you some extra gems than if you'd just waited for it to come
back down and melee it to death.

Continue on along the path and you'll meet a second Ape. Kill this one and
another will appear where you first saw it. This will happen a lot throughout
the game so get used to it. Once you've killed the new one follow the path to
where there's a large rock blocking the way. Stand next to and then tap the
purple box next to it with your stylus to enter the first puzzle, Fire 1.
Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete this one. The rock will
vanish once you successfully complete it and you can cross the bridge.

  | [020200]      Nightmare 2      [020200] |

The game will again give you a rubbish flyby with half the screen purple, and
will tell you of the task you need to do in order to be allowed to use the next
puzzle. You have to actually find three pieces of the puzzle. These will be
shown on your map as yellow dots. Go to the left off the path and along the
wall and past a well to where there's a Soldier guarding the first mirror.

Go back to the path and follow up until it gets blocked by a large yellow brick
pillar. Jump onto it and go up the side to the right. At the top end glide down
to the right and onto some platforms, following a path of blue gems if you
like. Go up the stepped platforms to the right and out onto the ledge. Go
around the building thing to the other side of the circle and along to the
second mirror you need to collect.

From here glide down to the thin top of a wall below you, walk along it to the
far corner and then glide to the platform sticking out of the wall ahead.
Follow this to the end and the third puzzle piece. Drop down to the ground and
go forwards to where the puzzle is at the end of the path. Once you've beaten
Fire 2 the rocks blocking the path will vanish as before. Walk through to
finish the level off and emerge from the Nightmare.

  | [020300]      Dragon Temple 1      [020300] |

Move forwards down the corridor past a room with some leeches in up to the top.
Glide over the chandelier and into a library, go past some leeches and behind
the bookshelves where you'll find Dragon Scale #1 which will increase your
maximum health.

Go back around and up the slope next to the entrance. Climb the bookshelves on
the lefthand side at the top to get up to the highest point in the room. Glide
across the chandeliers to the other end of the room.

Jump down and then across the chandelier in the middle of the circular room to
finish the area.

  | [020400]      Dragon Temple 2      [020400] |

Kill the advancing leeches and head forwards, jumping onto the platforms in the
water where you'll find a couple of leeches to either side. The Exploding Bugs
here can be killed simply by running around them a bit until they explode,
preferably with you not directly next to them though. Go to the left and wait
for a lilypad to move so that you can jump onto it. Sit around waiting for it
to reach the next pad, the next one after that though you'll have to jump a
larger distance to get to as the pad you're on doesn't move very far.

Keep following the lilypads all the way to the far end of the room where
there's another leech waiting. Kill it and jump left towards the exit. There's
a pair of leeches in the doorway to kill before you can complete this part.

  | [020500]      Dragon Temple 3      [020500] |

In rolls an Armourdillo for you to kill, head to the left off the path and jump
up the stepped platforms. Glide towards the giant flower by following the trail
of purple gems, and then up onto the next one. From there jump forwards onto a
platform sticking out of the wall, go left along it jumping over the gap. Once
you get to the far end with a crystal, follow the path of red gems down to the
left onto the top of a circular stepped pyramid. Now glide down ahead onto
proper land, kill a few more leeches and approach the little black dragon
waiting for you.

  | [020600]      Vision World 1      [020600] |

Straight away you'll be confronted with Fire 4, complete it and a large rock
will vanish giving way to some steps. Jump up those steps and you'll find
yourself in a boss fight against Ignitus. The trick to this fight is to avoid
his headbutt attack three times by simply wandering around in a circle, then
melee attack him a bit. Repeat and avoid his fire breath that he does once
after the penultimate attack on him.

  | [020700]      Dragon Temple 4      [020700] |

Now we're going the other way. Complete Fire 3 and a grill will vanish letting
some lilypads start moving. If you step towards them you'll be informed of your
new ability to use Fire Breath, useful in fights but not at the moment (though
you may want to take the opportunity to go to the Pause Menu and upgrade your
fire breath with the spirit gems you've already earned). Jump onto one of the
lilypads and wait as it takes you downstream, jump off onto the lilypads at the
far end before it circles back round.

