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Besides offline how is this different from the pc game?

Hi there I've been playing Ragnarok online since the end of beta 1, but I'm confused about the changes to the class system on this game. So my main questions are as follows:

1. Which classes are included in the game?

2. What is the max job/base level?

3. Are the item drop rates the same as the PC version?

4. Has the reborn system changed in this game?

5. I've noticed there's only 3 save slots, does this mean you can't try most of the classes without restarting the game?

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Ogogin answered:

1) Novice, Acolyte, Priest, Merchant, Blacksmith, Swordman, Knight, Thief, Assassin, Archer, Hunter, Taekwon Boy/Kid, Taekwon Master/Star Gladiator, Magician, Wizard, plus Shaman and Dark Knight (new jobs).

2) 99 for base lvl, 10 for novice job lvl, 50 for 1st class job level, 50 for 2nd class job level, 60 for 2nd class REBIRTH job level.

3) Card are100x, Equip and loot are from 1x to 10x.

4) You only need Base and Job level 30 for Rebirth, but your Base Level influence the number of extra stats point you gain.

5) 2 slot, but you can change your job anytime at che cost of 1/2 base lvl and ALL job lvl. You can change job too when rebirth (auto-return Novice 1/1).
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kunimitsukaido answered:

1. From what i heard it is all classes + 2 more namely shaman and dark knight
2. 99 base/50 job dont know the rebirth ones
3. No in a good way as cards are easier to drop (might be 5% or more)
4. It is easier to rebirth now just need second job lv 30
5. No as you can change job whenever you want the deal is all the job lv you get become 1 and you also get reset stats(not sure about this)
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Keyjinz answered:

Apparently its all classes exept monk,max level is base 99 job 50,drop rates are increased,you rebirth at job level 10 then 30 you just talk to the right npc's to rebirth and you become different jobs by rebirth (no 3rd job).

2 new classes are dark knight and shaman.
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