Question from mewmicah

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I find a blue Ryza?

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From: Phazeta 6 years ago

Either awaken a Ryza fossil with 3 bars, or feed a Ryza a Chroma 1 mineral.

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When you get a Ryza spectrobe, go and evolve it by having 3 bars (highest pitch voice) and there you go: a blue ryza.

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Segahearn is exactly correct, using different voice pitches when awakening, you can make it blue, or any of the other 3 custom colors.

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I found another way to get the 3 bars: rub your finger very fast along the mike. It is impossible for ones that have the gauge point all the way up, but it's ok for others. (And beleive me, you'll love it when you get a blue Rygazzle, the evolved form. It's my favorite one.)

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They are correct

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