Jump from these pads onto another moving one and it'll take you close enough to
shore where you can attack a Soldier or three. Follow the path along and after
taking down another Soldier through and into the next part.

  | [020800]      Dragon Temple 5      [020800] |

Use the lilypad at the bottom of the steps to get onto the platform to the left
where you'll find a single Soldier. Kill him and continue along the lilypad
path back across to the other side of the area. Kill the Soldiers waiting on
the other side and go through the doorway back inside.

  | [020900]      Dragon Temple 6      [020900] |

Jump onto the chandelier in the middle and across to the platform ahead, you'll
find Dragon Tooth #1 on the right, these increase your green breath bar in
size. Now jump down and onto the next part of the chandelier below. Jump into
the library side and go through and around the other side of the bookshelf at
the far end, the same place you should have found the first Dragon Scale
earlier. Here you'll find the mirror for the puzzle you might have glimpsed in
the flythrough when you entered the area.

Now go back into the circular chandelier room, jump across and go down the
slope to the bottom where you'll be confronted with Fire 5. Solve it to smash
some rocks and finish off the Dragon Temple.

  | [021000]      Ancient Grove 1      [021000] |

Go along the path ahead, kill the two Toadweeds that pop up and then jump onto
any one of the lilypads that are floating on by. Let it carry you down the
river to the point where there's an Armourdillo rolling about on a platform,
jump up onto that platform on the left and jump further up to where you can
glide down to the right. There's one more Toadweed before the next section.

  | [021100]      Ancient Grove 2      [021100] |

For the puzzle on the right you'll need a couple of mirrors first. Simple
enough this time as they're both right here in little alcoves to the left. Once
you've killed the Toadweeds and collected the mirrors go solve Fire 7. That'll
smash a rock and let you go up the slope behind it.

Kill the three Toadweeds and then jump onto the leaves at the end. Once at the
top you should notice two paths of gems, one red leading forwards and one
purple leading back. Turn to follow the purple path and glide over to where
you'll find Dragon Scale #2. Go back to the leaf and up onto the ledge at the
top. Go around the corner, watching out for an Armourdillo that'll be rolling
about, jump off at the end and kill a couple of Toadweeds. At the far end of
that platform drop down onto a staircase of rocks sticking out of the wall and
onto the ground.

Watch out for another Armourdillo on the floor and make your way straight
towards the middle of the area, kill the Toadweeds and jump up onto the green
stepped platform. Kill the Toadweed at the top and jump onto the wooden

  | [021200]      Vision World 2      [021200] |

Ahead you'll find two puzzles, the far one is the one you need three mirrors
for, the near one is free to solve. So solve Earth 3 and a column will rise
from the ground. Jump up onto the columns and then onto a stone bridge
(unfortunately it's at this point the camera gets a little more annoying than
usual). At both ends you'll find a mirror, so that's two down. On the left side
there's a passageway through the cave to where you'll see some steps in the
wall. Jump up these steps and then jump and glide to a ledge up high. Jump once
more to the third mirror above the door, then jump down and back to the puzzle,
Earth 4.

Jump up the new platform to where you'll find the large green dragon, Terrador.
As with Ignitus previously the trick is to avoid his attack three times, here
you will need to jump over his tail as he spins. You will need to start to
glide before he starts to spin, he will turn to face you, stick his head and
then spin so start the jump 'n' glide just after he faces you. Towards the end
he will start a new breath attack that affects the ground at his front, to
avoid this just roll away quickly. Once you win you get a cutscene, and, more
importantly, Earth Breath.

  | [021300]      Ancient Grove 3      [021300] |

With your new breath start on walking down the path ahead. Kill any Scavengers
you might bump into, they're like the Soldiers except dressed as pirates. Once
you reach the other end of the path jump up the platforms, minding the gaps.
Jump down the other side and continue along the obvious path.

