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How do I get a zumbug?

This is the purple zebra-type animal that the Roario (lion) has to have as a resident in order for the Roario to visit your garden. But I don't know how to get the Zumbug to appear or visit.

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Abidon answered:

The zumbug is an evolved pinata.

Feed a hostashio a blackberry and it will evolve into a zumbug. You can resident a horstashio by having the pet ponocky in your garden, and allowing it to eat 10 apples.
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Jennifer217 answered:

You need to feed a Horstachio a blackberry and then it will evolve into a zumbug :)
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Iluvvivapinata answered:

To get a Zumbug:
buy a blackberry or grow a blackberry bush
fetch a horstashio or attract one
feed the horstashio 1 blackberry
once it evolves...
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Pokemaster728 answered:

Horstachio+Black berry=Zumbug!
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