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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find Dragon Shields?

I got my ass kicked by Murdraw 2nd time you fight him, getting Carver his body back. However his 2nd form wipe out Hero and Carver instantly and Nevan, poor milly had no choice to die.
So I think I will be needing these, is there a way to defeat the Casino machine and get the items quicker?

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From: reb8 3 years ago

I'm sure you have figured it out by now, but the only sure way to win from the casino machines is to save before playing and then save when you win or reload when you loose. If you are starting with 100 or 200 tokens then you might want to try the 10 token machine first and just reload if you don't win. I went to the 100 token machine once I had 4000 tokens and that is enough for 4 turns at max. The save and reload only took a few turns to have enough for the shields and armor. It sure beats grinding for gold to buy equipment, but it can be more frustrating.

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They are a token prize in the Port Haven Casino.

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in the port haven casino there's a lady at the vounter to the right who you can buy the dragon shield from.
PLUS you can also buy the platinum armor from her, which is the best armor you'll find for quite a while. definitly get carver+hero both of those.

once you have the casino figured out, getting coins is no prob at all. theres also magic water there and kamakazee bracer which is an awesome accessory.

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