Question from cucu10000

Why do my games keep freezing???

I have a EDGE card where i download games online. But that junk will not ever play: Chrono Trigger ( It actually does, but it freezes in the beginning when going back in time)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (Just shows white after starting the game )
and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days ( just shows black after starting a new file, so all i can do is look at the menu )
Why does it do that and how can i actually PLAY WITH NO FAILS?

mestranger5 asked for clarification:

Are you using an emulator or a flashcard?

cucu10000 provided additional details:

ill try, but where do i download the latest version? and what do you mean by "patches"? Im srry im a technology n00b. I use a flashcard. I think....

Accepted Answer

zerojetters answered:

Same as me, but you should really try download NO$GBA 2.6, it works
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BobJanury_Fail answered:

Why do my games keep freezing???

1.Its supposed to be "game" just freezes
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Kholdstare3 answered:

Asking these questions are against the TOS but I'll help you. Go to and go to the forums and technical help.There is a topic about KH 358/2 and there is a prepatch rom link. Go to that link and download it.Put it on your EDGE card and see if it works.
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MetalKingBoo answered:

Yep you're right cucu, it's a flashcard.
Anyways... if you're not sure if you got latest version of EDGE, try checking out the official site of it by google. Im not too familar but the latest version should be... v1.5? See if you can update your EDGE from there.

And as kholdstare3 said, check and their forums. There should be a prepatch rom link for your card... but if you're confused, just ask and people'll guide you.
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bryanlee23 answered:

How about downloading hex editor and hex edit the rom??It works 4 me
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