Question from Senrii

How do I beat Great sabrecat?

Hey, can someone tell me how I can defeat the great sabrecat in the dungeon after Hay? I'm fighting the cat for, like, half an hour now and it just won't die.
There are some messages, but I have my text speed on 1, so I can't read it. And I'm not going to power off my DS, I haven't saved for a while :(

So, can anyone help me, please? :)

Senrii provided additional details:

Ah, of course! I just read a SNES FAQ, and I now know what to do, yay!


Accepted Answer

Caissas_Angel answered:

So that anyone else can get the answer to this question if they're stuck:

Give the Hero Bianca's Hair Ribbon, which the cat was given by her in the first stages of the game. As the battle starts, instruct the Hero to Use the item, and the cat will rejoin your party.
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