Question from animalking0913

Levels and percentages?

Can some one tell me at what percantages do u level up?


azn_kiddo94 answered:

(Unlike what I thought...) The flower around the clock are NOT related to the time of day... The petals around the flower that turn blue represent the experience you have. Once they all turn blue, you level up. IDK the percents... But it helps... right? D:
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Abidon answered:

I don't know the exact percentages, but the flower in the clock indicates how long you have to level up. The peddles slowly turn blue over each advancement-such as creating a variant or romancing a pinata both the first time and enough to be a master breeder. When the peddles circle around once, you'll level up. You'll know when this happens because your flower peddles will all suddenly turn white.
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