You'll spot another Armourdillo rolling along that you'll want to avoid or
kill. Once past it continue onwards, there's an entrance to a cave to the left
which you can ignore for a moment. Keep on past up to where the ground turns
green. Jump onto the platforms on the left and jump back along the direction
you just came in.

Once you reach where there's a Scavenger spawn point and a couple of mushrooms
you need to turn to the right and go up. Head inside the cave and collect the
mirror. Instead of turning around and going back out the same way, jump down to
the left and you'll find Dragon Tooth #2. Exit the cave and continue back along
the path again.

At the end of the path you'll find Fire 8 to solve.

  | [021400]      Ancient Grove 4      [021400] |

Go around the little hut thing ahead and then up the steps on the left. Just
beyond a Scavenger you'll find the first of the three mirrors in this section.
After another Scavenger spawn point take the path towards the left into a cave.
You'll find a single Scavenger and Toadweed next to a cauldron, kill them and
jump up to the mirror on the right.

Turn around and go back out of the cave heading left as you exit it. You should
find the third mirror on the way down to the puzzle, Fire 9. Once completed the
logs blocking the way will disappear as usual.

The next part of the level is a simple traipse along the path and then onto a
wooden bridge, of course there are a few simple enemies to kill along the way.
Once at the end of the bridge start jumping across the anchor platforms, it's
just simple jumping and gliding. At the other end jump back onto the other end
of the bridge and walk forwards into the next area.

  | [021500]      Ancient Grove 5      [021500] |

You'll come across a few Scavengers along the direct path ahead before reaching
a puzzle, one which you need to collect two mirrors for. Continue to the left
and down a slope to some steps in the wall ahead. Go up those steps and into
the cave at the top, you'll find the first mirror in there.

Jump out and down to the ground and go behind the steps down a thin path with
red gems on the floor. Jump up to the right and then up the steps at the end of
the short path. Kill the Toadweeds and then jump up the platforms sticking out
of the wall at the end. The second mirror is up at the top waiting for you.

Jump down to the ground and head back to the puzzle, Fire 10. A huge boulder
will explode and allow you to get to the next part.

  | [021600]      Ancient Grove 6      [021600] |

Kill the Scavenger directly ahead and go right. Along the path you'll meet
another Scavenger, once you're past him drop down onto a muddy beach. Head
towards the right end of it and jump onto the green platform in the water. Jump
to the next and then up the leaves and again towards the tree on the next
island, heading of course to the leaves on it.

Go all the way up to the top and kill the Toadweed there. Pick up the mirror
and now head back towards the start of the level. Go along the islands in
reverse and then up the steps on the beach and along the path. Once you've
reach the start just continue onwards along the path.

Keep following the path until you reach a pond area, there's a large purple ape
on the other side of it. Go around and kill it; it's really no different from
killing the other smaller ones except that once he's dead a mirror will appear
next to the pond. Pick it up and head over to the puzzle in the corner, Fire
11. Kablammo goes the boulder and you can move on.

  | [021700]      Ancient Grove 7      [021700] |

These ancient groves just never seem to end. Head forwards along the path and
glide over to the middle tree structure, keep on going up it killing all the
Toadweeds along the way. Eventually you get to a point where you need to glide
downwards a little, to the right when you land you'll find the first of the two

Heading through the middle of the tree you emerge on the other side, carry on
along the upwards heading platforms until there's a dip, jump into that dip and
collect that second mirror. Now continue going up again until you reach a
larger area. Kill the Scavengers in the area with the barrels and use the
leaves at the far end to continue on your journey upwards and into a wooden
part of the level.

