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How to get sora?

How exactly have most people been going to get Sora? I've been playing through mission mode.. I have almost all complete but only have 60 something percent done and I know you need 100? So what exactly do I do? And do i need to get every sigil in mission mode or can i atleast get one?

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Is it through story or the challenge missions? I've heard both?

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Toushirou_ answered:

It doesnt hurt to search next time. There's a lot of questions about this, and it had been answered. Anyway, to get Sora, you need to complete the main story mode, as in, from Day 1 until Day 358, including the Optional Objectives, and Filling out the mission Gauge. You dont need to do challenge or Mission, neither is required. After you complete all objectives with 100% mission gauge, they will give you a notification that you just unlocked something, check out moogle, he'll congratulate you, and you'll be able to buy an item to unlock Sora so its playable in mission mode.
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