Question from SoranIbrahim

Asked: 3 years ago

How recruit Aphrodite on the european version?

Hey Guys i want to recruit Aphrodite from zeus jr. high but in the japanese version of the game it doesnt work worked it in the european version?

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From: DukeZero 3 years ago

You could already recruit Aphrodi in IE2, though.

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You can't recruit Aphrodite as of now. Wait 2 more games. *wink*

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Complete the game, go to Nelly request to find players from Zeus Jr. if he doesnt come up the first time, try until he appears

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Unfortunately, Aphrodite is unable to join you in this game.

There are a few players you can't recruit actually
Players you need to talk to, to face their team
Your coach
Captain of the street sally's
The guy who teaches you dragon crash (I think)
Poseidon and Aphrodite (The goal keeper is Poseidon)

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