Question from Pokemaster4321

Final Five Frenzy stars?

Is it possible to get the 100,200 or 300 stars from the "Final Five Frenzy" in story mode.

peg72 asked for clarification:

That did happen once to be but, once it hit it it moved up. so most likely it is impossible to get 100, 200, or 300, stars.

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ghuggi answered:

I've never gotten them. I think just there to make you feel excited.
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ValkyrieCain answered:

No.They just want you to think that you could get that.
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pikapika64 answered:

It is not possible. When the roulette stops at the stars, it automattacly moves up and picks something else instead. It makes you think that you can actually get it, though.
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CyborgOfDoom answered:

That why the 100,200.300 star are Write in Red there are impossible to get
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