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"Yep... It's Yu-Gi-Oh..."

And that is about all I can really say about if o were to ask me what Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 is like. YGO: WC 08 is actually my first foray into the Yu-Gi-Oh universe and it delivers exactly what is promised; the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game experience on the DS.

There are going to be two types of people who buy this game, those who have never played a Trading Card Game and those who are already familiar with the concept of a trading card game. For those who have never played one before, YGO:WC 08 offers a tutorial mode to help you understand the game; but for anyone who has ever played a game of Star Wars TGC, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon TGC or even the actual Yu-Gi-Oh game will get the hang of things right away.

That being said, from my understanding YGO: WC 08 offers the most complete set of cards in to date, offering you plenty of options to deck out your deck and dominate your opponents on the single player mode and your friends across the internet. And it really delivers that old school feeling of when I first started playing the old Star Wars TGC, You first start out with a starter decks that was pre-assembled for you to begin playing with a few decent cards and straight forward strategy. But after you start winning a few duels you gain points that you can redeem for virtual booster packs to beef up your deck and take on harder opponents. Basically you are getting the actual Trading Card experience without the hassle of buying countless booster packs with your hard earned money by offering up the whole experience in one package. Back in the day one could easily blow through $100 in cards before you finally got that Rebel Alliance R5-D4 card you needed so bad to complete your collection (Or if you're not old like me then a Shiny Charizard).
There is not much else to go into detail about, because likely you already more are familiar with the games than I am if you are reading this review. You get the cards; you play the game, and try to win. Graphics wise the cards interesting looking and the game offers some 3D animations of the battles, The Characters and dialogue are represented in the typical Japanese Anime style cut scenes with still pictures and unspoken narratives, and the Sound and music change with the flow of the battle.

End of review and all I have to say is if you ever enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh! Or another card game then it's definitely worth a check out.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 03/21/08

Game Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 (US, 12/04/07)

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