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How do I beat Antlion?

I can knock him down to two bars of health or less before he gets impossible to kill. I get up to the point where he gets outta the sand and uses his custom aero spell and he gets those gold blocks in his twister and I cand deflect them back at him by hitting them from behind. that really pisses me off!!! Help to find out how to kill the hell hole will be appreciated!!!

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Antlion: Progress: Dead!!

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dragonrev answered:

After you knock those two bars of health off, the strategy changes. He'll chase you as he floats in the air as well as send those blocks at you. The thing to do here is to dodge or block those blocks, then hit them back at the Antlion when they stop. It takes three to knock him down. He'll sink to your level after that, so go to town on him before he rises again. Be careful: if you don't get the three block hits on him in time, he'll follow up with a powerful beam that's almost impossible to dodge. Locking on to the Antlion helps.
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comander352 answered:

Well, how I defeated the antlion was I locked on to him, i would use a keyblade the works well in the air, so you go to the back of the antlion and attack where the lock on thing was, eventually he will be surrounded in a tornado, at this point in time you need to hit boxes that fly everywhere when he attacks you, I think you need to hit him with 3 boxes, when you hit him 3 times with the boxes he should fall down and be vunerable. Hope this helps.
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brStalker answered:

After Antlion raises from the sand, move/glide away from him as fast as you can (probably you won't have time, and will be hit a coupe times).
The trick here is to use the debris blocks it throws at you. hit 3 of them back and you'll knock him out for a few seconds, where you can dish out damage in his head.

It really helps if you've synthesized a couple Thundagas, it does a good damage to him (with luck, it can hit twice)
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Zboy108 answered:

well as they said hit him with the boxes and that works oh by the way you can block his tornado with gaurd thats what I did. hope that helps
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mestranger5 answered:

All you need to do is kill him until he surronds himself with aero magic, lock on to him. When he shoots the blocks, block the block. this should stop the block.hit the block towards the antlion, but before that make sure there isnt anymore blocks coming or u will get hit. also, keep ur distance from the antlion. once the antlion falls, go towards him and hit like crazy until he gets up again. also note he shoots a lazer beam at you and it will kill you most of teh time
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rayan678 answered:

Equip Auto block and a strong gear bring cures.
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