Go through past a Scavenger and you'll finally see the puzzle you got those
mirrors for. Once Fire 12 is solved, a whole chunk of the wall will vanish,
leaving behind some handy steps to reach the end of the level.

  | [021800]      Ancient Grove 8      [021800] |

You're immediately thrown into a boss fight with Skabb. You can avoid the
falling cannonballs simply by not being in the middle of the platform. Skabb
will then jump down onto one of the platforms and towards you. Let him reach a
platform you're on and then run around him as he tries to attack. After three
swipes you'll see some red stars over him and you'll be able to attack.

Once you manage it he'll jump off again and start throwing four sets of cluster
bombs in your direction. As you hear the sound jump away to a different
platform, it doesn't matter which. Once the four have been thrown he'll jump
down again and head back to his original position. He'll repeat his whole
series of attacks again and then one more time.

  | [021900]      Gladiator Arena 1      [021900] |

And so begins a whole series of arena fights. This first one contains a wave of
apes, a couple of waves of leeches and a wave of Toadweeds. Once they're all
dead (check the map for red dots) you move straight on to the next fight.

  | [022000]      Gladiator Arena 2      [022000] |

This one consists of an Armourdillo and some apes, you don't even need to kill
the Armourdillo but the apes will be constantly appearing until the end. Make
sure to check the doorways if you can't spot any still alive. A note about the
doorways, if you go through it yourself you'll appear on the other side of the
arena, it's either a great shortcut or good escape route if you're in trouble.

  | [022100]      Gladiator Arena 3      [022100] |

It starts with a large ape and a couple of Toadweeds, then it'll continue on
with more apes and a couple of Armourdillos before the end.

  | [022200]      Gladiator Arena 4      [022200] |

Some new enemies will be in this fight, they're called Sabertooth and look,
surprisingly enough, like Sabertooth Tigers except they've got armour on.
Simple enough to kill really, just use the same tactics as with all the other
normal enemies. You'll get a load of Sabertooths and then some Scavengers will
start appearing before finally you get a few more waves of Saberteeth.

  | [022300]      Gladiator Arena 5      [022300] |

Loads of waves of all types of enemies will be the theme this time. It'll end
after a few Sabertooths.

  | [022400]      Vision World 3      [022400] |

Phew. The puzzle directly ahead of you needs four pieces to solve so head over
to the ramp in the corner and go all the way up to the very top of the
platforms. You will find all four along the way and once you get there just
glide down to the floor and complete Electric 1. This will open up some kind of
portal in the middle of the room that you need to jump into.

It'll throw you up to Volteer. His attack consists of jumping to turn and then
swiping his tail round. Time your jump at some point between the two to avoid
getting hit. After every three times he does this you get the chance to attack
him. After a few attacks he'll start his breath attack each cycle, just get out
of the way as he turns. And then again jump over his tail as he swings it three
times. Attack and repeat until he is defeated.

  | [022500]      Gladiator Arena 6      [022500] |

And straight back into an arena fight. With your new Electric Breath you get to
fight another new enemy, the Rubble Brute. Wait for it to fire a piece of its
arm at you and dodge it. The brute should then be seemingly stunned, fire off
an electric breath at it (remember to upgrade it if you can) and then it'll
fire another block at you. Repeat until it's defeated.

  | [022600]      Gladiator Arena 7      [022600] |

Luckily it's not actually an arena fight. Go forwards into an area with the
base of a large mast in the middle. Fight the pair of Scavengers that attack
and then go up the stairs at the far end. Kill a few Leaders and pick up the
first of three mirrors in the level.

Turn around and go back the way you came, after leaving the mast area go to the
right then right again at the wall. Kill the respawning Soldier and grab the
mirror behind it. Once more back to where you started and continue to the
opposite side, turning right to where you'll find a puzzle. Fire 13 isn't the
one that requires the three mirrors so you can do it whenever.

