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What are the enemy radar towers?

After beating the drill and when I'm trying to escape it says I have to blow up the enemy radar towers. I don't know which they are. There are helicopters, tanks, trucks, guns on the ground, but I don't know what the radar towers are. When I try to shoot the tall white things they don't even hit or change color like I'm hitting them. Do I have to use a missle? If so how do I fire it?


5th_horseman answered:

The drill is the last part of the escape. What you're describing is beginning of the second mission.

The "radar towers" are white dish-shaped things looking a bit like the ones in this picture: .
Pay attention to the touch screen. The current targets are indicated with blue arrows (far away) or blue crosshairs (in your sight).

You don't have access to the missiles until you beat that part of the mission.
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