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A few questions about the game? 2
Acholyte? 3
AR code for the US version? 4
AR codes? 4
Assassin last skill?? 2
Besides offline how is this different from the pc game? 3
Can I change my hair color, style, or outfit color like in the online game? 1
Can i customize the main character? 1
Can you be any of the 2:2 classes? eg. crusader, sage, alchemist, bard 1
Can you keep skills' lvl after rebirth? 3
Can you tell me?? 1
Character party mechanics? 2
Controls?? 3
Culvert no 4 4th Floor? Pls help me 1
Do assassin;knight;magician;shaman;dark knight have spirits? 1
Do bosses drop rare boss cards? 1
Do you hav to be online? 1
Does my party member change jobs?? 3
Does this game need an internet connection to play or can we play it just like that ? 1
Glitch help ? 4
Guild upgrade and last 2 side charactors? 1
Has a North America Date confirmed a release yet? 1
How can i acces to wifi? 2
How can i get to be a shaman or dark knight? 1
How do i increase my relationship with equipment shop owners? 1
How do i know how close my guild member is? 1
How do I know I have 99 all stats without leveling to 99? 5
How do I raise a fellow guild member's relationship? 3
How do you do a rebirth? 1
How do you get card slots on your armours? 1
How many city in ragnarok ds and can you tell me how to go there? 1
I have a acolyte recruitment. How do i make it to priestess? 1
Im lost in the eternal sands after i found the phantom oasis....can anyone help me get out??? 2
Is the map here same as Ragnarok Online???? 1
Is there any way to stat reset the mian character? 2
Pet system? 1
Saving the game? 1
Skill level cap? 2
Someone's gotta help me translate @_@? 1
Status help !? 1
Step by step relationship with npc? 1
Swordsmen can't Job Change? 1
The game have pvp? 1
There`s another game like this? 1
Was wondering? 1
What are Spirits??? 1
What are the names of the characters? 2
What are the Stats in Order? 2
What are these cards and where can I get them? (LIST INSIDE) 2
What does she ask? 1
What is sidequest 3-6 and how do I trigger it? 1
What is the best axe in terms of damage? 2
What is the best build for an assassin or thief? 2
When the ragnarok online english version release? 4
When will this be released in NA? 3
When you reborn, do you get your last jobs skills? 1
Where can i find deviruchi? 2
Where can i find the white plant? 2
Where can I found the untracable thief? 1
Where can u download the patch? 1
Where i can find Dan and Julietta? 1
Where is Falphone? 1
Where is the best place to level up? 1
Wheres the storage? 1
Will i still have the skills i had when i am still a hunter when i change job to another? 1

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