Cross the bridge and you'll enter an area with a couple of ramps leading
upwards at either end. Go up the nearest one, fighting the Death Hound that's
on it (note that the enemies here will reappear every time you kill them, a
good place to get loads of spirit gems if you're not yet fully upgraded). Go up
the slope at the back and then jump up onto the large crates (ignore the

Go to the top of the pile and turn around, facing the mast. Follow the path of
red gems to the platform partway up it and pick up Dragon Tooth #3. Go further
around the mast and grab the third mirror, while falling you'll want to fall
into Dragon Scale #3.

Go back up the slope and complete puzzle Fire 14. Jump down the hole to
complete the area.

  | [022700]      Gladiator Arena 8      [022700] |

Another fight with Skabb. Just go straight forwards towards him. Like all the
previous bosses he has a simple pattern that repeats. First he'll fire his gun,
this produces several bullets in a semi-circle, avoid these by rolling around
the room (jumping and gliding is not recommended). After that he'll get the
cannons around the room to fire. Avoid this by rolling to the side of the room
and waiting for the first explosions and then rolling towards the middle before
a secondary one hits you. Get to the middle and attack Skabb once or twice.
This whole sequence will repeat a few times until you defeat him.

  | [022800]      Vision World 4      [022800] |

The puzzle directly ahead of you requires three mirrors to work. Go past it and
look to the left, you should be able to glide straight to the first mirror.
Next jump down to the ground and cross to some steps on the far side. At the
top of these in a recess you'll find the second mirror. The third is two
platform jumps away. Return to Ice 1 to solve it and gain access to the boss.

Cross the bridge and you'll meet Cyril. Defeat him just like the other three
Guardians. Wait for him to begin the twirl and then jump and glide to avoid his
tail. Beat him up after every three twists.

  | [022900]      Celestial Temple 1      [022900] |

A new breath is yours: Ice. Upgrade it if you can and get moving. Jump up to
the left and go backwards along the green platforms, right behind the waterfall
you'll find the first of three mirrors in this level. Jump back and continue
forwards along the green platforms, watch out for the Exploding Bug just before
the glide over the water and a pair just around the next corner.

Jump onto the platforms in the water after the Exloding Bugs, and from there
jump right and grab the second mirror. Jump back down and along the platforms
to the other side of the river. From here avoid a couple of bugs and kill a
Toadweed, glide forwards following a purple gem trail to the third mirror. From
here you can glide down to the puzzle ahead; Ice 2. Once you've solved it the
rock'll explode and allow you to finish this level.

  | [023000]      Celestial Temple 2      [023000] |

Go forwards and you'll bump into a pair of Sabertooths. Kill them and just
carry on downwards to a few Exploding Bugs. Cross the river and pass the
Sabertooth there, around the corner a little you'll be able to climb up some
stepped green platforms, at the top glide back across the river and along a
high-up path. At the end glide down towards Dragon Tooth #4 to increase your

Glide forwards and across the river again, continue downwards instead of up and
pass by the bugs. Cross over the river once more, following the red gems, kill
the pair of Sabertooths there and then just jump up the platforms at the end.

  | [023100]      Celestial Temple 3      [023100] |

Directly ahead you'll spot a Troll, they're a bit tougher to kill than previous
enemies, watch out when they slam their axes down. Once you've killed it jump
down to the left, following the red gems of course. Down on the ground you'll
meet another Troll, kill him and use the platforms in the middle of the river
to continue onwards.

You'll reach a larger platform with another Troll on, jump down the far side
and instead of going to yet another waiting for you, turn right and go around
the corner, you should spot Dragon Scale #4 sitting hidden behind the large

Now go take care of that other Troll, glide across a couple more small
platforms in the water and one more Troll spawn before you get to finish this
part (there's another Troll in the right-hand corner if you want to get some
more spirit gems).

  | [023200]      Celestial Temple 4      [023200] |

Forwards as you'd expect along the little platforms to where you can see a
Troll. Another will spawn as you get close so this fight might get a little
difficult what with the lack of room. If you have a fury try using Ice or Earth
to help out. Once you've killed or ignored them, jump up and turn around to
jump onto the high platforms in the room. Follow them, kill the Toadweed in the
way, and grab the first mirror of this section. Go back to the doorway where
you fought the Trolls now.

