Question from sorioo

What is the best build for crit knight?

1 Handed sword knight:
best cards equips and stats
recommended amount of rebirths if possible
Thsanks in advance.


Perceval_2010 answered:

Dear sorioo,

For stats I suggest: 99 FOR and 99 AGI (to give the MAX damage in the MIN time, at the same time getting a very good flee), putting the remaining points in LUK, since you like CRIT (im mine char I used VIT). I think that seven rebirths would be enough to put near 40 points in LUK, besides max FOR and AGI.

As for equips I would use a Byeollungum with 1 Freeoni Card and 3 Mobster Cards, a Valkyrie Helm with Isilla Card, a Valkyrie Armor with Poring Card (I'd prefer Succubus, but you like CRIT...), a Valkyrie Manteau with Wanderer Card, a Sleipnir with Sohee Card (in case you use also other skills) and 2 Meginjards with Bongun Cards (even you liking CRITs, I think Bongun is superior to Kobold Card, but it's up to you...). And a Mirror Shield with Zealotus Card (another option would be a Shield with Golden Thief Bug Card, to get rid of any magic spellers, but with less CRITs). By the way, these are my equips, all refined +3 except the Sleipnir, hehe (ops, and I prefer Dracula Cards to regain SP, since I use almost all time Shinning Sword).

I hope I have helped you! Good luck!
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