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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat King Barbaros?

What is the best deck to beat King Barbaros?

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Just get his deck.

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If u want to beat him fast, have these in ur deck
3 chain detonations
3 chain healing
2 or 3 emergency provisions
2 or 3 chain destruction
chain strike (limited, only 1 allowed)
the rest monsters, traps, spells u want but keep the deck to the mid 40s as the amount of cards
and the best bet is to wait until he activates a card effect and check your field if u can chain up to 5

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use cards like chain detonation, chain strike or chain healing. He uses lots of cards that u can chain to his so just do that

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U have 2 do a 5 or more chains 2 complete tha task n a reminder if u can chain 2 tha cards that u have 2 his then it would b much more easier

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