Follow the trail of purple gems across some platforms and go left at the wall.
You'll grab the second mirror and see the continuing path of small platforms to
jump on. Keep on going slowly upwards and you'll find the third mirror just
before the top. Keep on going and you'll reach a bit of solid land with a
couple of Trolls on it. Once they're dead jump up and solve Electric 2. Jump in
the whirlwind thingy and you get to the next area.

  | [023300]      Celestial Temple 5      [023300] |

Walk forwards out of the doorway to a couple of Sabertooths. When they're dead
go forwards and ignore the platforms in the middle of the area for now. Instead
attack a few more Sabertooths and go into the building in the right-hand corner
of the level. You'll find a Troll in here, and more importantly a slope. Go up
that slope all the way to the top, ignore the first exit for now.

Glide out and onto some high up small platforms leading back to above where you
started the level and the first mirror. Glide across the room to another exit,
follow the path of little doorway type things and jump along a series of these
sticking out of the wall until you reach the second mirror.

Go back to the slope room and exit the first exit, follow the purple gems to
the last mirror. Jump down and solve puzzle Fire 15. Inside the room that opens
you'll find a couple of Trolls, once you're done with them jump down the hole
in the middle.

  | [023400]      Celestial Temple 6      [023400] |

Jump forwards up onto a small platform, and jump up another one to the right
and then up to where there's a Troll. Just along the platform near the other
end is another Troll waiting to suddenly appear. Go past and jump to the
platform behind. Follow the platforms along the to a large platform with
another Troll on.

Kill him and jump down the hole to find the first mirror. From here jump and
glide over the water to a platform, then it's straight ahead for the second
mirror along some train tracks. Go back along the tracks to a wall with some
jars on, at the end of that short wall jump up onto platforms on the middle of
some pillars. Follow the purple gem trail forwards towards the third mirror.

You can now either just jump straight down to the puzzle below or follow the
path down by going along the other platform up here that you didn't jump on. Go
through the cave fighting the trolls and emerging on the ground, with more
Trolls in the way naturally. Once you've gotten rid, complete Fire 16 to finish

  | [023500]      Celestial Temple 7      [023500] |

Step forwards and kill the pair of Trolls ahead, jump onto the lowest pillar on
the right and glide diagonally onto the next up, then up again and one more
time to the first of four mirrors.

Jump down and go to the left. Kill the Troll and go to the puzzle on the wall,
Earth 15, it isn't the one that requires 4 mirrors. Once solved go up the ramp
at the end of the hallway and then jump onto the platforms sticking out of the
wall by going to the far end and turning back, you'll find the second mirror.
Now drop down and go to the section directly ahead from the start.

Kill another Troll spawn and solve the mirror puzzle Earth 14. Once done go up
the slope, going right at the top. Glide along the sticking out platforms and
grab the third mirror.

Now into the final portion of the room, kill the troll and ignore the puzzle,
this is the one that needs all the puzzle pieces. Go up the ramp, jump onto a
platform, over a bridge and then to the fourth mirror. Jump down and solve
Earth 13. Now just jump down the hole created (if you've done all three

  | [023600]      Celestial Temple 8      [023600] |

Head forwards down the blue corridor, at the end you'll see three alcoves with
stone Troll statues in, go to the one on the right and, after killing the Troll
that comes to life, grab the mirror behind it. Kill the Trolls if you feel like
it and go back to the middle of the level again.

Next go down the purple corridor. The mirror is behind the troll directly
ahead. Kill and grab it. Down the yellow corridor and the mirror is on the
left. Finally go down the remaining corridor. At the end you'll find a couple
of Rubble Brutes which you can easily ignore and just walk straight to the
puzzle: Fire 17.

  | [023700]      Well of Souls 1      [023700] |

Go forwards and jump up the stepped platforms following them around to the
left. You'll find a Death Hound on the way up to the top where you will need to
jump and glide to the first of the two mirrors in this level. Jump down and go
past the puzzle on the floor.

Drop down the steps ahead to an area with a frozen lake. Head into the cave on
the left and head to the right to jump up some platforms. Jump along the
platforms and onto a wooden platform heading back towards the entrance to the
lake area, the second mirror is at the end. Drop down and jump up the steps to
get back to puzzle Fire 18.

Head through the tree trunk and just follow the path over through to the end of
the level, it's just over the next bridge.

  | [023800]      Well of Souls 2      [023800] |

Head straight forwards out of the tunnel. Kill the Death Hounds and then jump
up onto a stepped platform on the left. From the top jump forwards onto a log.
The first mirror is over to the left. Turn around and head to the opposite end
and glide onto the next platform. From here jump from the far right corner to
land on a platform sticking out of the wall with the second mirror.

Drop down to the left and down a hole. Kill the pair of Troll and collect the
Dragon Scale #5, the last upgrade for your health. Jump back up out of the hole
and go to the middle of the area where you can find puzzle Ice 3.

Cross the new bridge and head to the far right corner of the far side. Climb
the frozen waterfall by jumping on the platforms and turning around at the top.
Jump to and up the slope to its top. Turn around again and jump up yet more
platforms. Jump up to the right at the end and make your way to a fight with a
Rubble Brute. Kill it and the ice ahead will melt and all you to finish off
this level.

  | [023900]      Well of Souls 3      [023900] |

Straight ahead, jump up the platforms and go left at the top. Jump up some more
platforms and head right at the top of these. Continue upwards and head left at
the top of this one. You will be able to see the final pickup in a cave in the
wall at the end. Go collect Dragon Tooth #5 to finish upgrading your Magic Bar.

Jump back to the main path and go right to continue the rest of the way up to
the puzzle Fire 19. Complete it and go through the ice wall. Go forwards until
you get to a puzzle, ignore it for now and jump down the gap beyond. Kill the
Death Hounds down here and then go through the tunnel underneath the puzzle

Head right in here, kill the Troll, and jump up the ledge at the end. Avoid
falling into the green (it'll kill you) and jump along the tiny platforms to
the high circular ledge around the room. Head to the right, kill a Toadweed and
then jump up onto some more platforms heading upwards to a mirror in a cave on
the wall above.

Once you've got it jump down and head to the right and kill another Toadweed
before jumping up some more platforms to get the second mirror in the middle of
the room. Jump forwards onto some more platforms and head to the right to grab
the third mirror, then jump down to the puzzle ahead of you and solve Earth 16.

Cross the snow drift and head into the next level.

  | [024000]      Well of Souls 4      [024000] |

Kill the Rubble Brute ahead in the normal way and then continue forwards past
it. Kill a Soldier and then jump up onto the raised platform directly ahead of
you. Jump up to the right following the red gem trail and then follow a purple
gem trail to the right along some columns to the first of the three mirrors in
the level.

Turn around and jump back to just before the columns and continue ahead up the
icy platforms. Jump to the highest layer and head to the left, jump over a
green river and kill yet another Soldier. Jump down to the left onto a stone
building, on the left you'll find the second mirror in an alcove. Jump back and
circle your way up to the top of the platform. Jump off onto a long stone path.
Follow this along to the end and jump to the left.

Ahead you'll see some platforms sticking out of the green waterfall, jump up
them and onto the layer above. From here jump up to the edge of the waterfall
and jump up into the centre of the area. Walk around the circle with the green
lake in the middle to the third mirror. Jump down following the river and head
towards the mirror puzzle, kill the Rubble Brute guarding it and then solve
Fire 20.

  | [024100]      Well of Souls 5      [024100] |

Carefully jump down the platforms in the waterfall to the first of two mirrors
in this level. Jump up again and continue forwards along the narrow path. Kill
the Death Hounds and pass by the puzzle to drop down onto some tall, narrow ice
platforms. Make your way down them to the second mirror. Once you've got it
jump back up and solve the puzzle Ice 4.

Cross the ice bridge and make your way past a couple of Soliders. Glide out to
the platforms by the waterfall and make your way back onto the path again. Kill
some more Soliders and then jump up a load of small platforms again. Go past
some more Soldiers to finish.

  | [024200]      Well of Souls 6      [024200] |

Make your way towards the Soldier ahead of you. Once you've killed it, or just
run past if you're bored of killing these by now, head up the slope beyond it.
Keep going up past Soldier after Soldier until you reach the tall stone well.
Go up the slope on the left side of the area. Keep on going upwards until you
reach the top. Jump to the middle of the area and down into the well.

  | [024300]      Well of Souls 7      [024300] |

Still not done yet. Head forwards past some Soldiers, through a corridor, past
some more Soldiers and onto some floating platforms. Follow them up to third
stone platform before turning to the left and jumping onto a standalone
platform with the first mirror on it. Jump back to the third, go onto the
fourth and straight to the second mirror on the next platform.

Follow the next platform upwards and jump to the mirror in the middle, you
might find it a bit tricky to get to but if you glide into the middle you
should be able to get it. Continue upwards to the puzzle and the final mirror
in the green thing above it. It can be tricky to get this one as well but just
keep trying if you keep falling off.

Complete Ice 5 and cross the bridge to the final level.

  | [024400]      Well of Souls 8      [024400] |

Go through and kill a pair of Soldiers. Jump onto the columns next to the river
and collect the three mirrors on them. Head to the right-hand end of the top of
the columns to find the puzzle Ice 6. This will cause a water tower to fall
over. Glide to it and you can make it over the river. If for some reason you're
low on health there are a ton of jars to the left and right but otherwise head
through the tunnel to Gaul.

Gaul will attempt to hit you once and then will throw his axe in a circle
around the area but you can just stand on his right side right next to him and
it won't hit you. After three thorws a bunch of ghosts will start racing around
which is your cue to attack Gaul. Stand off to his right and wait a while (he
should shield you from the ghosts if you stand close enough but far enough away
that they don't hit you anway), hit him with your Ice Breath from a distance
until he wakes up and starts walking towards you.

If the ghosts are still racing around head into the middle of the area and,
provided you waited long enough, they should have all moved to the outer areas
so you'll probably only have to roll past a couple of ghosts. He'll then start
throwing his axe again so just repeat until Gaul is dead. Remember to use the
Ice Fury to regain your health if you're having difficulty with the ghosts
hitting you.

Roll credits.

|~-[030000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~DRAGON SCALE LOCATIONS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[030000]-~|

These increase the size of your health bar. They're floating lime-green scales.

1. Dragon Temple 1
   Behind a bookcase in the library.

2. Ancient Grove 2
   At the top of the leaf staircase turn around.

3. Gladiator Arena 7
   Directly below the third mirror, aim a jump from above.

4. Celestial Temple 3
   Down behind a large square platform in the river.

5. Well of Souls 2
   Down a hole on the right of the area with the puzzle.

|~-[040000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~DRAGON TEETH LOCATIONS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~[040000]-~|

These increase the size of your magic bar. They're floating white teeth.

1. Dragon Temple 6
   Across from the chandelier at the start.

2. Ancient Grove 3
   In the cave with the mirror.

3. Gladiator Arena 7
   On the mast at the end of the level.

4. Celestial Temple 2
   On a platform near the start. Cross the river and climb.

5. Well of Souls 3
   In the highest cave at the start.


Thanks go to Bruno for help with the Dragon Scale and Teeth locations.


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